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by Builder posted Jul 21 2014 9:25AM

The Ultimate Jewelry Heist!

Be one of the 10 winners to heist a box from the vault at Riddle's on August 1st. 
9 boxes contain genuine gemstones (so everyone wins!)
1 box contains DIAMOND EARRINGS valued at $1,700!

Will you be one of the ten lucky winners? 
TURN YOUR KNOB TO BOB to get on the list!

The Ultimate Jewelry Heist takes place on August 1st between 4pm and 6pm at
RIDDLE'S JEWELRY - 13th Ave. Fargo
Part of "The Vault - A Designer Showcase"

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Topics : Law_Crime
07/21/2014 9:33AM
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07/21/2014 11:06AM
Bob 95 & Riddle's
It would be so amazing to win my luck of anything lately has been down car problems losing a baby and yea!!!! 218-849-6346 Bob 95 is the way to go!!!!
07/21/2014 11:12AM
Bob 95 & Riddle's Ultimate Jewelry
After 24 years of marriage my hubby still hasn't bought me diamond earrings I would love to win with BOB 95 701-640-3210
07/21/2014 11:13AM
Diamond in the Rough!
I would LOVE to win a gem from Riddle's Jewelry. Whether to put in a necklace or in my ears! :) PICK ME! Bob95 is the BEST!
07/21/2014 11:19AM
Bob the greatest
Bob you are the greatest
07/21/2014 11:20AM
Digging for Diamonds
I would love to win a gem or Diamonds from Bob95 and Riddles!!
07/21/2014 11:20AM
Bob 95 &Riddles jewelry hiest
Im not one to ever win anything but its worth a try. Sometimes when times are dark all we need is a little sparkle . 7015403420
07/21/2014 11:23AM
Hot diggity!!!! u guys rock!!!
Would love to win! Listen to your show every morning!!! These would be a bonus!! Love you fricken guys! 402 980 4373
07/21/2014 11:32AM
Bob all the way....Eh!!
Would be great to win. I live stream Bob when I can. Miss listening to my favourite Fargo station since I moved to Canada, Eh! 250-963-6699
07/21/2014 11:36AM
I don't have a great reason for you to pick me other than my absolute love of gemstones ;) particularly diamonds. It would however be a great way to start my new job! 701 361 6115
07/21/2014 11:36AM
I'm a diamond in the rough, too! 218-841-6058
07/21/2014 11:37AM
What a fun contest! 701-367-5928
07/21/2014 11:41AM
Being bling
07/21/2014 11:47AM
Why not try. :). 7012202118
07/21/2014 11:49AM
Never win :-(
So I have no luck at all & don't even own a decent piece of jewelry so winning this would be awesome! Topping on the cake after my car broke down & costing to much to fix. 701-840-8227
07/21/2014 11:54AM
Riddle's gems
I would love to win something in this for my fiance', she would be so surprised! 701-429-4406
07/21/2014 11:59AM
Diamonds Are Forever!
Would love to have a little sparkle in my life. Celebrating 15 years of marriage on July 24th. Please help me celebrate with some jewels!
07/21/2014 12:00PM
Diamonds are Forever! Part 2!
Thinking about jewels caused me to forget to add my phone number! 218-770-5382
07/21/2014 12:01PM
If I didnt have bad luck I would not have any luch at all
07/21/2014 12:06PM
I'm in :)
What a fun thing to do! I'd love to get in on this one!
07/21/2014 12:08PM
my mom needs diamonds
I want to give them to my mom. She deserves them. (218) 329-5199
07/21/2014 12:10PM
Riddle me this....
I always listen to Bob 95!! I would love to win Riddles jewelry! Thanks for considering my entry! 651~403~3219
07/21/2014 12:11PM
Game om
This would be nice! 701-730-3929
07/21/2014 12:12PM
this would be a great wedding gift
07/21/2014 12:14PM
nice thing to pass down from generation to generation
07/21/2014 12:15PM
07/21/2014 12:20PM
Would love to win.....
Bob 95 rocks! Have never owned a nice pair of diamond earrings. Gemstones are beautiful! 701-367-1648
07/21/2014 12:24PM
Diamonds are a girls best friend
218-329-5739!! Would love something sparkly!!
07/21/2014 12:25PM
love them
I would love to win any of the earrings. 701-490-2099
07/21/2014 12:26PM
for my daughter
701 640 1291
07/21/2014 12:26PM
Would love to win!
07/21/2014 12:29PM
Lost earings
So when my ex moved out he took all the jewelry he had given me during our relationship... so I am short My diamond earings.. 218-205-5423
07/21/2014 12:29PM
I'M IN ... TO WIN!
Bring on the Bling! 701-793-9064
07/21/2014 12:33PM
The few pieces of jewelry I have all came from Riddle's! Would love to win something! 7013613404
07/21/2014 12:34PM
I'm unlucky but always willing to try. 218-850-2202
07/21/2014 12:48PM
you miss 100% of the shots you dont take
612 812 4835
07/21/2014 12:52PM
Diamonds :)
They truly are a girls best friend! Love BOB95! Pick me (701) 240-6354!!! :)
07/21/2014 1:09PM
would be a great for the wife.
would love to get some real diamond for the wife one time. but can never afford tem. would be great to win them for her. thanks, t.j. 218-205-4807
07/21/2014 1:42PM
Would L♡VE to Win! Brenda (701) 212-5199
07/22/2014 1:27PM
Bob@5 & riddles ultimate jewelry heist
I would love to win 701-293-4594
07/22/2014 4:16PM
Jewlery Heist
Diamond is my birthstone and my son's birthstone so what a perfect Mothers ring for me!Colored stones rock too! Colena C. 367-6202
07/23/2014 6:15AM
my golden 21st
my golden 21st birthday was monday...what better way to celebrate then with a gift from my favorite radio station!!! GO BOB! :D 701-388-3829
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