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by Ian posted Jul 20 2016 5:14PM

OCTOBER 7 - 7:00PM



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by Builder posted Jul 20 2016 6:48AM
Great article about We Fest! Keep you knob on Bob to win tickets!

Check out the ARTICLE HERE

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by Builder posted Jul 19 2016 12:31PM
The whole world has seemingly become obsessed with watching videos of Dr Pimple Popper and her completely gross yet strangely satisfying videos.
And while clips of zits, blackheads and cysts being popped should make you sick to your stomach, one baker has used them as inspiration.
Creative bakers from Blessed By Baking, in California, have whipped up some very realistic looking pimple cupcakes... that you can actually squeeze.

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by Megan Z posted Jul 18 2016 8:57AM

Did you know there was a secret to getting ketchup out of the Heinz glass bottle? The secret is even marked on the bottle. Find out the correct way now!!

There's a secret trick to get ketchup out of the bottle only 11% of people know


by Megan Z posted Jul 13 2016 9:02AM

If I had to go to each state and try multiple fries, I'd be in HEAVEN! Fries are one of my favorite foods, which is why I was very disappointed when I read this and the place the dubbed best fries in ND is not open anymore. Time to try more fries and see which is the best!

The Best French Fries in All 50 States


by Builder posted Jul 13 2016 8:16AM
Woman Says Pokemon Go Is The Reason She Could Help A Boy In Distress
"I never would've been in the right place at the right time to see this little guy needed help."
An Arizona woman was looking for Pokemon, but what she found was a little boy in a lot of trouble.
Jeanette Warner was playing Pokemon Go on Sunday with her granddaughter at
Sports Park in Buckeye when she first saw a pair of teen boys pestering a younger boy.
She didn't take action initially, but when she returned to the park later she saw that the little boy was struggling.
"I noticed that the younger boy was on the ground and one of the older boys was standing over him and yelling."
She said they were making the boy run sprints and not letting him drink.
Warner said that the boys got on their bikes and rode across the street. When they reached a dirt lot,
the younger boy collapsed and the teens left the scene.
Warner called 911.
Jeanette Warner describes how she searched for Pokemon in the park, only to find a boy in distress.
The temperature was in the triple digits, and Warner says she normally wouldn't be outside in such heat.
"There is no way that I would have been here without this funny little game," Warner told the ABC station.
Pokemon Go tasks players with catching Pokemon using an app on their phones.
Emergency workers said the 12-year-old boy showed signs of heat stroke. He was taken to
Phoenix Children's Hospital.
"Everything happens for a reason," Warner told AZ Family. "If it wasn't for my son loading Pokémon on my phone,
and me coming back to the park to reload the balls for my granddaughter, I never would've been in the
right place at the right time to see this little guy needed help."
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by Megan Z posted Jul 11 2016 8:57AM

After being gone for a week and not having good phone reception I feel like I've missed out on a lot. For example; I am just learning about this Pokemon GO and apparently it is huge right now. I probably shouldn't download it to my phone I have decided because I'd probably get in trouble the way this person did!

Boss leaves angry note on employee's desk about their unusual work-time habits


by Builder posted Jul 6 2016 1:41PM
by Builder posted Jul 6 2016 7:33AM
Celebrity hairstylist gives homeless people fresh cuts — and a boost of confidence

Mark Bustos has traveled all over the world cutting homeless people's hair and knows that the joy a fresh haircut can bring is universal.
The celebrity hairstylist spends his Sundays walking around New York City offering his services to those who look like they could use a little boost of confidence — and sometimes, an extreme makeover.

"Even if you can't communicate verbally, there's just this understanding of how to give and receive a haircut," Bustos, 32, said. "And everyone has a tremendous sense of gratitude for my simple service."

Walking through the streets, we met 53-year-old Neil Thomas, who was preparing to take a 10-hour bus ride back to Toronto after almost two years of roughing it on the streets of New York. It was apparent that he hadn't had a haircut since his move.

Thomas, who knows all too well what it's like to help people, voiced how thankful he was for Bustos' services several times. It wasn't long ago that he was on the other side, dressing and feeding hospital patients as a nurse's assistant. But he now feels too weak to return to the job, so instead plans on driving taxi cabs when he gets back home.

"This haircut made a world's difference," Thomas told me as we sat outside the front door of the Bowery Mission, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless people and those in poverty. "It definitely solidified my decision to move back home."
Richie Roberts, 53, was also at a crossroad in his life when we found him. While Bustos trimmed his beard, he told us about his efforts to go to school to get his nursing degree; he's eager to find a job to be able to afford the tuition.

The former medical assistant lived in a shelter in the Bronx until he was fired three months ago, which is when he moved to the Lower East Side. He said he prefers downtown for safety reasons and enjoys attending the religious services provided by the Bowery Mission.
"They have someone who preaches there and I need some positive influence to motivate me to get off the streets," Roberts told me as we sat on a park bench in the shade.

He was born in Brooklyn and still has family living there. Before his cellphone recently broke, he'd call home every few weeks. But he's too scared to visit since he travels with all of his belongings and doesn't want his family to think he's trying to move in.
As Bustos was finishing up his haircut, Roberts said, "Oooh boy do I feel good — and I haven't even seen myself yet!"
It's that kind of enthusiasm that reminds Bustos that he's doing what he's meant to be doing.

"A haircut can make or break a person," Bustos said. "God gave us two hands, one to receive and one to give."

Not only does Bustos make the homeless feel good by giving them a fresh cut, but he also hands out clothing, food and toiletries every time he goes out. His girlfriend, Lucille Javier, 30, often accompanies him and helps hand out these items.

A few companies make donations, but the majority come from anonymous boxes sent to Three Squares Studio, the Chelsea salon where he cuts the hair of high profile clients, including fashion designers Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim.

Bustos' altruistic mission all began back in 2013, when he and Javier traveled to their native Philippines to visit family. Once there, they rented a chair in the barbershop where Javier's late father used to go to and cut impoverished children's hair for the day.

Upon returning to New York City, he knew he wanted to use his talents to make a difference, so he immediately hit the streets to find a homeless person in need of a haircut.

His first client on the street was Jamar Banks, who looked in the mirror after Bustos cut his hair and asked if he knew anyone hiring.
While Bustos has now been cutting homeless people's hair long enough to have made some friends, he prefers to see new people because it gives him reason to believe the ones he's previously helped have made it off the streets.

He's also taken his talents across America, as well as to six different countries, including China, Costa Rica and Jamaica. From that experience, he can confidently say that deep down we're all the same.

"No matter where you are in the world, everyone can appreciate a haircut and everyone has a story," Bustos said. "It comes down to the simple fact that we're all human."
by Megan Z posted Jul 1 2016 9:05AM

People are torn on who is worse in this story the girl or the guy. Read on and see what you think!

Girl ditches boyfriend for a ride in a private jet - receives instant karma


by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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