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by Builder posted May 22 2017 4:36PM
Thomas Rhett's brought his 18-month-old daughter, Willa Gray on stage with him Saturday night. Shegot her first taste of Daddy's job.

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by Builder posted May 18 2017 7:58AM
From WCCO Minneapolis

After Canceled Wedding, Woman Donates Reception To Charity

Local families got to enjoy all the perks of going to a wedding Friday night, but at this celebration there wasn't a bride or groom.

"My daughter had the unfortunate situation of canceling her wedding seven weeks ago," said John Yorkovich.

Jenna Yorkovich donated her wedding reception to the Ronald McDonald House. It serves families with sick children getting treatment in the ICU.
"I feel thankful. I feel loved. It's really cool to see all the support," said Jenna.

They are words Jenna Yorkovich thought she'd be saying to her wedding guests. But instead of packing the Nicollet Island Pavilion with friends and family, Jenna's guest list was full of volunteers.

"I think it's a great match for a difficult situation for us. But one that became a great opportunity for them to recognize the great people they work with," said John.
"We received a call two weeks ago of a bride who canceled her wedding and offered her wedding to us as any way that we saw fit," said Jill Evenocheck, President and CEO of Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House is a cause close to Jenna's heart. She works at Children's Hospital and has seen firsthand its impact on families. The wedding may have been called off, but the celebration was still on.

"It was just making the best of the situation I was in. Looking at the positives and knowing I could help a bunch of other people and show the support to them," said Jenna.

And it just happened to fall on volunteer week for RMH. One hundred seventy-five volunteers were honored, including families who were once helped by the charity.

What was supposed to be wedding food, instead went to those who feed and care for sick children every day. For Jenna, it's not the forever after she dreamed of. But in some ways, it's even better.

"Tonight, I know they are making a difference in our life as well. We've gained a new family by helping Ronald McDonald," said Jenna.
by Megan Z posted May 17 2017 8:45AM
I didn't know there could be a list that has the word "sexiest" in it and Luke Bryan doesn't make it. There are a lot of good looking men in Country Music and put together a list of the 10 Sexiest Male Country Singers in their opinion. Go take a look and see who you would keep and who you feel should have made it or maybe you agree 100%!

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by Megan Z posted May 15 2017 9:49AM
There are all kinds of therapy animals out there, but what about ones that will help with people who are anxious to fly? There are mini-horses that help to calm nerves at the Kentucky Airport and it's adorable! Read more about them HERE!
by Builder posted May 11 2017 8:16AM
Girls Show Adults How it's Done: to Stop Using Styrofoam School-wide

These two 9-year-olds weren't going to wait around for the adults to do something about their school's waste problem – so they took matters into their own hands.

Lyla and Katie are both third graders at East Cooper Montessori Charter School in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. During one of their lessons, they learned about the negative effects of styrofoam on the environment – from how long it takes to biodegrade, to how much it contributes to landfills worldwide.

Mortified by how the cafeteria still used styrofoam trays instead of plastic, the kids wondered whether the school could simply buy a dishwasher and reusable dinnerware.

The girls spoke to the head chef about their dilemma. The chef then contacted the school district for a quote on the dishwasher. The price of both new plastic trays and a dish washing machine came to $10,000.

Unfazed by the sum, Lyla and Katie got to work – and with a little assistance from Lyla's mother Eliza Hardman, who is also a school teacher at East Cooper, the girls kicked butt.

"I was thrilled to help! I wanted to make sure the girls had done their research, which they had," Eliza told the Good News Network. "They had already talked to the school chef, who contacted the district about getting a quote for the dishwasher. They had also made posters to put around the school and a donation box for the front office. Then, after they wrote up their mission statement, and I saw how serious they were, I knew it was time for me to get involved."

Eliza created a GoFundMe campaign to help with the third grader's goal – and they've already raised $1,500.

Though there's still a long way to go, Lyla and Katie are turning heads with their gusto and determination.

"I am so proud of Lyla and the efforts she and her friend Katie have made to help their school. It's inspiring to see two people so young make such a positive impact. Both girls have really big hearts and already are developing an awareness and concern for environmental and social issues, so to see them put their ideas into action is really exciting!"
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by Megan Z posted May 10 2017 11:11AM
When you read millionaire I can guarantee you didn't have this type of party in mind and it will give you all the feels! What a great idea, check it out for yourself HERE!
by Builder posted May 9 2017 5:24AM
Source: WalletHub
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by Builder posted May 4 2017 8:02AM
THIS Boy had the most fun being rescued!
by Farley posted May 3 2017 4:11PM

If you feel stessed out a lot, there is a new sports bra that can help calm you down. The bra is Equipped with a fitness tracker, and keeps tabs on your inner well-being by recording your breathing, heart rate and posture.

There are three sensors in the fabric which are designed to tackle stress and keep you zen - sending you gentle vibrations if you're getting stressed.

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by Builder posted May 3 2017 7:30AM
A new study found the sexiest pet for a GUY to own is a puppy. They make guys seem 24% sexier. The sexiest pet for a WOMAN is a medium-sized dog, which makes them 7% sexier. Cats actually made women slightly LESS sexy. The study goes on to tell you what pet you should have if you want to look more trustworthy, intelligent and more.
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by Megan Z posted May 2 2017 9:14AM
This might be one of the most hilarious yet relatable thing women have related too. Ladies if you've ever gotten unwanted advancements from a guy and saying you aren't interested is code to them as try will think what the female dragonfly does is hilarious! Read what they do HERE!
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by Builder posted May 2 2017 6:54AM
Kenny Chesney did not film a music video for a big hit Bar At The End of the World. When asked about why he said it's because he's been working on another music video for a track on his album called Rich and Miserable. The song won't be released as a single...but Kenny wanted to be sure we all hear the message from the tune. Here's the video...

by Builder posted May 2 2017 6:24AM

Before you join in with the social media crowd and let everyone know about the first concert you attended, you might think twice — hackers would love to have this information.

This week, one of the most popular Facebook memes had people asking friends to figure out which of 10 concerts they didn't really attend, and they've often been accompanied by a note about the first concert they ever saw.


by Farley posted May 1 2017 11:11AM
A helix tattoo is the latest trend. The helix is the thin curved outer part of the ear and now people are jazzing it up with dainty ink designs.

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by Megan Z posted May 1 2017 10:45AM
If you are a pet lover, then here is a great event to help out a wonderful pet rescue right here in the Fargo Moorhead area. Details below...

Find them on Facebook Here:

Learn more about the Silent Auction by going here...

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