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by Jay Farley posted Aug 21 2014 2:51PM

Americans get the least paid vacation time in the world

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by Megan Z posted Aug 21 2014 11:14AM
George W. Bush stands up to the Ice Bucket Challenge and it's rather entertaining! Kudos to Laura Bush as well and doing her part! If you didn't hear you also have to hear who George W. Bush challenges next!


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by Jay Farley posted Aug 19 2014 3:34PM

Hear Blake Shelton's New Single, 'Neon Light'

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 19 2014 2:17PM

Can chicken wings make you rowdy?

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by Builder posted Aug 19 2014 12:08PM

There are so many things that are conveniently easy in the movies but insanely difficult in real life . . . maybe even impossible. Here are nine classic examples . . .

1. Swimming long distances underwater. Try this game: When someone goes underwater in a movie, try to hold your breath until they get some air themselves. Chances are you'll lose.

2. Guessing someone's computer password. It's always somebody's daughter's name, or if there's a picture of a Maserati on the wall, then it's "Maserati".

But is it EVER that easy? And besides, isn't every site these days making you add numbers and other characters?

3. Computer hacking. There always seems to be that guy who can get into the Department of Defense in, like, five seconds. And everybody in movies seems to KNOW that guy...but really do you know that guy?

4. Pulling someone up with only one arm. A baby, sure. A toddler, probably. But if most of us had to pull someone up who's, like, 12 or older . . . with just one arm . . . that someone is going to fall!

5. Waking up from being knocked out. When you wake up from being knocked out, you're in pain. SERIOUS pain. But in the movies, they come to and get right back to business.

6. Jumping through a glass window. Movie characters usually have a few superficial cuts and scrapes when they go through windows. If any.

YOU, on the other hand, would probably need stitches in several places.

7. Getting high-paying jobs at an early age. How many sexy twenty-somethings do you know who are Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists or astrophysicists who can save the world from alien attacks?

8. Owning an apartment in New York City. I don't know if you've heard, but apartments in New York are kind of expensive. And it would be WAY too expensive for the struggling artist-type characters who always seem to own them.

(E!Online / Reddit)

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 18 2014 4:31PM

Taylor Swift Goes Pop, Announces New Single, Album

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by Megan Z posted Aug 18 2014 11:01AM
Have you been working out and getting in shape? It's fun to see results but it can also be disheartening when you see your goal in sight but those last few pesky pounds just won't go away! Here are some great ideas that are pretty simple that should hopefully help you get to where you are going, and who knows maybe beyond!

8 tips to help you lose the last 10 pounds

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 15 2014 3:02PM

New craze sees beach-goers in China wearing colourful 'Face-Kini'

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by Megan Z posted Aug 15 2014 8:26AM
Theboot.com put together a list of the all time best Country Summer Songs! See if you already have the top ten or if you need to add them to your playlist! Did your favorite make the list?

Top 10 Summer Songs

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by Megan Z posted Aug 14 2014 10:51AM
Imagine getting a tour from Blake Shelton, you'd have to expect a couple of jokes, right? The tour he gave to Pharrell Williams was hilarious, makes me wish I was there for it! Read on to find out what he did!

CMT : News : Blake Shelton Shows Pharrell Williams Around The Voice

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 13 2014 2:43PM

Billy Ray Cyrus Wants to Set Miley Up With a Country Star?

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 12 2014 2:00PM

Rejoice, Everyone! The Prancercise Lady is Back!

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by Megan Z posted Aug 12 2014 7:23AM
Poor guy, just wanted to have a romantic night with his girlfriend after she'd been gone for a month. He had the right idea, too bad it went all wrong. Is this why guys shy away from being romantic?

Boyfriend Tries To Be Romantic With Candles, Ends Up Burning His House Down

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 11 2014 3:23PM

Exclusive: Florida Georgia Line Preview New Tracks in the Studio

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by Builder posted Aug 11 2014 9:17AM

It's time to start preparing for Back to School and for some of you it will be off having new adventures at College for the first time! Parents if you are sending your kid off to college for the first time and you don't know what to send with them or not here are some helpful tips from Yahoo for you. The kids might not be particularly stoked but hey...it's your money, right?

1. A printer. Obviously it's not BAD to have one. But most homework can be emailed now. And if they NEED to print something, they can always do it at the computer lab.

2. A tablet. The cheap ones can't do everything a laptop can. And the ones that CAN do everything are still really expensive. So a computer is good enough.

3. A big-screen TV. Teenagers watch most stuff on their computers now anyway. So having a TV is nice, but they don't NEED one.

4. New clothes. Especially if they're a freshman. Let's face it . . . they'll probably gain weight this year. So buy them a FEW things, just not a whole new wardrobe.

5. A mini fridge. They won't be cooking anyway, so it'll just be for Hot Pockets and beer. Again, it's something that's NICE to have, but probably not necessary.

6. An external hard drive. Unless they're editing videos or something, they probably won't need it. If they need to back stuff up, they can get free storage online.

7. An iron, and an ironing board. 99% of college kids NEVER iron their clothes. If they do, it's a fire hazard anyway.


by Builder posted Aug 11 2014 6:00AM



with very special guests Randy Houser and
Cassadee Pope!





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by Ian posted Aug 10 2014 6:40PM
10 other things you can make with a waffle iron
No need for a million different small appliances in the kitchen! Chances are, your waffle maker is all you need. All I can say is after reading this, move over breakfast sandwich maker! The BOBstudio has a new favorite small applicance!

1. Bacon
Bacon is one thing that you can cook right in a waffle iron. Put two or three slices of bacon in every square, close the waffle iron, and cook. This way of cooking is quick and less messy than stovetop cooking because it is enclosed. This will take about 5 minutes depending on how crispy you want your bacon.

2. Tater Tots
Pack tater tots into a waffle iron for a delicious treat. Pack the waffle iron until it is full, but be sure not to overstuff it. Cook the tater tots for approximately 10 minutes or until golden brown. Cooking them this way reduces the total cooking time they would otherwise need in a hot oven.

3. Eggs
It is possible to cook eggs directly on a waffle iron. Scramble some eggs and milk and pour the mix onto the waffle iron. These will cook fast, make less of a mess, and guarantee even cooking. Use anywhere from four to six eggs at a time for a batch of waffle iron eggs.

4. Cookies
Bake some chocolate chip cookies in a waffle iron for dessert. Mix together all of the cookie ingredients as directed and place the mix into the waffle iron. Make sure not to put too much mix in so they do not spill over. Check on the cookies with a toothpick after five minutes to make sure they have cooked all the way through.

5. Doughnuts
Another dessert to cook in a waffle iron is donuts. Mix all of the necessary donut ingredients, shape into the shape of a donut, and place into the waffle iron. This way of cooking donuts is beneficial because it does not involve any extra fats or calories from oil.

6. French Toast
Make some French toast waffles in your waffle iron. Mix eggs, milk, and cinnamon together in a bowl. Dip pieces of bread into the mixture and place them into the waffle iron. This is a recommended way of cooking French toast because it cooks it evenly and quickly.

7. S'mores
Waffle iron s'mores or s'more pockets are a great snack to cook with a waffle iron. Use anything inside the waffle iron for the outside, whether it is bread, brownie mix, cookie mix, or biscuit mix. Cook this mix into waffles. Right when it is done, stick some marshmallows and chocolate in between two waffles.

8. Quesadillas
Quesadillas Skip buying a separate appliance for quesadillas and use your waffle iron to make them. Put one soft tortilla shell down on the waffle iron, top with any ingredients you desire, and top with another soft tortilla shell to make any kind of quesadilla.

9. Panini
Make a Panini sandwich inside your waffle iron. Put a piece of bread directly onto the waffle iron, top it with any types of meat, sauces, and any other ingredients you like, and top with another piece of bread for a great tasting Panini sandwich.

10. Pretzels
Mix all of the ingredients necessary to make a pretzel. Shape the ingredients into a pretzel shape and place that into the waffle iron. After it comes out, top the pretzel with any ingredient you like, whether it is cheese, salt, or salsa
by Builder posted Aug 7 2014 8:47AM
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by Builder posted Aug 6 2014 7:56AM

1. Was any of the success you've had with the first album in your wildest dreams?

Tyler Hubbard: Oh man, I don't think so. We knew we had something special, but we always worked hard. That's been our goal and things happened but we couldn't have imagined anything this big - it's been a dream come true.

2. Authors and musicians have said in the past, whether it's an album or book - that you have your whole life to write the first one and six months for the second. Has that been the case for you?

Brian Kelley: That's the thing - finding the time, making the time. What's most important to us are the songs. We've been writing for record two since record one. Joey Moi, our producer has been pushing us even harder - we've been writing up until the deadline and it has come together beautifully. We have songs that we feel are going to make a great album. And we're going to work our butts off

3. Everyone else is talking about "Bro-Country' so we have to ask you guys. What do you think of that tag? Good, bad? Does it matter?

TH: That term doesn't offend us at all. We could care less what you want to call it. I think music is bigger than putting a label on a song or a feel. It's funny that Country music is coming out with all sorts of genres - but it is what it is. For us, our goal is to make the best music we can, throw the biggest party and sell the most tickets. If that's called Bro-Country than let's call it that - doesn't bother us at all.

4. Why would some people criticize the music and the lifestyle while it's all so popular?

BK: Everybody has their opinions but the majority of people like it and are showing up ready to party. People like to have a good time. To us, Country music is where your life is. Album two is where our life is right now. Country music is a lifestyle; how you go about your business and your family. Our alums represent that; we like to dream and have a good time. Music is always changing and we're just trying to do our brand of Country music - that's why it's so special. Because you can have so many different sounds and voices.

5. I'm guessing you both listened to all kinds of music growing up?

TH: Absolutely - we grew up listening to hip-hop, rock, country Christian - a little bit of everything. As songwriters that gives us the creative freedom to bring all of that together and make the kind of music we enjoy writing, recording and performing live. It's come together nicely and we enjoy the heck out of it.

6. How different is the next album - did you stay close to each other as songwriters or go outside your usual comfort zones?

BK: I think album two picked up right where album one left off. It's a natural progression of where we are and where the music has taken us. It's been an easy process for us and we've pushed ourselves. We wanted to take chances; retain the same FGL sound but we're covering a couple different topics while pushing boundaries with lyrics and melodies. There is a lot going on with a lot of influences and we want to create a sound our fans will continue to love.

7. It's rare that a debut single is such a career maker - is there another huge impact song out there for you?

TH: I think so. I think "Dirt" is gonna be a big impact song. It could change the game up even more and hopefully, anybody that has, or does want to say anything negatively about what we're doing will get a reality check with this next single. When stuff takes off and is successful, there are always people who want to doubt and degrade you. That's part of it all. Honestly, it's something we learned early on. But if you don't have those people, you're not doing something right. I think "Dirt" can be a game changer. I think this whole album will continue to push boundaries and continue to sell tickets.

BK: Anybody that's been successful has had backlash.

8. When you first met at Belmont, did you hit it off right away?

BK: For us it was pretty instant. We started writing immediately, moved in together and we hit the road trying to develop a song base.

9. If all this wasn't happening, what would you be doing?

BK: We'd probably still be trying to get a publishing deal and make records.

10. What has being on the road with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan taught you about playing to big crowds?

BK: The more you do something, the more comfortable you get. We go up there and let the music take over. We grew up leading worship in church. If you can gain their trust and lead them in worship, you can definitely get a stadium of fans to have a great time and get the fans ready to rock. We just demand everybody has a great time.

TH: Church is where we developed our love for music. Me and BK both helped out with the youth worship band. Any opportunity we had during college, along with writing songs we enjoyed doing that for a youth group. We had a big heart and a lot of passion for that. Any opportunity to play, we took.


by Jay Farley posted Aug 5 2014 2:03PM
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by Builder posted Aug 4 2014 8:39AM
Somebody drew a mustache on the face of MIRANDA LAMBERT that's on a billboard welcoming people to Lindale, Texas, which is where she grew up. And they used a permanent marker, which made it impossible for workers to erase it.

The city is removing the whole billboard and printing up a new one. An investigation is underway and the perps could be looking at either a class-A or class-B misdemeanor, depending on the cost of replacing the sign.

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by Builder posted Aug 4 2014 6:16AM
You hear so many stories about people leaving their children locked in hot cars, it's put our nation on HIGH ALERT. Plus it gives us a chance to judge other people for being bad parents, which is always satisfying.

The police in Hoboken, New Jersey got SEVERAL calls on Thursday from people who saw a baby inside a locked car. One of them told the cops the baby looked, quote, "lifeless."

So the cops rushed to the scene, smashed the window, and got the baby out.

And when they picked the baby up they realized why it looked lifeless . . . it was a DOLL.

The car belonged to a woman named Kitty Mieles. She says her two-year-old granddaughter left the doll in the car.

And now Kitty is trying to get the city to pay for the cost of replacing her window.

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by Jay Farley posted Aug 1 2014 5:02PM

Blake Shelton Announces 'Bringing Back the Sunshine' Album

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by Builder posted Aug 1 2014 8:33AM
Now here's a new world record we call all applaud! Fast hand clapping...try it...can you beat this guy...
by Builder posted Aug 1 2014 8:29AM
As heard on Chris, John & Jane in the morning...

Keyshawn Johnson just sent out the BEST wedding invitations ever -- iPad 4s -- each pre-programmed with all of the info for Key's big day ...

Here's what we know ... the iPads were sent to several guests a few weeks ago -- and once they're powered on, a program opens informing the recipients about Key's wedding events.

Also included -- a photo gallery, guestbook, and countdown to the big day.

The couple also made it easy for guests to buy wedding gifts -- by including the registry right on the iPad.

The woman Keyshawn is set to marry is Jennifer Conrad -- his longtime GF and the mother of 2 of his children.

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by Megan Z posted Aug 1 2014 7:26AM
Check out Brad Paisley's 'River Bank' remix with Colt Ford! Enjoy :)

Brad Paisley Recruits Colt Ford for 'River Bank' Remix

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We need MORE vacation time!
Not Presidential...
Listen to Blake Shelton's new single "Neon Light"
Feeding our kids chicken drumsticks can make them aggressive?
This is Reality!
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