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by Builder posted Feb 12 2016 5:24AM

Valentine's Day-Related Gifts Each State Googles More Frequently Than Other States


Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, which means millions of Americans are wondering what they will receive on this most romantic of days. It could be flowers or chocolates, or it could be something completely unexpected. Curiosity got the best of Estately, so we set out to find what Valentine's Day-related gifts people in each state Google more frequently than people in all other states. To do this we ran hundreds of possible gift-related search queries through Google Trends, which ranks how frequently people in each state search for each term online.

Hopefully this information is of some use, such as to help you determine where you might like to search for a home for sale (with Estately, of course), or what type of gift you should be on the lookout for on Valentine's Day. Either way, please remember this doesn't show what people in each state Googled the most, it's what search term or terms people in each state Googled more frequently than people in all other states.

ALABAMA: Lord Byron (poetry)

ALASKA: flower delivery

ARIZONA: cubic zirconia rings, Jacquie Lawson cards

ARKANSAS: romance novels, Zale's jewelry

CALIFORNIA: gold, cubic zirconia jewelry, couples pajamas, heart-shaped sunglasses, bondage kit

COLORADO: platinum rings, fondue, dance lessons, couples yoga, aphrodisiac foods

CONNECTICUT: Edible Arrangements, smoking jacket

DELAWARE: gift card

FLORIDA: Pandora jewelry, Barry White songs

GEORGIA: satin pajamas, couples outfits

HAWAII: flower, platinum, pearls, pearl jewelry, Tahitian pearls, romantic comedy (movie genre), couples massage, tandem kayak

IDAHO: Adam & Eve (the online store, not the Adam & Eve from the Bible)

ILLINOIS: chocolate fondue

INDIANA: romantic gifts, romantic getaway, couples vacation, mood music,

IOWA: tandem bicycle

KANSAS: Helzberg Diamonds, Valentine's recipes

KENTUCKY: couples tattoos, 50 Shades of Grey (novel), 50 Shades of Grey (film), songs to ____ to, roses, porn for couples,

LOUISIANA: jewelry, men's jewelry (tie w/ Oklahoma), pearl earrings, adult sex toys, oysters, silk sheets, cheesecake

MAINE: lobster, lobster recipe, Maidenform, Robert Burns (poetry)

MARYLAND: ProFlowers (company), couples activities, Valentine's Day dinner, Sade (band), Sears portraits

MASSACHUSETTS: couples cooking class

MICHIGAN: ballroom dancing lessons

MINNESOTA: silk boxers

MISSISSIPPI: pearl necklace, cheap jewelry, cheap lingerie, men's cologne, mixtape

MISSOURI: Hallmark cards, couples resort, vejazzling

MONTANA: silver, lobster tails

NEBRASKA: Helzberg jewelry

NEVADA: Frederick's of Hollywood, corset, Boyz II Men, adult onesie, sexy costume

NEW HAMPSHIRE: stuffed animal

NEW JERSEY: long-stem roses, box of chocolate, chocolate gift, romantic movies, gift basket, wine gift basket

NEW MEXICO: hickey, Indiana jewelry, silver jewelry

NEW YORK: 1-800-FLOWERS, earrings, chocolate baskets, Harlequin books, wine delivery, couples spa package, Victoria's Secret, champagne, silk pajamas, candygram, romantic motel, perfume, romantic restaurants, mink coat

NORTH CAROLINA: sterling silver jewelry

NORTH DAKOTA: gifts for him, couples retreat, flower bouquet

OHIO: Pandora bracelet, romantic getaways

OKLAHOMA: Teleflora, men's jewelry (tie w/ Louisiana), relationship counseling, marriage counseling, boudoir photography, boudoir photos,

OREGON: poetry, romance novel, romance movies

PENNSYLVANIA: edible underwear, Hershey's Kisses

RHODE ISLAND: Pandora charms, charm bracelet, bracelet, couples dancing lessons, romantic hotel

SOUTH CAROLINA: matching outfits, how to be romantic

SOUTH DAKOTA: gold jewelry, Romeo and Juliet, JCPenney portraits

TENNESSEE: cheap sex toys

TEXAS: Valentines for him, edible panties, discount sex toys, plus-size lingerie

UTAH: cute valentines, men's rings, cubic zirconia, Sweethearts candy, Conversation Hearts, lingerie, couples games

VERMONT: chocolate, romantic movies

VIRGINIA: romance (TV show genre), Kama Sutra, romantic music, sexy songs

WASHINGTON: bear skin rug, platinum ring, red wine, sparkling wine, aphrodisiacs

WEST VIRGINIA: Valentine's Day ideas, cheap gifts, eCards, handcuffs, video games

WISCONSIN: teddy bear, fur coat

WYOMING: flowers, sex toys, adult toys, vibrator, bra, mail-order bride

by Builder posted Feb 11 2016 4:07PM

  • A new study has calculated how a week's worth of chores stacks up. An hour's laundry, burns 78 calories, the same as 100 sit-ups. Making the beds for 15 minutes burns 65 calories, same as a mile walk. Ironing is best for abdominal muscles and burns 420 calories in 3 hours

by Builder posted Feb 10 2016 1:12PM
The Full House reboot Fuller House will hit Netflix soon! Here is the Final trailer for the show.... Are you excited?

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by Megan Z posted Feb 10 2016 9:47AM

This is such a great update on these two love birds. It wasn't long ago we read the story about Norwood and Joyce and how they were wartime sweethearts and parted way over 70 years ago. Norwood had proposed via a written letter but Joyce read it wrong thinking he was married. The two have reunited finally so many years later and both single again. Read on to learn more on this love story.

Wartime sweethearts Norwood Thomas and Joyce Morris reunite after 70 years


by Builder posted Feb 10 2016 8:21AM

Goodwill employee Lakeisha Williams was sorting through some donated books at a Stockton, Calif., collection site when she noticed an unexpected donation.

"There was an envelope full of cash," Williams told ABC NEWS.

The envelope had $10,500 in it in $100 bills. Williams joked that she briefly thought about pocketing the cash but knew she had to do the right thing.

"My concern was somebody was out that money, and I would have liked for them to get it back," she said.

She handed the cash over to a manager about a month ago, and the money had still not been claimed.

Goodwill Industries of San Joaquin Valley President David Miller said that it had not gone unnoticed that Williams "kindly and correctly" returned the money.

"What we did is we take the money … and put it into a holding account, and we wait usually a pretty good amount of time to see if somebody comes forward and identifies themselves and says they made a donation and a mistake," Miller told today.

Authorities were contacted in case anyone reported money missing, and the money will be held in the bank account for "no less than 120 days," he said.

"If nothing happens at that point … and all indicators are that nobody is claiming the money, at that point in time we put it into our normal donation stream revenue for our agency," Miller said. "We have a policy to reward our employees for their honesty and integrity. …"

The amount of money rewarded to the employee is up to Miller, but he said it would likely be in the range of 10 percent in this instance. This means Williams could be about $1,000 richer if no one comes forward to claim the missing money in the next three months.

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by Builder posted Feb 10 2016 6:56AM

CMT is pretty sure that something's going on between DUSTIN LYNCH and KELSEA BALLERINI, and they have some evidence to prove their case. Dustin posted a pic on Monday where she's about to kiss his cheek. He captioned it, "I'm calling dibs." Obviously, a reference to her song "Dibs".

She also told them last year that Dustin would be her pick for the "best snuggle buddy in country." And, they've noticed the two of them have a long history of Tweeting stuff back and forth.

If they are dating, then it's certainly on the down-low, because he's not willing to go there. talked to him at the Crash My Playa festival a couple of weeks ago. They asked if he has Valentine's Day plans, and he said, quote, "I don't really have a Valentine's Day date this year. I'm single. I suck at this whole dating thing."

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by Megan Z posted Feb 9 2016 9:22AM

I learned something is Safter Internet Day. To honor that here are some ways to do just that! Stay safe my friends.

13 Essential Rules for Staying Safe on the Internet


by Builder posted Feb 9 2016 7:04AM

The TV show Brain Games asked a simple question recently - can you figure out which way this school bus is headed?


The interesting thing is that 80% of children under the age of 10 could answer the question almost instantly, where adults found it to be a little harder!

Children are much better at taking in the first visual cue given and making a snap judgement based on that cue. Adults, on the other hand, take in different visual and other sensory cues before coming to a final judgement — making their decisions slower and perhaps more thought out

Got it figured out? Here's the ANSWER
by Builder posted Feb 9 2016 6:27AM
At BOB 95 we love new food ideas...and we're willing to try just about anything. This one looks fantastic! It's a donut with an entire cinnamon roll stuffed inside...the cinnamon roll is also topped with a cream cheese frosting. Yummmmmmmmmmm!


by Builder posted Feb 4 2016 2:07PM

Dierks Bentley will be the focus of his own exhibit, "Dierks Bentley: Every Mile a Memory," is opening March 4th. at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Dierks will help open the showcase with a Q&A and acoustic performance at the museum's CMA Theater on March 12th

Read More

by Megan Z posted Feb 4 2016 9:47AM

Are you doing these things in your relationship? Or perphaps maybe even a few. Maybe it's worth trying to see if you end up really happy!

17 Habits Of Happy Couples (Are You And Your Partner Doing These?)


by Megan Z posted Feb 2 2016 8:29AM

Not going to lie, if I bit into a Kit Kat and there was no wafer, I would be pretty disappointed and would probably just want a new one. This girl getting a little selfish in my opinion. Read on and see if you agree!

Woman wants lifetime supply of Kit Kats after buying waferless bar


by Builder posted Feb 2 2016 7:14AM
What is the most annoying Facebook post in North Dakota? Minnesota? Social marketing and public-relations firm Rantic surveyed more than 10,000 Facebook users across the 50 states to learn which of five types of Facebook posts annoy them the most, and here's each state breaks down.
by Builder posted Feb 1 2016 6:42AM
Miranda Lambert looks to have had a nice weekend...with her new boyfriend Anderson East. It also looks like her weekend may have produced some new music!


by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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