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by Jay Farley posted Jul 21 2014 3:25PM

Yes, You Can Now Have A Drone Photograph Your Wedding

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by Builder posted Jul 21 2014 9:25AM

The Ultimate Jewelry Heist!

Be one of the 10 winners to heist a box from the vault at Riddle's on August 1st.
9 boxes contain genuine gemstones (so everyone wins!)
1 box contains DIAMOND EARRINGS valued at $1,700!

Will you be one of the ten lucky winners?
TURN YOUR KNOB TO BOB to get on the list!

The Ultimate Jewelry Heist takes place on August 1st between 4pm and 6pm at
RIDDLE'S JEWELRY - 13th Ave. Fargo
Part of "The Vault - A Designer Showcase"

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by Megan Z posted Jul 18 2014 9:21AM
What is on your Bucket List? Have you really thought about it? Have you actually written one out like in the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman movie where you actually check them off as you go? I have an idea of what is on my bucket list but I haven't written out and I'm thinking maybe it's time I did just that. What would you put on your Bucket List, what would be your #1? Need some ideas? Look at what people are saying over in Britain and see if it will help you out!

The Great British bucket list of 40 things to do before we die

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by Megan Z posted Jul 17 2014 10:28AM
I was a teenager in the 90's so this decade holds a special place in my heart and these movies take me back. I'm sure I've seen all of these multiple times and I don't feel bad about it. Find out what Buzzfeed.com had to say about 24 of the Classic 90's Teen Movies and see if you agree or disagree.
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by Megan Z posted Jul 16 2014 9:55AM
Rolling Stone asked readers' to vote on their favorite 2014 Country Song thus far. Find out what they decided were the top 10 and if you agree!

Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Country Songs of 2014 So Far Pictures | Rolling Stone

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by Builder posted Jul 16 2014 7:32AM

Lay's just announced they'll be rolling out four new flavors for people to buy, try, and vote on: Cheddar bacon mac and cheese . . . wasabi ginger . . . mango salsa . . . and cappuccino.

The strangest flavor of the group HAS to be the cappuccino . . . but if you've ever wondered what a coffee-flavored potato chip tastes like, now you can find out.

Lay's hasn't made any promises about any of these flavors becoming permanent options . . . but I guess if one sells enough, it could.

You can start voting for the best flavor on their website soon . . . the contest runs through the middle of October.

by Megan Z posted Jul 15 2014 11:46AM
If you are like me you get confused when someone sends a text that looks like thisFriend: OMG, FYI SMH, right?!You: ??? I'm confusedI don't know many acronyms but everyone else around me seems to, so thank you daily mail for at least giving me a cheat sheet! Thought I'd pass it along to you you JIC (just in case); I may have made that up!

Social media speak: 60 new abbreviations you need to know

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by Builder posted Jul 15 2014 8:05AM
TODAY Moms survey of 7,000 U.S. mothers, 42 percent said that they sometimes suffer from Pinterest stress – the worry that they're not crafty or creative enough. Symptoms include staying up until 3 a.m. clicking through photos of exquisite hand-made birthday party favors even though you'll end up buying yours at the dollar store, or sobbing quietly into a burnt mess of expensive ingredients that were supposed to be adorable bunny cookies for the school bake sale.

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by Builder posted Jul 15 2014 6:09AM
When we think of "comfort food" it's usually things like fried chicken or gallon jugs of ice cream . . . but we shouldn't. In fact, foods like that spike your blood sugar and usually just make you feel WORSE.

Doctors at Harvard have figured out the 10 best foods to instantly improve your mood. It's because they trigger the right chemicals in your brain. Check 'em out . . .

1. Pumpkin seeds.

2. Dark, leafy greens.

3. Eggs.

4. Carrots and celery.

5. Salmon.

6. Flaxseed.

7. Whole grains, like oatmeal or brown rice.

8. Red peppers, kiwi fruit, and other foods with high vitamin C.

9. Tea.

10. Dark chocolate.

by Jay Farley posted Jul 14 2014 2:00PM

Make your selfie breakfast! New toaster burns YOUR face into bread

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by Megan Z posted Jul 14 2014 8:11AM
This is probably happiness in it's most simple of forms, 20 different times! Sometimes it really is the little things and this list proves it! See if the simple thing that makes you happy is on the list!

Secrets to happiness include finding a fiver and fresh bed sheets

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by Builder posted Jul 14 2014 6:46AM
We all do things because we think we're SUPPOSED to do them, not because we actually WANT to. But we have to suck it up and pretend we're really enjoying ourselves.

What are some things that we only PRETEND we like doing? Here are 10 of the most popular answers . . .

1. Going to a club.

2. Going for a run.

3. Drinking green juice and other healthy juices.

4. Cooking.

5. Being around other people's kids.

6. Eating oysters.

7. Working in a group.

8. Celebrating someone else's success.

9. Hearing other people's honest opinions about you.

10. Doing shots.

by Builder posted Jul 12 2014 10:20AM
Take a look at this flashback! On the left, you see Hunter at the ripe old age of NINE back in 2000 compared to Today at the age of 22.Is it just me or is the only thing that has changed with Hunter in the last 14 years his haircut? -Ian
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by Jay Farley posted Jul 11 2014 12:24PM

Shaken or WHIRRED? Flying drones work as bartenders

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by Jay Farley posted Jul 10 2014 2:10PM

34 Celebrities Who Share The Same Face

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by Megan Z posted Jul 10 2014 10:56AM
If you were unable to watch the Garth Brooks Press Conference Live, see the highlights right here! Lots of exciting stuff to come!

CMT : News : Garth Brooks Signs New Label Deal, Agrees to Digital Downloads of Past Recordings

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by Megan Z posted Jul 10 2014 8:10AM
Which slang words annoy you the most and you'd be okay if you never ever heard them again. As a matter of fact that migh be too soon! You probably aren't alone...see if the word made the list!

America's 10 Most Annoying Phrases and Words

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by Builder posted Jul 10 2014 6:18AM
If God wants to get our attention in the form of food, he should appear on a pizza or floating in gravy. I'm not sure how many people he can reach with vegetables. Especially BAD vegetables.

Jermarcus Brady of Baton Rouge, Louisiana works as a chef at an Italian restaurant called Gino's. And he was cutting an EGGPLANT in half on Monday and was shocked . . . when he found God inside.

Literally. The seeds inside spelled the word "God" in capital letters. And while we're usually cynical, it's really true . . . in the photo of the eggplant, it 100% says "GOD" inside.

Jermarcus says, quote, "I don't know what it means. All I know is it tells me, 'Hey, he's real,' and there's nothing that can change my mind about that."

Here's the pic...

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by Jay Farley posted Jul 9 2014 1:41PM

Too busy to potty train your child? Experts who can do it in TWO DAYS

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by Megan Z posted Jul 9 2014 9:47AM
This video made me tear up...so be warned you may need tissues! Enjoy!

Florida Georgia Line - Dirt

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by Megan Z posted Jul 9 2014 8:49AM
It's out, the 2014 popsugar.com Top 100 Celebrities! Who is your favorite, did they make the list? A couple Country Artists made it, click away to see who made the cut!

Announcing the 2014 POPSUGAR 100!

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by Builder posted Jul 9 2014 7:21AM
With a sandwich, you can basically see what you're eating . . . the ingredients don't have anywhere to hide. With wraps and burritos, you're GAMBLING when you bite in . . . hoping nothing horrible found its way in there.

A guy in New York City LOST that gamble yesterday.

He ordered a wrap for lunch from a restaurant in Manhattan called Chop't . . . and when he bit into it, he found an ENTIRE DEAD RAT.

On the bright side, at least he didn't bite in and find half a dead rat in the wrap and half in his mouth, right?

Anyway, his friends and coworkers immediately started tweeting photos of the rat in the wrap. Chop't says the location was shut down for a, quote, "deep clean."

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by Builder posted Jul 9 2014 6:20AM
Chase Rice took over the Grandstand for night #1 of the Red River Valley Fair! Here are some pictures...

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by Jay Farley posted Jul 8 2014 2:10PM

Meet the couples getting MARRIED at first sight

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by Megan Z posted Jul 8 2014 7:31AM
Ever wonder if you're too old to do something, wear something or even try something? Well this new survey might be able to help you out but keep in mind this is over in England so you may disagree with a good majority of them. I know I did!

Cut-off point for towering heels, tattoos, caps and goatees revealed

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by Builder posted Jul 8 2014 6:58AM
Sliced Bread!! It was invented 86 years ago yesterday! A lot...a lot inventions have come and gone since then....all of them have been compared to SLICED BREAD ever since! Read the entire story of sliced bread here.
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by Builder posted Jul 7 2014 6:21AM

UPDATE: The announcement was that a press conference will be held on Thursday at 11am. It will be streamed live on garthbrooks.com. Soooo....it was an announcement about an announcement??!

Expect an announcement from Garth Brooks today! Taste of Country reports that we should all be watching his website for what it entails...tour...new music...????

Garth Brooks says "the wait is over," but what does it mean? The superstar teased a big announcement on his website this week, leaving many to speculate that he'll announce a full-scale comeback.

Brooks is expected to share more details on Monday (July 7). Last December, during an appearance on 'Good Morning America,' the country icon revealed he would tour in 2014. However, all that's been announced thus far are five dates in Dublin, Ireland scheduled for later this month.

It's been 13 years since the 'Friends in Low Places' singer retired to focus on his kids. He said all along that he'd return after his youngest daughter graduated from high school. Allie graduated this year, and Brooks has made it clear he's itching to return to the stage.

"All my babies are fine with it, Miss Yearwood is fine with it," Brooks said at the time. "So now I get to do what I love to do — play music — I get to be with the person I want to be with — which is Miss Yearwood — and my children are off on their own."

Any tour dates the 52-year-old announces are sure to sell out quickly. Fans lined up early to grab all 80,000 tickets for each of the five Ireland shows.

Read More: Garth Brooks: 'The Wait Is Over' | http://tasteofcountry.com/garth-brooks-wait-is-over-announcement/?trackback=tsmclip

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by Builder posted Jul 7 2014 6:12AM
Video of Luke Bryan from high school starring in Annie Get Your Gun. You may not recognize him at first...but you will when he speaks and sings! ENJOY!!

by Jay Farley posted Jul 3 2014 3:03PM

Joey Chestnut is heavy betting favorite to repeat as Nathan's hot dog eating

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by Builder posted Jul 3 2014 11:29AM

The Amber Alert has been CANCELED! The girl has been safely recovered by law enforcement!

by Megan Z posted Jul 3 2014 10:31AM
I've had my fair share of being a Bridesmaid...as a matter of fact the saying "always a bridesmaid never the bride" might actually pertain to me, but that's another story for another day! However, for as fun as it is to be in a wedding I've never wanted to be like Katherine Heigl in '27 Dresses' and be the Ultimate Bridesmaid. However there is a girl who apparently thinks she's been one enough that she could be a professional at it. Read her story and think about it, would you hire her?
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by Builder posted Jul 3 2014 8:02AM
If you're heading to the beach this weekend, want to make sure your beer stays cold, don't want to spend $2 on a beer koozie, AND don't mind looking like an EXTREME REDNECK . . . we've got your solution.

A woman in Louisiana realized you can use a TOILET PLUNGER as a beer koozie. Your beer should fit nicely in the mouth of your plunger, which keeps it cold, and you can plant the handle in the sand to keep it standing up.

We recommend cleaning your plunger first before you do this...

by Jay Farley posted Jul 2 2014 4:00PM
A bunch of Country Stars are singing on a Motley Crue country tribute album called "Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue". Here is one of the songs it's JUSTIN MOORE doing "Home Sweet Home"

Justin Moore Goes 'Home Sweet Home' With Motley Crue - Video Premiere

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by Megan Z posted Jul 2 2014 8:38AM
These kids are absolutely adorable and I hope that we can help them with their cause! They are doing a "Lemonade Stand for United Way School Supply Drive". All the money raised today will be used to purchase school supplies for children in need. Their goal is to fill two shopping carts full of school supplies! They have lemonade and treats for sale until 4:30 today!

3303 44th Ave. South in Fargo
Local child care provider, Jamie Nuss-Zastoupil, helped the kids build their own lemonade stand so don't forget to mention what a great job they did!
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by Builder posted Jul 2 2014 7:08AM
by Builder posted Jul 2 2014 6:20AM
US Goalkeeper Tim Howard played OUT OF HIS MIND in the loss to Belgium in the world cup! 16 saves - and names Man of The Match. Here's a quick look at all 16 of his amazing saves in the game...

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by Jay Farley posted Jul 1 2014 2:01PM

Traffic lights for TOILETS: Hollywood Bowl gets greenlight system

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Getting married? Hire a Drone to take amazing pictures!
Do You Have a Bucket List?
Favorite 90's Teen Movies
Best 2014 Country Songs
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