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by Builder posted Apr 24 2015 1:50PM

The gruelling 26 miles of a marathon will trigger blood, sweat and tears in many runners.

But how exactly does running such a distance affect the body? Ahead of the London Marathon this Sunday, experts have revealed what effect this level of exercise has on us...

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by Megan Z posted Apr 24 2015 9:54AM

This is a cool compilation of videos from fans to make up their latest video "Homegrown"

Zac Brown Band - Homegrown Fan Video

by Builder posted Apr 24 2015 6:53AM
by Builder posted Apr 23 2015 2:05PM

Most of us spend our time dreaming and saving for our next holiday, but meet the woman who gets to travel the world reviewing the best hotels, beds, pools and room service for her job. Travel photographer Rhiannon Taylor, 29, from Australia has turned her photography skills and penchant for globetrotting into a business, launching a website called 'In Bed With'. Travelling the world to review and photograph the most luxurious accommodations, the avid Instagrammer has turned her social media success into a growing company.

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by Builder posted Apr 23 2015 1:57PM
With the increase of everyday distractions, hectic lifestyles and easy-to-access stimulus such as phones and television, getting some decent sleep can be more troublesome than expected. Here are 20 tips to help you get better sleep....
1. Sleep Naked
2. Eat a banana
3. No Booze

See the rest of the list here

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by Megan Z posted Apr 23 2015 10:57AM

'People' magazine does an issue of the most beautiful and Miranda Lambert graciously did it sans make-up! I'd say she looks just as beautiful!

Image title

Miranda Lambert's Gorgeous & Makeup-Free in "People"

by Megan Z posted Apr 23 2015 9:49AM

Want to join the fun of Wish Fast? Get all the updates and details here!

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Wish Fast: Superhero 3 & 5K Walk/Run

by Builder posted Apr 23 2015 6:09AM
by Builder posted Apr 22 2015 3:31PM
Today is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day....Small things like recycling and changing light bulbs can help improve our environment.

Here are 10 easy things you can do on earth day!

by Megan Z posted Apr 22 2015 11:17AM

Brett Eldredge has a Victoria's Secret model in his lastest video for his new song 'Lose My Mind'.

Brett Eldredge - Lose My Mind (Official Video)

by Megan Z posted Apr 21 2015 9:17AM

How do you feel about having bacon with your oreo's? Check out this recipe if you are a fan of at least maybe trying it!

Here's How To Make Bacon Fried Oreos, Because YOLO

by Builder posted Apr 21 2015 8:10AM
by Builder posted Apr 21 2015 7:12AM


No time for exercise? Too busy to eat right? What kind of a toll is it all taking on your health?

There's a simple test you can do just about anywhere that's been proven to predict how long you'll live. A doctor in Brazil invented the Sitting Rising Test or SRT, and he's proven it can predict your risk of dying in the next five years.

When it comes to figuring out how healthy you are, and long you might live, a cardiac stress test is often considered the gold-standard for giving doctors very specific information.

"What we're doing from a stress test standpoint is what we call risk stratifying somebody for their risk for a heart attack, and dying from a heart attack in the next one, three, or five years," says Dr. Michael Lim, director of the Division of Cardiology atSaint Louis University Hospital.

But what if you could predict your longevity quickly, easily and without even leaving your home? Scientific studies over the past 15 years have proven if you have trouble getting down and getting back off the floor, it's nothing to laugh at.

Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo, MD, PhD, a specialist in exercise and sports medicine, also works with cardiac patients at Clínica de Medicina do Exercício – Clinimex, in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and invented SRT to easily measure non-aerobic physical fitness.

In an interview via Skype from his home in Rio, he said the idea for SRT came from observing his older, sedentary patients who could pass basic aerobic tests.

"Many of them are able to bike or to run on a treadmill," said Dr. Araujo, "but if you asked them could you tie your shoes, it's pretty difficult to do that. We realized not only aerobic fitness is important. You also need other things for your life: strength, flexibility, balance."

The goal is to get down and back up from a sitting position with minimal support. It can be used in all age groups, and results are based on a scale of one to 10. Score three or less and your risk of dying is five times greater over the next five years.

It may look and sound easy, but here's how it's done. You cross your feet, and go into a seated position. That's five points. Coming back up is another 5. But you can lose points really fast.

You lose a point for each hand, arm or knee you need for support. Take off a half-point when you lose your balance at any time, either on the way down or coming back up.

Total them all for your final score. If you have bad knees or hips, don't try this alone.

"Have a friend, have a spouse, have a friend with us when we do this," said Dr. Lim.

Be sure to take your shoes off, and wear comfortable clothes.

But for every point you get, there's a 21% decrease in mortality from all causes. Dr. Lim, says it makes sense.

"The more active we are the better we can accommodate stressors the more likely we are to handle something bad that happens down the road," said Dr. Lim.

Dr. Araujo's data has been published in American and European medical journals. By the way, he says if you're over 50 and score a perfect 10, you should be proud, because not many people in the age group can do it.

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by Builder posted Apr 21 2015 6:32AM
The wonderful story of Garrett & Hannah - the beautiful couple with special needs - has gone nationwide. The recently elected prom king & queen and their story got a lot of attention on social media...and is now being picked up by major news sources. It's a GREAT story that shines a positive light on Garrett, Hannah, the students of Davies and our entire community.


There's also a social media effort to get the two on Ellen with a viral hashtag: #garrettandhannahonellen

SIDE NOTE: At BOB 95 - we are huge fans of Garrett. He is a country music (and BOB) super fan! His fav is Jason Aldean. A while back BOB surprised Garrett with tickets and backstage passes to meet Jason Aldean. Here's some of those pics:

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by Builder posted Apr 20 2015 1:17PM

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission recently approved the use of recycled sewage water to brew beer, the Oregon Public Broadcasting's environmental news organization EarthFix reports. Brewed via a purification process developed by Oregon's Clean Water Services, the beer would not be available for commercial or retail use, and the finished product would still need to undergo tests to make sure it is safe to drink. And it won't be on tap at any bars. It would only be served at tasting events hosted by its manufacturers, the home brewing club Oregon Brew Crew, and other water professional society functions.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 20 2015 9:48AM

The 50th Annual ACM Awards brought out some of the finest and not so finest looks last night. You decide who was the best dressed last night?

ACM Awards 2015: So hot or so not?

by Builder posted Apr 20 2015 8:26AM

If you want to be lazy about spring cleaning, here are ten things you probably didn't know you can wash in the dishwasher. You might want to wash your dishes separately though.

1. Shoes. But only if they can get wet. So sneakers and flip-flops are usually okay, but dress shoes aren't.

2. Baseball hats. Put them on the top rack, and they should keep their shape.

3. Brushes and combs. Just not any with wooden handles. And first pull as much hair off them as you can, so it doesn't clog the dishwasher.

4. Toys. Just nothing electronic, or things with small pieces that could break off.

5. Glass lampshades from light fixtures.

6. Your toothbrush holder.

7. Make-up brushes. Put them in the silverware holder.

8. Sports equipment. Like the shin guards your kids wear for soccer. If it's plastic, it's probably okay.

9. Vacuum attachments.

10. Your computer keyboard. People online swear it won't break if you don't use detergent. But you might have to let it dry for a few days. And obviously they're talking about desktop keyboards . . . don't toss your whole LAPTOP in there.

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by Builder posted Apr 17 2015 7:09AM

BOB 95 FM is proud to support the North Dakota Autism Center and the great services they provide to families and individuals in our community. April is Autism Awareness month...and tonight The North Dakota Autism Center presents AN AUSOME EVENING! A night of food, fun and inspiration...tonight at Avalon West.

Tonight's Keynote Speaker is Spencer Timme - who created a viral video that has been viewed nearly one million times and featured in news articles worldwide. The video is "What It's Like To Have A Brother With Autism" and it's a touching story of Spencer and his brother...


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by Builder posted Apr 16 2015 2:24PM

There are usually few things people want to do less than housework.

But while scrubbing the dishes and dusting the shelves can seem like an inconvenient chore, a new study has revealed just how important they are to well-being. In fact, scientists now believe cleaning the home is more vital to mental and physical health than other factors, such as the area you live in or how much you earn.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 16 2015 9:43AM

Hillary Scott had a bit of a scare when her tour bus caught on fire. Thankfully everyone is on to see pics and find out all that happened.

Image title

Bus Of Lady Antebellum Singer Catches Fire In Garland

by Builder posted Apr 15 2015 5:00PM
Someone had a lot of time on their hands and decided to explain the ACM Nominees for Single Record of The Year with emojis!
Can you figure them out without cheating?

See them here
by Builder posted Apr 15 2015 1:40PM

An 80 year old man got to experience a milestone on Saturday he never thought he would - going to prom. The big difference between James Drain and other prom-goers? Drain is 80 years old. Drain, who never attended his own prom, went to the Albertville High School prom with his granddaughter, Joy Webb. The teenager said that she wanted to share the special moment with her "Poppa," who has been there for her since she was a baby.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 15 2015 12:27PM

Coming in 2017, a Robot that can cook over 2,000 different types of meals for you. Watch to see if this is something you'll want one day.

Robot chef, stirs, pours, and changes cooking temperature

by Megan Z posted Apr 15 2015 10:58AM

Are you getting a tax refund this year? If so how are you going to spend it? Find out what a majority are going to spend it on and what the average is for a return this year!

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Vacations Rank No. 1 for Tax Refund Spending

by Builder posted Apr 15 2015 7:06AM

Chris, John & Jane discuss this frequently...parents who pick COMICALLY HORRIBLE baby names. They don't even give the kid a fighting chance to have a normal life.

People on have been sharing the worst baby names they've ever heard. Here are our 10 favorites . . .

1. I'munique.

2. Obamaniqua.

3. Vejonica. Her parents were named Veronica and John, and they combined their names.

4. Boy Boy.

5. Orgasm.

6. Three brothers named Courage, Gallantry . . . and Tom.

7. Britney Shakira Beyonce.

8. Like.

9. Depreshaun.

10. Abstinence.

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by Builder posted Apr 14 2015 2:56PM
Pulaski Furniture has announced a licensing partnership with Eric Church, one of the biggest names in today's country music scene and someone Pulaksi said will appeal to its target audience of younger consumers. The company plans to launch Highway to Home in October with four collections that each offer between 35 and 40 pieces.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 14 2015 9:20AM

Go check out his funny video now!

Cole Swindell acts 'corny' in campaigning for ACM Award

by Megan Z posted Apr 14 2015 9:16AM

If you had to choose would you rather win the lottery or find your soul mate? See if you are the majority according to this recent study.

Image title

Survey Finds Majority of People Would Rather Win Lottery Than Find True Love

by Builder posted Apr 13 2015 1:38PM
Have trouble getting up in the morning? Finally an alarm clock that may solve the problem.
The I'm Up Alarm is an APP designed to help those who have trouble getting out of bed.
The alarm will sound at a preset time and continue until a barcode is scanned anywhere in your home, not in arms reach of the bed...The alarm does shut off until your scan the code...

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by Megan Z posted Apr 13 2015 11:14AM

Great ideas for some healthy snacks at your desk!

The 18 best snacks to eat at your desk

by Megan Z posted Apr 13 2015 11:04AM

Do you ever find yourself whistling a tune? Do you whistle at all? This story claims that it's a dying art and find out what the blame is.

Why does nobody whistle any more?

by Builder posted Apr 13 2015 6:34AM

A new survey found the top 10 "first world problems" that stress us out the most. Check 'em out . . .

1. Not being able to fall asleep.

2. Misplacing your keys.

3. A traffic jam when you're already late.

4. Losing an important document.

5. Not being able to find a parking spot.

6. The printer not working when you really need to print something.

7. Your phone battery dying while you're out.

8. Discovering you're out of toilet paper while you're sitting on the toilet.

9. Dealing with automated customer service instead of a real person.

10. Trying to pay for something and realizing you forgot your credit card.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 10 2015 9:45AM

At what age does it seem appropriate for a kid to get a cell phone? There are lots of different ideas on this and this paticular articles definitely gives some good advice while thinking about it.

Image title

Giving a Kid a Cell Phone: How Young Is Too Young?

by Builder posted Apr 10 2015 8:15AM's not REALLY Chris & Jane swimming in the ocean...but it's probably how they would react.

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by Builder posted Apr 10 2015 6:58AM

A map that shows the signature food from each state in the USA1

Playboy has a map that uses data from Reddit to showcase what the signature food item (or alcohol! or drugs!) from each state is. California gets In N Out burger, New York gets bagel love and Texas gets Tex-Mex. That mostly makes sense. But I'm not sure why Nevada gets cheeseburgers and why Colorado and Montana both get Rocky Mountain Oysters.

I need to try these Arkansas meth cookies. The full list:

  • Alabama - BBQ
  • Alaska - King Crab
  • Arizona - Mexican
  • Arkansas - Meth Cookies
  • California - In N Out
  • Colorado - Rocky Mountain Oysters
  • Connecticut - New Haven Style Pizza
  • Delaware - Beer
  • Florida - Grouper Sandwiches
  • Georgia - Fried Chicken
  • Hawaii - Poke
  • Idaho - Potatoes
  • Illinois - Deep Dish Pizza
  • Indiana - Pork Tenderloin
  • Iowa - Maid-Rite
  • Kansas - BBQ
  • Kentucky - Bourbon
  • Louisiana - Gumbo
  • Maine - Lobster
  • Maryland - Crab
  • Massachusetts - Clam Chowder
  • Michigan - Coney Dogs
  • Minnesota - Walleye Sandwiches
  • Mississippi - Crawfish
  • Missouri - Toasted Ravioli
  • Montana - Rocky Mountain Oysters
  • Nebraska - Steak
  • Nevada - Cheeseburgers
  • New Hampshire - Apples
  • New Jersey - Pork Roll
  • New Mexico - Chili Peppers
  • New York - Bagels
  • North Carolina - Pulled Pork
  • North Dakota - Knoepfla Soup
  • Ohio - Pierogis
  • Oklahoma - Chicken Fried Steak
  • Oregon - Beer
  • Pennsylvania - Cheesesteaks
  • Rhode Island - Coffee Milk
  • South Carolina - Shrimp and Grits
  • South Dakota - Corn
  • Tennessee - Ribs
  • Texas - Tex Mex
  • Utah - Fry Sauce
  • Vermont - Maple Syrup
  • Virginia - Ham
  • Washington - Salmon
  • West Virginia - Pepperoni Rolls
  • Wisconsin - Beer
  • Wyoming - Elk
by Builder posted Apr 9 2015 1:03PM

Taylor Swift released a letter to her fans today - telling about her Mom's battle with cancer:

Hey guys,
I'm writing to you with an update I wish I wasn't giving you, but it's important and I'm used to sharing important events in my life with you. Usually when things happen to me, I process them and then write music about how I feel, and you hear it much later. This is something my family and I thought you should know about now.

For Christmas this year, I asked my mom that one of her gifts to me be her going to the doctor to get screened for any health issues, just to ease some worries of mine. She agreed, and went in to get checked. There were no red flags and she felt perfectly fine, but she did it just to get me and my brother off her case about it.

The results came in, and I'm saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. I'd like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private, but she wanted you to know.

She wanted you to know because your parents may be too busy juggling everything they've got going on to go to the doctor, and maybe you reminding them to go get checked for cancer could possibly lead to an early diagnosis and an easier battle… Or peace of mind in knowing that they're healthy and there's nothing to worry about. She wanted you to know why she may not be at as many shows this tour. She's got an important battle to fight.

Thank you for caring about my family so much that she would want me to share this information with you.

I hope and pray that you never get news like this.

Love you.

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by Builder posted Apr 8 2015 5:48PM
by Builder posted Apr 8 2015 1:53PM

Jason Aldean recently tied the knot with Brittany Kerr, which means the superstar is sporting a new wedding band to signify his commitment to his wife. And like the singer is to country music, it's a unique piece of jewelry that has found a home on Aldean's hand. According to reports, he purchased it Titanium Buzz, an online company based Linden, Mich., that sells original, unusual men's wedding bands. The company's most popular lines include camo rings, sports rings, animal tracks rings and flat black rings, and the owner reveals that Aldean picked a custom baseball stitch design to represent his marriage.

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by Builder posted Apr 8 2015 7:07AM

From Time Magazine:

It turns out that your dating life is just as predictable as you thought it was.

According to a recent study by mobile dating app Clover, the most popular place to have a first date is none other than Starbucks. (Hopefully one that serves alcohol.)

The app offers an on-demand dating option that allows its users to select a nearby location to meet up with a date. After analyzing data from its 200,000 users (between the ages of 18 and 65), Clover tracked the most popular first date spots. Note: Olive Garden is very high on the list.


Here's how favorite date spots differed based on age. Unsurprisingly, Chipotle reigned supreme for the 18-to-24 demographic.


Clover also found that men prefer restaurants for a first date while women opt for coffee shops.


by Builder posted Apr 7 2015 2:31PM

Burger King will be paying the expenses and providing gifts for the wedding of an Illinois couple after Joel Burger and Ashley King accepted the company's payment proposal on Monday. The burger chain contacted the newly-engaged couple via Skype and gave them the good news.

BK will be paying for the wedding and providing personalized gift bags, Mason Jars and Burger King crowns for the event.
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by Megan Z posted Apr 7 2015 11:35AM

The FBI just brought back a required fitness test after years of not having it. Do you think you'd have what it takes to pass the challenge?

Image title

Could You Pass The FBI's Fitness Test?

by Builder posted Apr 7 2015 6:49AM
Luke Bryan takes one on the chin at 2:11....and he's not happy.

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by Builder posted Apr 7 2015 5:56AM


Zoo in a suitcase: Russian customs catch woman trying to smuggle 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs, two monkeys and a suspected LEOPARD cub in her flight luggage

  • Passenger accused of smuggling 108 exotic animals on flight from Jakarta
  • Two baby crocodiles died on the journey to Russia after 6,515-mile ordeal
  • Woman faces up to seven years in jail if found guilty of smuggling leopard

Customs officials have seized what is being described as a 'zoo in a suitcase' from a woman accused of smuggling 108 exotic animals in Russia.

In the bag, carried in the hold of the aircraft, there were 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs, two monkeys and even a suspected leopard cub.

Two baby crocodiles died on the journey from Jakarta to Moscow and all the survivors appeared terrified when they were found after the 6,515-mile ordeal.

The menagerie came to light when customs officials at Domodedovo airport electronically scanned a 27kg bag belonging to an unnamed female passenger who had flown from Indonesia via Qatar.

Cruel cargo: More than 100 exotic animals were found stuffed in this suitcase belonging to a female passenger travelling on a flight from Indonesia to Russia's Domodedovo airport

Rare: Among the animals seized was this suspected leopard cub, a species which is listed in the Red Book of endangered animals. If it turns out to be the case, the suspect could face up to seven years in prison

Rare: Among the animals seized was this suspected leopard cub, a species which is listed in the Red Book of endangered animals. If it turns out to be the case, the suspect could face up to seven years in prison

Exotic: Customs officials also found 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs and two monkeys

Exotic: Customs officials also found 55 snakes, 35 lizards, seven turtles, six lemurs and two monkeys

Horrendous treatment: The menagerie came to light when customs officials at Domodedovo airport electronically scanned a 27kg bag belonging to a female passenger who had flown from Indonesia via Qatar

Horrendous treatment: The menagerie came to light when customs officials at Domodedovo airport electronically scanned a 27kg bag belonging to a female passenger who had flown from Indonesia via Qatar

Spokeswoman Larisa Ledovskikh said: 'The animals were packed in tiny cages and plastic boxes and each snake was in small bag made of cloth.'

Experts are trying to identify the 'amazingly beautiful "kitten" with bright green eyes and stripes' among the trafficked animals.

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Officials in Moscow suspect it is a leopard cub, a species which is listed in the Red Book of endangered animals.

If true, the woman – held in detention pending a decision on any charges – faces up to seven years in jail.

Turtles packed in a container: The suspect claimed she bought the animals for £130 in a market in Indonesia

Turtles packed in a container: The suspect claimed she bought the animals for £130 in a market in Indonesia

The suspect denied intending to sell the animals on the black market, claiming they were 'for future breeding'

The suspect denied intending to sell the animals on the black market, claiming they were 'for future breeding'

Exotic animals are a lucrative business in Russia, where private zoos are seen as de rigueur for the wealthy

Exotic animals are a lucrative business in Russia, where private zoos are seen as de rigueur for the wealthy

'It was a sad scene – exhausted monkeys, scared lemurs, the begging green eyes of a beautiful "cat",' wrote newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The animal courier claimed she had bought the animals for $200 (£130) in a market in Indonesia.

She denied intending to sell the animals on the black market, claiming they were 'for future breeding'.

But trading in exotic animals is seen as lucrative business in Russia, where private zoos are seen as de rigueur for the wealthy.

The animals were packed in tiny cages and plastic boxes and each snake was in small bag made of cloth

The animals were packed in tiny cages and plastic boxes and each snake was in small bag made of cloth

In need of rehabilitation: After being impounded, the hungry and exhausted creatures were handed to employees of Moscow's 'Exotic Park' where they will be cared for until their future is decided

In need of rehabilitation: After being impounded, the hungry and exhausted creatures were handed to employees of Moscow's 'Exotic Park' where they will be cared for until their future is decided

A handler from the park held the animals for the customs pictures, which will be used as evidence in the case

A handler from the park held the animals for the customs pictures, which will be used as evidence in the case

After being impounded, the hungry and exhausted creatures were handed to employees of Moscow's 'Exotic Park' where they will be cared for until their future is decided.

A handler from the park held the animals for the customs pictures, which will be used as evidence in the case against the 'animal courier'.

'Experts will check the animals and calculate the price of each one,' said the spokeswoman.

'They will also establish if any of these animals are under protection of the international convention on rare species.'

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by Builder posted Apr 6 2015 6:58AM
Miranda Lambert says she plans to do a lot of GLAMPING this her newest toy...a 1961 Shasta!

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by Builder posted Apr 3 2015 7:27AM

A new study found the average employee sits through 6,239 meetings in their career. And 60% of us say most of them are POINTLESS.

Here are the top ten things we do to get through them . . .

1. Doodling.

2. Daydreaming about what you'll do on the weekend.

3. Thinking about what you'll have for dinner.

4. Zoning out, or staring out a window.

5. Looking around at other people in the room.

6. Thinking about what's on TV that night.

7. Thinking about how much you hate your job.

8. Checking Twitter or Facebook.

9. Texting.

10. Making a shopping list.

And one in five people admit they've fallen ASLEEP in a meeting before

by Builder posted Apr 2 2015 2:26PM

It's no one's favourite scent – but sweat could soon smell a whole lot sweeter. Scientists have created a perfume that breaks down sweat and actually smells better the more someone perspires. The discovery paves the way for a deodorant that becomes more powerful the hotter you are, making summer journeys on crowded trains far more pleasant.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 2 2015 11:43AM

When a TV show needs a bag of potato chips, they usually try to avoid using an actual brand . . . probably because they'd have to work out a product placement deal.
Image title

Image title

So a prop company makes an actual bag of potato chips, with the FAKE brand name "Let's." And apparently, producers from just about EVERY show are using them, even though they're very expensive.

A big bag costs $40, and a small bag costs $20 . . . but that's probably nothing compared to what they might have to deal with to use a real brand like Lay's.

"Community" showcased Let's chips the most, to the point where it became a running gag.

But you may have also seen them on: "Orange is the New Black", "The Middle", "New Girl", "Arrested Development", "2 Broke Girls", "My Name Is Earl", "Ugly Betty", "The New Adventures of Old Christine", "Sons of Anarchy", "Cougar Town", and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". And the list goes on and on.
The company makes a ton of other fake products. You can check them out at

By the way, their "Morley Cigarettes" were used by the Cigarette Smoking Man on "The X-Files", as well as "Breaking Bad","24", "American Horror Story", "ER", and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", just to name a few.

by Megan Z posted Apr 2 2015 9:32AM

Katie Couric may win April Fool's prank done right award! Check out the hilarious video on The Late Late Show!

Katie Couric Pranks James Corden

by Builder posted Apr 2 2015 8:00AM


Do you dread laundry day? Even if you love the smell of freshly cleaned clothes, chances are you could be working smarter—or cheaper. So if you need a little extra help in the laundry room, turn to our list of some of the best hacks. From making your own bleach pens on the cheap, to building extra space for storage, to finally getting rid of that musty towel smell, there's surely a take-away for washers of all stripes.


9 Handy Laundry Hacks Can Save You $


The secret to fresh-smelling towels straight from the wash? Vinegar. Add one to two cups to your hot cycle—and skip the soap. Then cycle through again as normal. Machine dry until there's no moisture left and you'll have spa-fresh towels.



Bleach pens are a great weapon in your laundry arsenal. And making your own is an easy way to save. Mix two tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup of water and stir on the stovetop until boiling. Once the mixture thickens, remove and allow to cool completely. For full details, check out Me and My DIY.



There are two reasons to eschew store-bought detergent for the homemade variety. First off, DIY detergent costs next to nothing, which means there's a financial incentive. There's a health incentive, too; making your own gives you full control over the ingredients used. A simple recipe involves nothing more than bar soap, washing soda (sodium carbonate), and borax—the latter of which kills mold and mildew. Click here to get step-by-step instructions.



Available in stores either as a liquid or in the form of dryer sheets, commercial fabric softener lives it up to name. What you may not know is that, even though it costs significantly less, vinegar works just as well as those products. Pour the vinegar directly into the fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine, and if you choose, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (for scent) plus about a quarter-cup of rubbing alcohol (for disinfecting).



When working in a smaller laundry room or nook—every inch matters. Take advantage of the space above two front-loaders by installing a wood countertop; Bryn Alexandra bought and cut plywood at Lowe's to serve as a countertop for folding clean laundry.



Rather than stuffing single socks into a drawer until their mate turns up, it's best to keep them out as a visual reminder. Create a lost-and-found zone by attaching several clothespins to a plank of wood, each separated by 3 inches or so. Then, pin up orphan socks as you spot them coming out the dryer!



When you're short on space in the laundry room, things can get chaotic quick. But it might turn out the best storage space is hiding right under your feet—or under your machines, rather. Store-bought washer and dryer pedestals are expensive, though. So forget buying and start DIY-ing! To get started, read the full explanation at A Diamond in the Stuff.



The next time you're playing a game of doubles, remember to bring the tennis balls inside for your dryer. Tennis balls are great alternatives to dryer sheets and as a bonus, they soften your laundry. Before mixing them in with your load, wrap them in an old white sock to prevent color bleeding. In addition to fluffing heavy materials like comforters, coats, and pillows, the tennis balls also helps your laundry dry faster.



Keep a dry erase marker handy by your washer and dryer to leave laundry-related notes and reminders for each other. Any special instructions can now be easily communicated and you'll avoid shrinking all those clothes that should have never gone in the dryer. For even better organization, use different colors for certain care labels—and remember to clean the marker off after each load.

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TSA members have a 92-point checklist that helps them decide who to pat down in security. Items on the list that can make you seem sketchy include whistling or complaining in line.

Here's the 92 things they are looking for
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BOB 95 is a proud supporter of Autism awareness and acceptance in our community...and we proudly celebrate April as Autism Awareness month...and April 2nd at WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY!

There are numerous events in our community during the month to raise awareness for Autism...@ BOB 95 FM we encourage you to get involved!!

The North Dakota Autism Center in West Fargo will be joining the global "Light It Up Blue" campaign at 8 p.m. Tuesday April 2nd... with an event that will culminate with "Lighting Up" the NDAC building at 647 13th Ave. E. in West Fargo. The public is invited to attend and learn more about autism and awareness.

The weekend of 4/11 & 4/12 Court Plus will be celebrating autism awareness with their Les Mills Launch and XaBeat party. Families touched by autism are invited to use the club for free over the weekend...others can support autism providers with a small donation. Free t-shirts and more.

Friday April 17th at - BOB 95 and The North Dakota Autism Center present - AN AUSOME EVENING. A night of food, fun & inspiration at Avalon West. Keynote speaker: Spencer Timme - who's Youtube video "What It's Like To Have a Brother With Austim" has been viewed nearly 1 million times. His message will educate and inspire. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS Here's Spencer's Video:

Here are some fact about Autism From Autism Speaks...

1. Autism's prevalence has skyrocketed.

Ten years ago, autism's estimated prevalence was 1 in 166. Today it's 1 in 68 – an increase of more than 100% in one decade.

2. Direct screening suggests that autism's prevalence may be even higher.

In a landmark study funded by Autism Speaks, screeners went into schools in South Korea and found 1 in 38 children affected by autism, most of them previously undiagnosed. Autism Speaks is now working with the CDC to conduct a similar direct-screening study in the United States.

3. Autism can be reliably diagnosed by age two.

Because earlier intervention improves outcomes, Autism Speaks is redoubling our efforts to increase early screening, especially in underserved communities.

4. High-quality early intervention does more than develop skills.

Early intervention can change underlying brain development and activity. It's also cost effective as it reduces the need for educational and behavioral support in grade school and beyond.

5. Behavioral therapy for autism can transform lives.

Though children with autism vary in how far they progress with behavioral therapy, we now have solid evidence of its benefits. This has enabled Autism Speaks to successfully advocate for health coverage of behavioral health treatment, now the law in 38 states and counting. Now many families are getting desperately needed therapy that was once denied.

6.One third of children and adults with autism are nonverbal.

Autism Speaks continues to support research on the best uses of assistive communication devices and has donated thousands of the devices to individuals and families who could not otherwise afford them.

7. Assistive communication devices encourage speech in some nonverbal children.

An Autism Speaks-funded study dispelled the belief that nonverbal children with autism who don't speak by age 5 will remain nonverbal for life.

8. Autism-related GI disorders are real.

Research by the Autism Speaks ATN revealed that half of children with autism have GI disorders and the pain can worsen behavioral symptoms. The Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network has developed effective treatment guidelines for pediatricians and tool kits for parents.

9. Autism-related sleep disturbance is common and treatable.

Thanks to research funded by Autism Speaks, we now have evidence-based medical guidelines and tool kits to help parents improve the sleep of those with autism.

10. As many as one third of individuals with autism have epilepsy.

The potentially dangerous seizures are not always obvious without specialized testing.

11. Autism can affect the whole body.

Seizures, disturbed sleep and painful GI disorders are just some of the medical conditions commonly associated with autism. The Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network is dedicated to advancing a "whole person" approach to autism healthcare.

12. Whole genome sequencing can guide personalized treatment.

Autism Speaks' MSSNG program is changing the future of autism through the genome sequencing of thousands of affected families. Already, this work, which is being stored on the Google Cloud Platform, is producing medically valuable information and identifying targets for the development of new autism medicines.

13. Environmental factors can play a significant role.

Experts once believed that autism was almost entirely hereditary. Then research with families participating in the Autism Speaks Autism Genetic Resource Exchange showed that non-inherited influences on early brain development account for nearly half of a child's risk for developing autism.

14. We've begun to identify autism's environmental risk factors.

These factors include maternal infection and high exposure to air pollution during pregnancy. And we now know that prenatal vitamins with folic acid can reduce the risk of autism if taken before conception and through pregnancy.

15. Nearly half of those with autism wander or bolt.

Autism Speaks has taken the lead in promoting wandering prevention and recovery through the funding of programs that increase awareness, train first responders and teach water safety.

16. Nearly two-thirds of children with autism have been bullied.

Autism Speaks has partnered with the National Center for Learning Disabilities and others to raise awareness and combat bullying of special-needs individuals.

17. Most adults with autism (84%) remain living with their parents.

Autism Speaks is advocating for federal and state policies that will increase community living options for adults with autism.

18. Nearly half of 25-year-olds with autism have never held a paying job.

Autism Speaks is working to increase vocational and post-secondary educational support for young adults with autism, and is working with employers to expand job opportunities.

19. Each year, an estimated 50,000 teens with autism age out of school-based autism services.

Autism Speaks continues to work with public and private partners to provide the support that individuals with autism need to successfully transition into adulthood and become valued and valuable members of their communities.

20. The cost of autism across a lifetime averages $1.4 million to $2.4 million.

These costs, which increase with intellectual disability, place a tremendous burden on families and society, but can be dramatically reduced with high-quality interventions and adult transition support.

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Some of the best concert pranks are pulled off by country artists. End-of-tour pranks have become something of a tradition in the country community, whether it's playing dress up during someone else's set, hijacking a video feed or turning a stage into a barnyard musical, country artists know how to dish it out.

See the Top 10 here

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A new survey asked people what they'd want in their DREAM OFFICE . . . and we really need to learn how to dream bigger. You should DEMAND your company provide you with a free masseuse and replace your chair with a throne.

Here are the top 10 things we want that would make an office an incredible place to work. Check 'em out . . .

1. A big garden or lawn for meetings and hanging out.

2. A cafeteria with a menu that changes daily.

3. Touchscreen computers.

4. Bowls of free fruit.

5. A gym on site.

6. Good music playing.

7. Great views.

8. Floor-to-ceiling windows.

9. Free deodorant and toiletries in the bathroom.

10. A labeled parking space.

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From USAToday unveiled its latest innovation Tuesday — a tiny device that allows you to order household items at the touch of a button.

The Dash Button is a Wi-Fi enabled plastic controller that connects to a customer's smartphone through the Amazon app. The buttons can be stuck or hung anywhere around the house — like on your washing machine, say. If you run out of detergent, you just push the button and an order is automatically sent to Amazon for that particular product.

More than a dozen brands — listing about 255 of the kind of bulky products you need to replenish often — are available to order through the Dash Button program.

The device allows users to cancel their order within 30 minutes, and the order will only process once, so you won't end up with tons of detergent being delivered to your door.

The timing of Amazon's announcement has got many people wondering if it's a prank for April Fool's Day. Others see the timing as a stroke of marketing genius, because while people are trying to decide if it's a hoax they are also doing precisely what Amazon wants them to do — which is talk about Dash and share the news.

Amazon spokesperson Kinley Pearsall confirmed to the Los AngelesTimes that the Dash Button is indeed real, although for now the service is only available to Amazon Prime customers by invitation only.

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Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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