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by Builder posted Jul 31 2015 11:11AM
Jake Owen is selling his fully restored and functional 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer! He say's "she's being retired from the road and needs a good home"

Check out the Craigslist ad

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by Megan Z posted Jul 31 2015 10:14AM

Anyone who loves their bacon understands this man's pain of having the cat eat it. But no one would probably call it in. Go listen to the awesome audio that goes with this story!

You have to hear time-waster calls 999 wanting cat arrested for eating his bacon


by Megan Z posted Jul 30 2015 10:05AM

Not going to lie this is a pretty cool way to cut Watermelon and I wish I would have figured it out on my own, but I didn't so now I am sharing this idea with you...just in case! More on recipes and ideas are linked below!

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The Genius Way To Cut A Watermelon


by Megan Z posted Jul 30 2015 9:13AM

You know Grumpy Cat! Now the question is how do you feel about Grumpy Dog? Could they become the best of friends and have many fun meme's together? Read on for the full story.

Remember Grumpy Cat? Meet Earl the grumpy pup


by Builder posted Jul 29 2015 2:10PM
Can you guess your favorite country cowboy just by seeing his jeans? You may know if he favors ripped denim, tight denim or the whitewashed kind. picked 10 male artists, and want you to guess who they are based on jeans alone.

Take The Quiz

by Builder posted Jul 29 2015 12:50PM
Miranda Lambert got together with some friends and played an acoustic show last night at a small club....Here she is with Karen Fairchild from Little Big town singing "Smokin' and Drinkin'"
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by Megan Z posted Jul 29 2015 11:26AM

Everyone is alway so creative when it comes to using Duct Tape. With Scholarship money like this to be won, I'd even try my hand at designing a Prom Outfit! Check out the two that just won $10,000 each for their Duct Tape creations!

They’re On a Roll | Teen Couple’s Duct Tape Prom Outfits Win $20,000


by Builder posted Jul 28 2015 3:15PM
Eric will be honored by the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum when he becomes the subject of their next cameo exhibition opening Sept. 18. "Eric Church: Inside the Outsider" runs through February 2016 and will spotlight his hard-hitting path from a kid with a dream to becoming a multi-Platinum-selling country rocker filling arenas, amphitheaters and stadiums. The display will include guitars, song manuscripts, stage wear, photos and more personally chosen from Eric's collection.

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Jul 28 2015 11:04AM

If I can get 7 out of 10 I think you can take this quiz no problem! How well do you know the cowboy boots your favorite country singer wears? Find out!

Can You Guess Whose Boots?


by Megan Z posted Jul 28 2015 9:04AM

This Baby Owl video will put a smile on your face...enjoy!

Image title

Baby Owl Questioned In Owlbsolutely Adorable Police Encounter


by Megan Z posted Jul 28 2015 8:38AM

BBC Culture has released the results of a new poll ranking "The 100 Greatest American Movies." 62 international film critics participated in the poll, which was supposed to, quote, "get a global perspective on American film."

Interestingly enough, only 12 of the 87 movies that have won an Oscar for Best Picture made the list . . . and only 40 of the Top 100 were even NOMINATED for Best Picture. See if you agree with the Top 100

Image title

Here's the Top 10:

1. "Citizen Kane", 1941

2. "The Godfather", 1972

3. "Vertigo", 1958

4. "2001: A Space Odyssey", 1968

5. "The Searchers", 1956

6. "Sunrise", 1927

7. "Singin' in the Rain", 1952

8. "Psycho", 1960

9. "Casablanca", 1942

10. "The Godfather, Part 2", 1974

Get the full list HERE!

by Builder posted Jul 27 2015 12:45PM
Netflix is adding a lot of new shows in August including The Hurt Locker, Revenge Season 4, Reading Rainbow and more!

See what is coming in August
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by Megan Z posted Jul 27 2015 12:06PM

If you are already enjoying these foods you might as well know about some of the benefits. Or if you enjoy these maybe enjoy them even more!

10 Foods That Make You Look Younger


by Megan Z posted Jul 27 2015 12:06PM

If you are already enjoying these foods you might as well know about some of the benefits. Or if you enjoy these maybe enjoy them even more!

10 Foods That Make You Look Younger


by Builder posted Jul 27 2015 9:31AM
Adorable video of little girl with a brain tumor getting the best voicemail message ever!
by Builder posted Jul 27 2015 8:07AM

From Yahoo:

1. Travel.

Traveling is the one of the most exciting things you can do … and something that becomes nearly impossible once you have a kid. Sure, you can schlep your kid from Morocco to Thailand, staying in hostels, but do you really want to? Probably not. Traveling is best when it's done solo or with your partner-in-crime.

2. Sleep late.

Take advantage of those lazy Saturdays and Sundays. Sleep until 3pm if you want to, and then take a nap after dinner just because you can. You're not only indulging in something you can virtually kiss goodbye once you have a kid; you're also building up on sleep in preparation for when you don't have any at all.

3. Have sex on the kitchen floor.

Actually, have sex all over your home. Do it now, everywhere. Do it before you have to worry about a toddler wandering in, giving you and your partner 30 questions about why you're naked on the floor, moaning wildly.

4. Be spontaneous.

From sex on the floor to booking a last minute flight to Paris, just do it. Relish in the fact that you don't have to plan things months in advance, and you don't have to feel guilty about wanting to do things sans your little bundle of joy.

5. Enjoy alone time as a couple.

Before you have a baby, you really want to take advantage of it just being you and your husband or partner. You really want to explore your relationship, sexually and otherwise, and really focus on your love for each other. You want make sure you have one hell of an unbreakable bond before you bring someone else into the picture.

6. Enjoy your "me" time.

Not only do you want to focus on your love for each other, but your love for yourself. Go away for a weekend alone, spend time with your friends, or just cuddle up in bed with a book, completely undisturbed from the outside world. This is your moment to commit to yourself and the relationship you have with yourself before your days and nights are full of interruptions.

7. Spoil yourselves.

Spoil yourselves rotten. Get the expensive bottle of wine. Go to the fancy restaurants with the month long wait. Buy the designer clothes now; eventually, you'll only want to wear stuff from the Gap because it will be covered in spit-up 90 percent of the time.

8. Spend time with other people's kids.

Even if you know for a fact that you absolutely, positively, want to have a kid, you might want to spend some time with the kids of your friends and family first.

This isn't to suggest that watching your nephew throwing a fit over having to share his light saber with his brother will dissuade you in any way from having a little monster of your own, but it's a good idea to give yourself a heads up as to what to expect. Even the most angelic babies can have their jerky moments.

9. Open a savings account specifically for your child.

In between all that traveling and spoiling yourself, it's also important to financially prepare for your baby. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it will cost a middle-income couple just over $245,000 to raise a child to the age of 18.

And that's before they get into Harvard, which is projected to cost an undergrad student $64,000 to $69,000 for this upcoming school year. Yes, that's per year. Although, maybe you'll get lucky and have a super smart kid who gets a full ride.

10. Enjoy being a kid.

Once you have a kid, you no longer get to be a kid yourself. So, before you hand over the reigns to someone else in your family, as far as the kid thing goes, live it up while you can.

Enjoy that your responsibilities are minimal, that you don't need to be home at a certain time, and that you can drink the milk directly out of the bottle without your partner freaking out about "germs that will kill the baby." Hold onto your childlike ways as long as you can … and then grow the eff up.

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by Megan Z posted Jul 24 2015 10:33AM

I feel a little terrified when I look at these things, what about you? Any interest in buying or wearing a 'Facekini'? It looks like a SKI MASK, only it's for the beach.

It's made out of a bathing suit material, and you wear it over your head to protect yourself from the sun . . . and from any jellyfish stings you might get when you swim.

It's been popular in China since it was invented in 2012.

Image title

And now . . . it looks like the Facekini is coming to America. Help us all.

Some fashion designers in New York have been working on a line of Facekinis to try and break them into the American market.

There's no word on when they could come out . . . or if any of us would even want them once they do.


by Builder posted Jul 24 2015 7:39AM
by Megan Z posted Jul 23 2015 9:59AM

Do these massage your feet? Do they make it so they are at the perfect temperature at all times? They better make your feet feel the most amazing they have every felt or the question is, who is buying these? Those with money to waste I guess. Gucci, you may be a respected designer for many years but there is no way you could convince me to buy these at $1800. However Buzzfeed found some hilarious ways they might be check it out now!

These $1,800 Gucci Slippers Look Just Like Donald Trump's Toupee


by Megan Z posted Jul 22 2015 10:17AM

This story and video will make your heart melt and make you love Lady Antebellum even more! Simply adorable!

by Builder posted Jul 22 2015 5:40AM
FX released the full trailer for the 2nd season of Fargo! Looks like it's gonna be as good as season number one. WARNING: some bad language in this trailer.

by Builder posted Jul 21 2015 11:08AM
Feliks Zemdegs completed the Rubik's Cube in under 6 seconds, and took home the Rubik's Cube World Title for the 2nd year in a row!
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by Megan Z posted Jul 21 2015 10:01AM

A heart warming story about a reminder how much Nurses do for us. This particular one went above and beyond to give this young patient a day she will never forget.

Girl With Cancer, 4, ‘Marries’ Her Favorite Hospital Nurse


by Megan Z posted Jul 21 2015 9:21AM

According to a new survey, only 5% of people say they're living in their dream home. But when you ask what people need for it to BE a dream home . . . the answers are actually pretty reasonable and restrained.

Here are the top 10 things people need to have the "perfect" home .

Image title


1. A really nice shower.

2. Double-paned windows.

3. A walk-in closet.

4. A dishwasher. (my mom said she never needed one of these because she aleady had 4 dishwashers at her disposal - yay for my brothers and me)

5. Lots of storage.

6. Full insulation.

7. Flowers in the yard.

8. A nice lawn.

9. A utility room.

10. A big bathroom.

(Daily Mail)

by Builder posted Jul 20 2015 1:40PM
Luke Bryan turned 39 the other day and his wife got him a very interesting birthday cake!

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by Megan Z posted Jul 20 2015 1:24PM

Follow the link for a full list of events and look for BOB on Wednesday at the Concert in the Park at Island Park!



by Megan Z posted Jul 20 2015 12:17PM

They have now released a statement. Sad news to hear that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert really are over.

Report: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Are Divorcing


by Megan Z posted Jul 20 2015 11:53AM

This just in from TMZ who is pretty reliable are announcing that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are over? Read on.

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert -- Divorcing


by Builder posted Jul 20 2015 11:47AM

I think we've all been on the road trip with a kid or was that kid that said "Are we there yet?" It's become a joke now that we are older to sometimes say it as soon as we hit the road. But how soon during a roadtrip are kids saying it?

A new survey found has found the answer for us: the average kid starts asking "Are we there yet?" exactly two hours and 23 minutes into a road trip.

And if the answer is "No" . . . look out. Because 14 minutes later, they'll start fighting and arguing with you, or their brothers and sisters. Here are the other two things they found . . .

The average summer road trip is three hours and 49 minutes.

And 55% of people try to make it without stopping for more than one or two quick bathroom breaks.


by Builder posted Jul 20 2015 6:30AM

Showering at night AND in the morning can be overkill, because it dries your skin out. It also washes away the good bacteria that protects it. Here are three times it's better to shower at night . . .

1. When you wore sunblock, or had a lot of make-up on. Washing your face is okay, but the steam from a shower does a better job of cleaning off residue.

2. When you work in a place that isn't very sterile, like a hospital or a daycare. In that case, shower at night so you don't get into bed covered in germs.

3. When you went to the gym that day, or did anything that made you sweat a lot.

Now here are three times you should shower in the MORNING instead . . .

1. When you need to shave before work. Showering softens the hair up, so shaving is easier and you don't get razor burn.

2. If you're a night sweater. Obviously if you sweat all night and don't shower, you'll feel gross all day.

3. If you have really oily skin. Oil starts building up while you sleep, and if you have REALLY oily skin, it's probably okay to shower twice a day. You definitely don't want to shower more than once if you have DRY skin though.

by Megan Z posted Jul 17 2015 8:48AM

You know all those years you've been cooking pasta and throwing spaghetti up against the wall (okay maybe not really, but possibly) and seeing if it's done? You've been doing it wrong this whole time. Check out the video at the link below and see how easy it was all along and we didn't even know.

This Pasta Cooking Hack Will Blow Your Mind


by Builder posted Jul 16 2015 1:20PM
Katie Couric goes backstage with Dierks Bentley to talk about the evolution of country music, life on the road and family.

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by Megan Z posted Jul 16 2015 9:45AM

Do you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach? Whichever one it is, there are specific consequences you might not know about. Here are four side effects that have to do with the way you sleep . . .

1. Sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain, because your spine isn't supported. And it makes you sleep with your head turned to one side, which is hard on your neck.

2. If you sleep on your back, you're more likely to snore. But as long as you don't prop your head up with too many pillows, it's better for your spine than sleeping on your side or your stomach.

3. Sleeping on your left side puts more strain on your internal organs, including your liver, lungs, and stomach. Doctors usually tell pregnant women to sleep on their left side though, because it increases circulation to the baby.

4. Sleeping on your right side can cause heartburn. It's not clear why, but several studies have found you're more likely to wake up with heartburn if you fall asleep on your right side, opposed to your left.

Regardless of how you sleep, using an extra pillow for support can help. If you sleep on your back, put it under the arch of your spine . . . if you're a side sleeper, put it between your knees . . . and if you're on your stomach, put it right under your hips.

And if you want to learn about more positions...check out the article below!

(Daily Health Post / NY Times / Business Insider)

8 Sleeping Positions and Their Effects on Health - Daily Health Post


by Builder posted Jul 16 2015 7:12AM

It's official: There is nothing left to invent. I mean . . . that's the only explanation for how someone thought of THIS.

Someone just created a cat accessory called Twinkle Tush. It's a jewel that covers up your cat's rear end.

It's perfect for anyone who hates staring right into their cat's butt when it walks around with its tail up. Just buy the Twinkle Tush and you can see a little blue sparkle instead.

The jewel has a cord attached that you slip around your cat's tail, so the jewel dangles down . . . and when the cat actually needs to poop, the jewel will naturally hang just out of the way.

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by Builder posted Jul 15 2015 2:22PM
Luke Bryan is doing another "Crash My Playa" concert vacation this January in Mexico! It will feature two shows from Luke, plus performances from Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell, Sam Hunt, Brett Eldredge, Dustin Lynch and more!

Find out more here!
by Megan Z posted Jul 15 2015 9:01AM

Lay's have revealed their 4 flavors that we will taste test and vote on. Which one are you most excited about?

Image title

Exclusive: Lay’s Announces 4 Finalists in ‘Do Us a Flavor’ Potato Chip Competition


by Builder posted Jul 15 2015 6:49AM

Thought I'd share this groomsmen pic with yall 😎 #hubbahubbawedding

A photo posted by ThomasRhettAkins (@thomasrhettakins) on

by Builder posted Jul 14 2015 1:36PM

The fun just goes on and on and on at Action Park in New Jersey - and there's an exhilarating video to prove it.

The park has created the world's longest waterslide that it hopes to open to the public in the near future. The incredible 2,000ft inflatable experience was crowned the longest of its kind in the world by the Guinness Book of Records on Friday, and is set to give Action Park guests the ride of their lives

Watch a video here
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by Builder posted Jul 14 2015 9:49AM

With humidity we've had lately everyone has been doing their best to stay cool. Everyone has their own tricks but these sound like some tasty tricks I thought I'd pass along to see if you might want to try one or two or maybe even all!

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Frozen Fruit


by Builder posted Jul 14 2015 6:31AM
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by Builder posted Jul 13 2015 1:46PM
Gwyneth Paltrow is offering up tips on Yawning! She says it's important to not repress a yawn, because it's an absolutely crucial reflex for stress release and physical recalibration.

Read her tips here!
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by Builder posted Jul 10 2015 8:06AM

From Self Magazine:

Hangover Cure Smoothie

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, to help brain function and balance glucose levels
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt, probiotics help to bring back digestive balance
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds, also excellent for digestive balance
  • 1 small banana, for potassium and to help soothe your stomach
  • 1/2 cup frozen spinach or kale, to aid in detox and alkalinity
  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, powerful antioxidants to help the system reverse yesterday's damage
  • 1 cup coconut water, super hydrating and restores electrolytes
  • honey and cinnamon to taste, excellent mood elevators
  • 2-3 ice cubes
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by Builder posted Jul 10 2015 7:15AM

There's something that just feels right about this. In spite of the craft beer movement, scotch snobs, and bubblegum flavored vodka, America's most popular beer is Bud Light . . . and America's most popular liquor is Jack Daniel's.

An app called BARTRENDr managed to overcome its horrible name to do something interesting. They looked at data from more than 700,000 people to find the most popular beer and liquor in every state.

Bud Light was the most popular beer in 33 states and Jack Daniel's was the most popular liquor in 16. Fireball whiskey was a very close second . . . it's the most popular liquor in 15 states.

While most states made fairly traditional picks, there are a few crazy ones. Two states have a craft beer as their favorite: Nebraska went with Founders Brewing Curmudgeon Old Ale, and Utah went with Polygamy Nitro Porter.

For liquor, Arkansas and Idaho went with Evan Williams bourbon . . . South Carolina went with George Dickel whiskey . . . and Maryland went with Svedka vodka.


by Builder posted Jul 9 2015 12:01PM
A teenager in Alabama passed his driving test on Tuesday. And RIGHT after he finished, his mom accidentally plowed her car right into the DMV. She says the brakes failed, but the cops are investigating.

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Jul 9 2015 10:05AM

As you would expect, Florida Georgia Line's, Tyler Hubbard's wedding looked pretty spectacular and gives everyone an inside look at it. But what I really love is the unreleased track by Brett Eldredge called "Drunk On Your Love" that is in the video!

Aww! See Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard's Sensitive Side in His Wedding Video


by Megan Z posted Jul 9 2015 9:39AM

It's the 3rd Annual Living United with Lemonade Stand. It's a great cause and done by some wonderful kids! Help them reach their goal! Details can be found HERE!

Image title

by Builder posted Jul 8 2015 3:46PM
Shawn Currie was patrolling the city's waterfront when he saw a 3-year-old on a red plastic motorbike do something he's seen countless others do — illegally park in front of the ferry terminal. While the little boy's dad snapped pictures, Currie bent down and issued the kid a fake parking ticket. "We thought it would be cute to go over and pretend to write a parking ticket," he said. "We were all laughing."

Read More

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by Builder posted Jul 8 2015 1:37PM
Planning on taking a road trip this summer? Here's a tip: When picking a destination, consider 300 miles to be a comfortable daily range – it's far enough to make you feel like you've entered a new world, but still leaves plenty of time to stop and look at roadside attractions – like that giantball of twine.

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by Megan Z posted Jul 8 2015 10:40AM

Cold cereal just took a turn for the colder. Have you tried ice cubes in your cereal? Apparently it's becoming quite the thing. Go see why and see if you'll give it a try!

Eating cereal with ice cubes is now a thing


by Builder posted Jul 8 2015 7:25AM

This is one of those fast food creations in another country that HAS to make its way to America.

KFC in Hong Kong is now selling fried chicken covered in PIZZA. It's a pizza-chicken hybrid called Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken.

Basically, it's a piece of fried chicken that has marinara sauce, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese melted on top of the breading.

And because it's KFC, one of the ads shows the pizza chicken being offered with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

There's no word if they're thinking about bringing it to the U.S. But since Pizza Hut DID finally import that pizza with the little hot dogs in the crust, there's always a chance.

Here's a pic....

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by Builder posted Jul 7 2015 5:51AM
New Pampers ad shows cute babies and their slo-mo facial expressions (POOFACE) as they put those diapers to the test!
Soooo cute!!

by Ian posted Jul 6 2015 6:56PM
Everything is slimming down these days. Oreo Cookies are no exception. Earlier today, Oreo's owners announced that "Oreo Thins" would soon be hitting the store shelves. The "Spohisticated" design is meant to appeal to grown-ups and will still boast the same cookie-to-creme ratio that a real Oreo has. The difference? Well, where 3 regular Oreo cookies meant 160 calories, you can now eat 4 Oreo thins and take in only 140 calories.

Now keep in mind that the new cookies are meant for ADULTS- so that means that these Oreos are not meant to be pulled apart or dunked. They will sell for the same price as real Oreos and a disclaimer provided by the company- Oreo Thins are NOT a diet food (really?)

I think I'm gonna stick to the original Oreo cookie. How bout you?
by Builder posted Jul 6 2015 1:17PM
The has chosen their Top 10 Sexiest Male Country Stars of 2015, and Luke Bryan didn't make the list!

Here are the TOP 3

1. Sam Hunt
2. Jake Owen
3. Dierks Bentley.

See all 10 here
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by Ian posted Jul 6 2015 7:15AM
Okay. For most of us, our first video game console was either a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) or a Sony Play Station. The thought of being able to only ask for ONE of them from Santa for Christmas (I flipped a coin and asked for the Nintendo) but what if there was a hybrid game machine in the early 1990's with the design and controllers of a Super Nintendo and the CD-ROM concept of a Play Station?

Some 25 years ago, a Nintendo/Sony hybrid wasn't so strange of a concept as last week, the "holy grail of gaming" was uncovered. Behold, the "Nintendo Play Station" that was first introduced in 1991. only some 200 prototypes were made before a firey falling out between the companies (Google it for the history). Over the weekend, close up pictures emerged of one of the prototypes. Able to play both Nintendo Game Cartridges AND Sony's CD-ROMS, and featuring those familiar Nintendo controllers. As a 90's kid, I can't help but think of what could have been if this partnership had worked out (As I have a Sony Playstation3 on my entertainment center today).

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by Ian posted Jul 4 2015 12:57PM

(Associated Press) PANCEVO, Serbia — Normally, Leo would run away at the sight of a bigger dog. The small dachshund liked most to cuddle with his owners or ride in the back seat of the family car. But, one day Leo showed that true bravery knows no limits.

When a raging bull-mastiff cross-breed last year attacked a 10-year-old girl, Leo fearlessly jumped to her rescue, barking and biting at the dog way above his size and strength. Leo paid with his life, but the citizens of this northern Serbian town have not forgotten.

Two weeks ago, a life-size bronze statue of Leo was put up next to a children's playground in Pancevo's city park, honoring the dog and teaching kids about animal friendship and sacrifice. An alert-looking Leo, his head raised above his stretched paws, now rests proudly on a white base surrounded by flowers.

Nikolina Vucetic, the girl Leo defended, often comes by.

"I am so glad Leo has a monument. He turned out to be a real hero," Vucetic told The Associated Press. "He helped me."

The initiative to honor Leo was pushed through by an animal rights group after it gained widespread citizens' support through social networks and local media. The "Pets" group says Leo's is the first dog monument in Serbia, which has huge problems with stray dogs and notoriously low standards in animal welfare and protection.

"The idea was to raise awareness about how important animals are to us and how they are always there for us when we need them," activist Ivan Kurajov explained.

Vucetic, now a skinny 12-year-old, recalled returning home from a friend's house when the neighbor's guard dog came down the street, jumped at her from behind and grabbed her arm. The dog nailed the girl to the ground, pulling her left and right with his jaws.

"I screamed and Leo rushed out barked and ran around, biting him on the leg," Vucetic said, showing the scars from the attack. "When the dog let go of me, he looked around and then stormed at Leo."

Leo didn't stand a chance. Despite efforts by veterinarians, his injuries were too severe and Leo died two days later.

Owner Biljana Ilic said Leo was a "funny, happy dog," who liked most to jump straight into the lap of whoever came into the house, happily licking the guest.

"That dog was just too big and Leo was so small," the 23-year-old added, her eyes filling with tears. The family has a new dachshund named Djole, a gift from local breeders touched by Leo's heroism.

In the Pancevo park, children have been flocking around Leo's monument, patting the dog's head and his big ears. Some have taken pictures next to Leo, laid flowers or left dog treats by the statue.

The inscription on the monument reads: "To all the small heroes with big hearts."

Story via Associated Press. Sourced from the Minneapolis Star Tribune

by Ian posted Jul 2 2015 5:06PM
Every time a report comes out on what the drunkest state in America is, it seemingly never fails that North Dakota is at the top of the list. Although with the bar to person ratio, it isn't hard to top the lists whether we like to admit that or not. analyzed America's alcohol consumption from 2011 to 2013. The made lists based on what people reported drinking from more than 400,000 interviews. The result? WISCONSIN is the drunkest state in America.

On the self-reports, 65.33% of Wisconsin residents admitted to having one ore more drinks withing the last 30 days before recieving the survey. rounding out the top five were Washington D.C., Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The soberest states? Utah, West Verginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

See the full list of findings HERE --->
by Builder posted Jul 2 2015 1:27PM
A new survey found that 75% of people argue in the car...
The top three things we argue about are backseat driving, frustration over traffic and disagreeing about how to handle other drivers.

Read More
by Builder posted Jul 1 2015 12:25PM
You don't have to spend a fortune to show your love...A recent survey on the Psychology of love of over 4,000 adults found that simple acts of kindness are often appreciated the most!

Tell them something that you love about them, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant it is.
Let them have the last slice of pizza
Clean for them, especially things you know that they hate doing, like vacuuming or changing the sheets.

Read More
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by Ian posted Jul 1 2015 10:26AM

Ah... The Red River Valley Fair is next week already! The concerts, the food, the rides, and those carnival games that I JUST CAN'T WIN!!!!!!!!

Almost as if they read my mind (and felt my frustration) the latest edition of Men's Health appeared in my mailbox with a guide on how to win carnival games. Naturally, as a host, I can't not share this information with my friends who have felt the struggle of trying to win that ring toss game for an oversized Minion, which like a dog catching its' tail, we have no idea what we would do with it if we ever won it.

Here is the Men's Health How-To Win 8 Carnival Games.
1. Balloon Darts
Aim for the SHINY balloons. They are shiny and reflecting light because they are too overinflated and hence, ready to burst anyways. By the way, throw hard and arch your dart so it is more likely to hit the top of the balloon where the latex is stretched the tightest.

2. Skee-Ball
Men's Health suggests not even trying for those 100-point holes (tempting, I know.) Instead, aim for that 40-point hole right in the middle. If you miss that, chances are you'll land in either the 30-point hole below or (better yet) the 50-point hole above.

3. Water Gun Races
The trick is to watch before playing. Study to see which gun is the most accurate. Then, step right up and bay for two games on the spot. Two? Yes, two. The first game is to callibrate your aim then you are fine-tuned for the second game.

4. Cat Rack Target Throw
Okay... I guess I don't even remember this game, but whatever! Don't throw straight at the cat. Instead, Mens Health suggests throwing at an angle diazonally across the booth. THrow hard enough and the ball should defect off the first cat onto another boosting your score. Batter up?

5. Basketball Shooting
Yes... It's winnable. No secret taht the rim is squeezed tight meaning anything less than a swish will bounce back. Furthermore, the hoop is closer than a free throw so DON'T SHOOT IT AS A FREE THROW! Modify your throw with a higher than normal trajectory to make it in. And 1...

6. Basket Toss
Much like basketball shooting, the baskets are designed to work against you. Plus, the ball is bouncier. To avoid any bounce-outs, Mens Health says use a soft, underhanded lob to get the ball jst inside the front lip of the basket. Pro Tip... Add a little spin for good meaure!

7. Milk Bottles
Mens Health says to think "Angry Birds" when going for that milk bottle pyramid. Aim for the bottom middle bottle. When you knock out the tower's support system, the chances are higher that the rest of the bottles will come crashing down.

8. Ring Toss
Trying to get that ring hooked around the old pop bottles... Frustrating! Of course, the throw needs to land PERFECTLY to avoid being deflected by the surrounding bottles. Mens Health says to couch down and flip the ring like a frisbee twords a FRONT ROW bottle. Why? Well, at least one side is free of bottle blockers!

Should any of these cheets work, please let me know the success story- I'll probably be right there with you on game row of he Red River Vallyey Fair; and maybe someday I'll win that oversized Minion.


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by Megan Z posted Jul 1 2015 9:39AM

I am betting this looks quite cool but at the end of the day is your health really worth it? See the latest fad in body art and sunburning all at the same time.

Sunburn Art Is Such a Bad, Bad Idea (But Still Impressive!)


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