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Miranda Is happy WITHOUT nickname!

by Builder posted Apr 2 2014 8:17AM
 Even though MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON are famous enough to have their own stupid celebrity couple nickname, no one's really tried to give them one. And for that, she's thankful.

She says, quote, "Thank goodness our names don't make a celebrity name. I mean Bliranda? That's not pretty."

 Blake and Miranda have been married for almost three years, but she's still not used to the tabloids writing so much crap about them. Quote, "It's part of the deal now, and I'm still adjusting.

"It's like one day you're comfortable in the Nashville country music world, which is pretty protected, this safe little bubble of people who know the true you and love you, and then you move to this level of craziness. There's no guide, no manual."

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04/02/2014 8:17AM
Miranda Is happy WITHOUT nickname!
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