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Soggy or Crunchy?

by Megan Z posted Apr 2 2014 7:10AM
Kellog's Australia did a REAL study asking people if they prefer their cereal soggy or crunchy.  This is a REAL thing, people got paid just to go and ask others if they would eat their cereal soggy or crunchy, how is this even fair?  I could do that job so easily, not that being on radio is difficult don't get me wrong, but this is cereal and all it's glory.  My question is are there samples that go along with this study, I mean you would think because it would make the study that much cooler!  For the record I'm with 73% of Australia, I prefer to eat my cereal with some crunch...please and thank you!  But the question still do you like your cereal, crunchy or soggy?

Definitive Proof That Soggy Cereal Is Way Better Than Crunchy

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04/02/2014 6:10AM
Soggy or Crunchy?
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