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by Builder posted Sep 26 2016 3:44PM
The first Presidential Debate is on TV tonight. If you want to have a little fun with it, here is a debate drinking game!

by Megan Z posted Sep 26 2016 10:05AM

This guy must have had a dirty car because he cleaned it up...and I mean it ALL up. Confused? Go see the footage of him cleaning his car and to be honest, I'm not really sure if it's his vehicle, I'm still debating on that one as I don't know WHY you would clean your car this way!

Guy cleans his car in the most bizarre way imaginable


by Megan Z posted Sep 26 2016 9:04AM

Snapchat has something new you want to try these?

Snapchat Glasses: Here's how it'll work


by Megan Z posted Sep 23 2016 12:38PM

Sometimes exotic animals need some love too. This 9 month old Giraffe got a little friendly and had this news crew cracking up for good reason! Go have a good laugh yourself!

Giraffe Wants To Nuzzle Way More Than He Wants To Be On Local News


by Megan Z posted Sep 23 2016 10:37AM

Do you sometimes have problems sleeping? Yeah, I think we all do. It might because we are too warm. Here's a great video one what we should be doing to help have a good night sleep. Try it out and happy sleeping!

This Is The Weird Reason You Sleep Better With One Foot Sticking Out Of The Sheets


by Farley posted Sep 22 2016 12:46PM
A new study says that a little wine before bed can actually help with weight loss. According to scientists from Washington State University and Harvard, wine has a chemical called resveratrol which works in the body as a means to stopping fat cells gaining more fat. In fact, drinking at least two glasses a day can help beat obesity by 70%.

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by Megan Z posted Sep 22 2016 8:40AM

If you like hamburgers and hotdogs this might be the food you've been waiting for!

The 'Hamdog' is The Burger and Hot Dog Hybrid of Your Dreams


by Ian posted Sep 21 2016 9:15PM
Let's get one thing out of the way... I love spicy food! But when ONE lowly tortilla chip comes in a coffin-shaped box, you know something's up!

Ok, it's made from a pepper so insanely hot it holds a Guiness World Record. That'll about do it.

Anyone up for a dare?

by Ian posted Sep 21 2016 8:20PM
If you've ever wanted a song that had everyone from Brad Paisley to George Strait, Carrie Underwood to Dolly Parton, Eric Church to Willie Nelson and everyone inbetween, here you go!

Seriously... I love everything about this!

by Megan Z posted Sep 21 2016 9:43AM

Are these the answer to headphones finally being comfortable and if their ear buds...not falling out all the time. See if you'd be interested in this new start up.

These Wireless Headphones Are Shaped Like Ears


by Megan Z posted Sep 21 2016 8:29AM

We know about Bridezillas but what about bridesmaidzillas? Is it a thing? What would you do in this bride's situation? She got quite the bribe from someone who wants to be her Maid of Honor.

Woman offers bride BIG bribe to be maid of honour - instead of younger sister


by Builder posted Sep 20 2016 12:31PM
The Kellogg Company issued a voluntary recall Monday for 10,000 cases of Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles due to listeria concerns.

The company, which is based in Battle Creek, Mich., said there have been no reports of illness. The possible listeria contamination was discovered during routine testing, according to a company statement.

According to Kellogg, no other products are impacted by the recall, which covers 25 states where the product was distributed to customers and retailers.

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacteria spread through eating contaminated food and can cause causing serious infection and even death in children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems.


by Megan Z posted Sep 20 2016 9:36AM

I think there are adults who need this type of confidence to really tell it like it is! This 5th grader had enough of one boy in her class and she let him know exactly what is up!

Fifth Grader Shuts Down a Boy Who Won't Leave Her Alone With a Brilliant List of Rules


by Megan Z posted Sep 20 2016 9:26AM

I'm pretty sure when a person needs cuteness, this is going to suffice!

Denali National Park Has a 24/7 Sled Dog Puppycam


by Megan Z posted Sep 20 2016 9:08AM
The new Luke Bryan "Move" video just came out, watch to see what you think!
by Megan Z posted Sep 20 2016 8:11AM

It's not often you do a small act of kindness that goes viral and something even bigger and better happens. That's exactly what happened with this sweet dance. What started out as a simple act of kindness ended up being life changing. Go read why!

He Saw That This Old Woman Was Feeling Down, So He Got Her Up And Dancing


by Builder posted Sep 19 2016 3:46PM
Well, look who it is
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by Farley posted Sep 19 2016 12:55PM
Is THIS the secret to a stress-free life?
A psychology teacher's guide to coping with stress has gone viral after it was tweeted by one of his students.
Brett Phillips has become known among students for sharing the exhaustive list of 101 ways of keeping a level head each year at the start of the new school year.

See the list here

by Megan Z posted Sep 19 2016 9:54AM

What this little boy decided to do will absolutely melt your heart.

This 8-Year-Old Boy Spent 2 Years Growing His Hair To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer


by Megan Z posted Sep 19 2016 9:37AM

Do you often wonder when your Gas Light comes on, exactly how many miles do you have left? Now-a-days there is a little count down that says, for example, there are 42 miles before you run out of gas...but is it accurate? YourMechanic put together a better idea of how much time before you are completely at "empty" with many makes and models...see if yours is on the list and what it has to say.

What Your Car's Low Gas Light Really Means


by Megan Z posted Sep 16 2016 11:14AM

Ellen DeGeneres is notorious for scaring celebrities on her show. So to celebrate Carrie Underwood being on for the tenth time, she got her the perfect "gift" and her reaction is everything!

Ellen DeGeneres Scares the Crap Out of Carrie Underwood


by Megan Z posted Sep 16 2016 10:47AM

Someone at put together a list of niceties they wish would come back. Are there any on the list you disagree with or extremely agree with. Perhaps you want to add a nicetie of your own to the list. Read on to see what you think!

15 Forgotten Niceties We Should Bring Back


by Megan Z posted Sep 16 2016 9:30AM

Tired of getting text messages with terrible grammar? This might be the app for you!

Grammar Snobs Can Now Correct People's iOS Text Messages


by Ian posted Sep 15 2016 8:35PM
I'm not a museum guy... but the Guggenheim Museum in New York City sounds pretty cool right now, even if just for a bathroom break. One of the toilets on the 4th floor of the museum has been replaced with at 16 karat gold replica that apparently works like any other toilet!

How long before someone tries to steal the seat off of it? don't judge... at the end of the day, it's still gold!

check out the story from WCBS-TV
by Ian posted Sep 15 2016 6:01PM
Remember Andy Fales? He's the sports guy is Des Moines who went off on NDSU a couple years ago in a little comedy segment he does on TV. Well, Apperantly with NDSU playing Iowa this Sautrday, We're bugging Andy again. Check out the video below (from WHO-TV)

by Megan Z posted Sep 15 2016 9:59AM

Chances are we've all had a bad roommate at some point or another. But how would you feel if you got this email from your new college roommate you had never met before?

Roomate sends list of crazy demands


by Megan Z posted Sep 15 2016 9:47AM

Seriosly? It amazes me some of the things that need to have warning labels, this needed a whole warning from the CDC....if you have chickens STOP KISSING THEM!! Read on to find out why.

Stop Kissing Chickens, The CDC Warns. Again.


by Ian posted Sep 14 2016 7:51PM
New research out suggests that compared to their parents, Millennials are less likely to own a house, a car or be a parent than the generation before them. But apparently Millennials LOVE DOGS! This led a San Diego State professor to suggest that pets are becomming a replacement for kids. Do you agree? We did spend $63 Billion on our furry friends last year...

Check out the article at
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by Builder posted Sep 14 2016 3:46PM
First it was the Pumpkin Spice Latte, then the flavor came for other foods like pumpkin spice M&Ms, Twinkies, Frosted Mini-Wheats and so, so many more. Now it seems the world of pumpkin spice has expanded to include hair......

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by Builder posted Sep 14 2016 5:49AM
This is very funny...a video created by Carson Wentz and his high school teammates in the World Paper Toss Championship!

by Farley posted Sep 13 2016 12:58PM
Eric Church was on The Tonight Show Starting Jimmy Fallon last night and performed "Kill A Word" Check it out!
by Builder posted Sep 13 2016 5:45AM

Anyone who tuned in to "Dancing with the Stars" last night to see RYAN LOCHTE's debut got their money's worth . . . because there was CHAOS. As Ryan and his partner CHERYL BURKE were being judged after their first dance, two PROTESTERS rushed the stage. Security took them down and they ended up getting arrested. They were both men, and they were wearing white T-shirts that said "Lochte", inside a red circle with a line going through it. As the guys were being escorted off the stage, some female protesters in the crowd chanted, "Liar!" None of this made it on-air. It happened while CARRIE ANN INABA was giving her critique. You could hear the commotion, and see Carrie Ann yelling at them to stop. But the show quickly cut to commercial.

When they came back, host TOM BERGERON asked Ryan how he was doing. He said, quote, "I'm doing good. So many feelings are going through my head right now. A little hurt. "I came out here and wanted to do something I'm completely not comfortable with, and I did, and I came out here with a big smile." After the show, fellow contestant JANA KRAMER said Ryan was, quote, "close to tears [backstage]." And Ryan told E! news he felt like, quote, "someone reached inside and ripped my heart out and stepped on it."

Here's a pic of the 2 protesters following the attack:

Click here to see video of what wasn't show on tv after the show went to commercial...

by Builder posted Sep 12 2016 2:10PM

There is a new app that will automatically send lovey dovey to your significant other so you don't have to. It can send quotes about love, videos, pictures and romantic messages. The Creator says it will help people who stuggle to express how they feel.

Read More

by Megan Z posted Sep 12 2016 11:36AM

If you're a parent who has traveled with a small child you'll appreciate this wonderful act of kindness.

Stranger's Incredible Act Of Kindness Moves Airline Passenger To Tears


by Builder posted Sep 12 2016 9:16AM

I'm sure most have been out on the town and either one, had a drink bought for them or two, bought a drink for someone. Could you imagine this happening a couple weeks later? Read on to find out what this girl got asked by someone who bought her a drink, two weeks later!

Man buys student a drink - then sends unbelievably cheeky text 2 weeks later


by Megan Z posted Sep 9 2016 11:10AM

Want to know what some of the crazy records are for 2017 in the Guinness World Records? They have been unveiled, go see some of the craziness now!

Guinness World Records of 2017

Stars of Guinness World Records 2017 unveiled


by Megan Z posted Sep 9 2016 9:18AM
Excited that NFL season is back? Have you ever been curious as to how the name came to be of your favorite team? Want to be the ultimate fan and learn where it came from, then definitely read on and find out about it all right HERE.
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by Farley posted Sep 8 2016 12:43PM
KIP MOORE and JON PARDI invited random fans to join them for their own version of Carpool Karaoke. They sang Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline", Drake's "Hotline Bling", Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" . . . plus Jon's "Head Over Boots" and Kip's "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck".

by Builder posted Sep 8 2016 6:00AM

How did you celebrate your kids going back to school? Maybe did a happy dance, maybe you took a nap...maybe you hated seeing Summer come to an end. But I bet you didn't do what these mom's did...

It's a big moment for parents when summer vacation is finally over, and your kids become someone ELSE's problem five days a week. But most parents can at least pretend they're sad for a FEW minutes. Not these ladies. A cop in Vancouver Island, Canada pulled over a car that was speeding in a school zone on Tuesday morning. And when the women inside rolled down the window, he got hit with a STRONG weed smell.

So, they admitted they'd JUST dropped off their kids for the first day of school . . . and were all having a celebratory JOINT together. Even though Canada is pretty relaxed about marijuana, it IS illegal to smoke it and drive, especially in a school zone.

But the cop took pity on the moms, and decided not to harsh their buzz by arresting any of them.


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by Builder posted Sep 7 2016 5:02PM

The 'world's largest bar' is will open later this month, and hold thousands of people in central China's Hunan province.

The new bar which resembles a lotus when seen from above, is located in southern China's Zhangjiajie and will be able to host up to 3,800 guests over an area of 225,000 square feet.

by Builder posted Sep 7 2016 9:46AM
In this world you can never have enough Emojis, right? There are new ones popping up all the time. Now you can try to help to get new ones out. Check out the different emoji's people are voting on and go vote yourself. There's a little bit of a catch however (but of course), go see what it is HERE.
by Megan Z posted Sep 7 2016 9:40AM

Would you be willing to try what this person did? They hid their battery percentage so they didn't know where the charge on their phone was. Do you think it would stress you out more or help you have less stress? Read on more to see how you can do this HERE.

Hiding Your Battery Percentage Could Make You More Zen


by Farley posted Sep 6 2016 12:44PM
A College Student Made a Trick-Shot for an Automatic "A"

A chemistry professor at Ohio State recently told a student he'd give everyone in class an "A" on their first test . . . if he could throw a wad of paper into a trashcan from across the room. And he DID it.

So they still had to take the test. But as long as you didn't skip it, you got a 100%.

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by Megan Z posted Sep 6 2016 8:42AM

How do you feel about waking up in the morning to your coffee being right next to your bed when you wake up? No someone isn't bringing it to you, it's being made with the new Coffee Alarm Clock. The idea is the coffee being made will also help to arise you pleasantly in the morning, rather than the annoying beep-beep-beep. If this sounds like a great idea, read on about this product you can pre-order now. More on it right HERE!

You Can Now Pre-Order a Coffee Alarm Clock


by Megan Z posted Sep 1 2016 9:23AM

Have you ever thrown a birthday party for you dog? If you have, how much have you spent? Bet the birthday party was not quite as elaborate as this one. Find out how much this lady spent to celebrate the first birthday of three of her dogs HERE.

by Megan Z posted Sep 1 2016 8:30AM

Anyone who has been cheated on knows the pain, the anger and sometimes the revenge. How do you feel about what some of these ladies did to some what publicly humiliate their cheating ex's? Read on with the full story HERE!

by Builder posted Sep 1 2016 7:41AM
It's certainly been a sad week to be a Minnesota Vikings fan...and the years of "so close" disappointments helped put The Vikings closer to the top of this list than the bottom.

It's not at all surprising that the Browns top a new list of 'The Saddest NFL Fanbases.' created the list by ranking each on two factors, historical sadness and recent sadness.

Here's the Top 15:

1. The Cleveland Browns

2. The Detroit Lions

3. The Arizona Cardinals

4. The Buffalo Bills

5. The Minnesota Vikings

6. The Houston Texans

7. The San Diego Chargers

8. The Tennessee Titans

9. The Jacksonville Jaguars

10. The Atlanta Falcons

11. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12. The Philadelphia Eagles

13. The Cincinnati Bengals

14. The New York Jets

15. The L.A. Rams . .

The LEAST sad fanbase was the Pittsburgh Steelers . . . followed by the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers.


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by Builder posted Sep 1 2016 6:16AM
A British Chef tried noodles with 100 Birds Eye Chilli's. It didn't go well.

by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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