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by Megan Z posted Oct 7 2015 9:46AM

But literally, there's a knot the size of the knot in this giraffe's neck in my neck I'm pretty sure of it. I painted all weekend and I think that has contributed to the pain but now I need to make it go away!Image title

So like anyone does these days I thought I'd do some research to see home remedies that I could try to help ease the pain.

Do you have a for sure remedy you have used that you would recomment? I found a couple websites with ideas...guess it's time to try them out!

25 Effective Home Remedies For Neck Pain


The Secret Pressure Point To Ease Neck Pain


by Megan Z posted Oct 7 2015 8:33AM

As a kid I would eat most anything and I am still that way today. However I have a feeling I would have been as vocal as these kids on some of these dishes they were asked to try if I had done this at their age. Their response however are quite comical and some are, especially one, is a little too excited to try one interesting on to see what it is!

American Kids Try Dinners From Around The World


by Megan Z posted Oct 7 2015 8:21AM

Want to try some different creative ideas for Halloween with your pumpkin rather than just carving them, then this is for you! Check out if any of these inspire you!

15 Things to Do With Pumpkins (Besides Carve Them)


by Builder posted Oct 7 2015 6:24AM

As heard on Chris, John and Jane, from MSN Lifestyle:


Aries are blessed with an active body and mind. They are also independent and dynamic by nature. A Jack Russell Terrier is an ideal pet choice as the breed is lively, independent, clever and agile, and is ideal for participating in sporting events as well.


Another good pairing for an Aries would be a Schnauzer. An excellent watch dog, it is energetic and generally good-tempered, matching the inherent nature of an Aries.


Taurians like to maintain a close-knit circle of family and friends rather than big social groups, as do Scottish Terriers.


People with this sign are hard-working and dependable, but may lean toward laziness if the task at hand does not have a motivating reward. A St. Bernard is a kind and steady-tempered dog that enjoys to laze around a lot. However, this bulky breed loves to play outdoors and is ideal for pulling carts and sledges.


Friendly and intelligent Golden Retrievers will keep a Gemini entertained. Geminis are always on the lookout for the next thing to stimulate their inquisitive minds, and a playful retriever will ensure that not a single moment is dull.


Geminis love to make new friends and like diversity in friendship. Similarly, a Labrador is known for its sociable nature and can be trusted around children, smaller pets, elders and in any social gathering.


Cancerians are emotional beings and nurturers of a relationship. They desire dogs that are equally sensitive and loyal. A Pomeranian fits the bill perfectly. It is bred as a lap dog and demands constant cuddling and kisses.


This sassy little dog needs lots of pampering and can get moody easily – just like a typical Cancerian who gets upset when ignored. Despite its small size, a Chihuahua is feisty and is extremely loyal to its owner.


The robust Leo demands an equally outgoing pet. The massive and muscled Rottweilers can either be gentle giants or a scary beasts, depending on the owner's personality. Just like Leos, to whom leadership comes naturally, a Rottweiler always needs something to do.


Leos are ruled by the Sun, and a person born in this sign exhibits unmatched courage and devotion – as does a German Shepherd. The dog can be dominant and needs a fearless owner to balance its aggressive nature, making it apt for a Leo.


People belonging to this Earth sign tend to be inquisitive, logical and easygoing. Thus a dog that is intelligent and not clingy suits them the most. Bloodhounds show such traits and love sniffing out a story. No wonder they are used by police and law enforcement.


The friendly, peaceful and easy-to-groom Beagle would make a wonderful pet for the independent and pragmatic Virgo.


Librans display an instinctive ability to read other people's minds, are good listeners and, with their good communication skills, can make anyone feel better. A whippet's friendly personality and stylish looks go very well with the ever-gorgeous, Venus-ruled Libran.


Although Librans tend to have a balanced approach toward life, they might let their urge to socialize get in the way of their responsibilities. Just like them, Irish or English Setters love to play rather than work! The two would also bond over their mutual stubbornness and lazy behavior.


A Great Pyrenees is a strong dog with a beautiful, thick coat that exudes majesty. When not provoked, it is calm and well-mannered, but it may try to dominate a less secure owner. This makes the dog a perfect match for Scorpios who can exhibit dominating traits.


The water sign is known to represent the "dark" side of the zodiac. As a result, Scorpios love things that are exotic or just plain different. A Portuguese Water Dog is an active and self-sufficient breed that would be comfortable around a Scorpio owner.


A typical Sagittarian is free-spirited, calm and fond of traveling and exploring new places. Greyhounds would make ideal pets as the breed is mild-natured yet active and likes racing and hunting in wild terrains.


Border Collies are highly trainable dogs and depend on quite a bit of encouragement from their masters. Their temperament meshes well with the tolerant and liberal Sagittarian.


Capricorns love to tackle life in the most conventional ways. They value stability, calmness and maturity. Boxers belong to a breed of strong-minded working dogs that need to be handled in an upbeat and persuasive way. Plus, their occasional stubbornness makes them a good personality match for this sign.


Capricorns are often hard-headed, and can be fiercely loyal to those they love. Dalmatians are loyal, protective and playful, and would make for good companions for folks born in this sign.


Ruled by Saturn, Aquarians may come across as cold and unemotional to those who don't know them. Alaskan malamutes are also skittish around new people but, once familiarized, they shower them with drool and unconditional love!


Aquarians are deep-thinkers, which tends to make them question everything around them and develop a rebellious attitude. A Rhodesian Ridgeback is a sensitive dog with a set of expressive eyes that seem to be always in deep thought. Also, these dogs are not for novice owners – they are strong-willed and comparatively hard to train – a perfect match for Aquarians.


A perfect canine pairing for a Piscean would be that of a possessive Papillon. This lively, playful, yet light-footed and graceful dog would be an ideal lap cuddler for the idealist and day-dreaming Piscean.


People born under this sign are highly sensitive and seek attention from their loved ones. Playful and childlike Pugs, too need constant companions and will be the ideal choice for Piceans.
by Builder posted Oct 7 2015 6:14AM
Saying she has never felt "more inspired", Miranda Lambert got a star on the Music City Walk of Fame yesterday. Sounds like she is doing just fine these days.


by Builder posted Oct 6 2015 1:10PM
Extreme Phone Pinching is the latest online craze. It involves pinching the corner of your phone between your thumb and index finger as tight as you can and dangle it over something like a cliff or a balconly....The point is to show how fearless you are in risking the death of your phone.

by Megan Z posted Oct 6 2015 9:39AM

Have you ever heard of Beggar's Night? It was something I learned more about when I lived in Iowa. I remember it was a week before Halloween and I had received a flier under my door at my apartment reminding me of trick or treating on October 30th and I thought well that's bazaar, because Halloween is October 31st and that is when I learned of Beggars Night. It's celebrated October 30th in certain certain cities in Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin and others. The idea is for younger kids to get out and have a safer trick-or-treating experience. Maybe I'm weird but I like to celebrate Halloween on Halloween and feel that's the day you are suppose to go trick-or-treat. But I'm curious as to how you feel on the situation?

Image title

by Builder posted Oct 6 2015 6:56AM
It gets turned on when you slap it! It's the latest lighting trend to come to a wall near you! It's the BUTT LAMP! Who wants one?

Read all about the BUTT LAMP HERE!

by Builder posted Oct 6 2015 6:34AM

From Cheerios:

We are embarrassed & sorry to share an incident that occurred at our production facility in Lodi, California, that allowed wheat flour to enter our gluten-free oat-based system. As a result, original and Honey Nut Cheerios produced on several dates may contain wheat and were wrongly labeled gluten free.

We are voluntarily recalling the products made on those dates at our Lodi facility and we ask you to check the "better if used by" code dates on your packages.

We want to reassure you that this was an isolated incident and we have implemented a solution to ensure that this will not happen again. The Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at our other facilities are, and will continue to be, FDA compliant and gluten-free. We'll also continue to test products and our oat flour supply extensively to ensure our products meet the gluten-free standard. We care about what you and your family eat and we are truly sorry for this mistake. We will work extremely hard to earn back your trust.

Please see below for details on code dates and further FAQs. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our dedicated consumer line at: 1-800-775-8370. You may also find a note from the President of Big G Cereal Division at General Mills here:


Why is General Mills issuing this Class I recall of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios?

General Mills is voluntarily recalling Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cereal produced at its Lodi, California facility on certain dates because of a potential undeclared allergen in the product. The products contain wheat, though they are labeled gluten free – and could cause severe reactions or illness in people with wheat allergies, celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Only products produced at the company's Lodi, California facility, and bearing the following "BETTER IF USED BY" dates are being withdrawn:


What is General Mills asking consumers to do?

Consumers allergic to wheat, or diagnosed as celiac or intolerant of gluten, or who are unsure of whether they are sensitive to or intolerant of gluten, should not consume cereals in packages bearing the affected code dates. Consumers should contact General Mills at 1-800-775-8370.

How did this happen?

General Mills was in the process of changing five varieties of Cheerios cereal to meet the FDA standard for gluten free products. The company had tested its oat supply, and confirmed that it met the standard for gluten free. The company had also tested the oat flour used to make its gluten free products at its Lodi facility, and confirmed that its oat flour met the FDA gluten free standard.

During the dates in question, the company's Lodi facility lost rail service, and the company's gluten-free oat flour was off-loaded from rail cars and transferred to trucks. The company believes this isolated incident resulted in wheat flour being inadvertently introduced into the gluten free oat flour system at its Lodi facility, introducing an undeclared allergen – wheat – into products labeled as gluten free.

Is it safe for consumers who are celiac or gluten intolerant to eat Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios produced at Lodi, California, before and after the affected code dates?

Yes. We have confirmed via testing that the products produced at Lodi both before and after the affected code dates are FDA compliant as gluten free.

Is it safe for consumers who are celiac or gluten intolerant to eat Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios produced at General Mills' other facilities on these same dates?

Yes. Our products produced at our other facilities are not involved. The Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at our other facilities are FDA compliant and gluten free.

Is it safe for consumers who aren't celiac – or otherwise intolerant of or sensitive to gluten – to eat the products being withdrawn?

These products would be safe for people without celiac or who are not gluten intolerant or sensitive to wheat or gluten – and that would include most consumers.

But this is an undeclared wheat allergen of great concern to consumers who are allergic to wheat or celiac or intolerant or sensitive to gluten. Celiac and gluten intolerant consumers should not consume Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios cereal bearing the affected code dates. They should contact General Mills for a replacement or full refund.

What about Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at other General Mills facilities? Are any of those cereals or facilities affected?

No. The Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at our other facilities are and were FDA compliant and gluten free. Only packages of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at our Lodi facility and bearing the "BETTER IF USED BY" code dates are affected as shown in the table above.

by Ian posted Oct 5 2015 8:11PM
Many people to this day question whether the moon landing actually happened or if it was really good theatre. NASA today updated the "Project Apollo Archive" with never before released pics from the moon landings. I gotta say, I think they're pretty sweet. Check them out!

Project Apollo Archive

by Builder posted Oct 5 2015 3:04PM
On October 21, 2015, Pepsi will release a new limited edition soda, Pepsi Perfect, paying tribute to the day Marty McFly arrived in the future in Back to the Future II. The 16.9 oz. bottle will retail for $20.15 — a bargain compared to the $50 that Michael J. Fox shelled out for the drink in the film.

Read More

by Megan Z posted Oct 5 2015 10:23AM

If you want to get creative this Halloween and hand out something other than candy, here are some cute ideas that might make kids forget that they didn't just get some sugary treats.

Non-Candy Trick-Or-Treat Ideas (That Won't Get Your House Egged)


by Ian posted Oct 4 2015 9:46AM
While it wasn't reported exactly how many household items it took, CBS has announced a reboot the the 1980's TV series "MacGyver" where a guy with a weird scientific knowledge and a swiss army knife allowed him to improvise ways out of life and death solutions.

According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS describes the reboot as "A reimagining of the television series of the same name, following a 20-something MacGyver as he gets recruited into a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening."

MacGyver originally ran from 1985-1992 on ABC and was most recently parodized in the film "MacGruber" by Saturday Night Live in 2010.
by Ian posted Oct 4 2015 9:37AM
Just a week ago, we reported the unfortunate news that Hunter, the 19 year old son of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry had passed away after being on life support at a Kentucky Hopsital. Yesterday on Facebook, CBS reports the family broke their silence as to how Hunter died.

"When a family asks for privacy, there is a reason," wrote Nunan in a statement to People and also posted on her Facebook page. "Grieving the loss of a child is the most heart-wrenching experience any parent can imagine. It defies description. Since the media refuses to respect our request for privacy, I'm taking another route in hope that we might get some peace for our grieving, and more important, in hope that Hunter's story might help others. Our son died of an overdose. We believe it was accidental and will continue to believe that. We know that he needed help. Maybe Hunter's – and our family's – pain will help another family avoid this. Not a day will go by without our missing him. Now that your curiosity is satisfied, please have the respect to stop hounding us. Instead, take our story and use it to help others."

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the family.
by Megan Z posted Oct 2 2015 10:14AM

Kim doesn't look all that amused to be next to one of Country Music's sexiest men right now...what do you think?

Jake Owen Hangs With Kim Kardashian on Ellen


by Megan Z posted Oct 2 2015 9:17AM

Do you now how coffee breaks started or when they started. Here's a little lesson that might leave you stil scratching your head a bit!

Why Do We Take Coffee Breaks?


by Builder posted Oct 2 2015 6:30AM
Taylor Swift makes mistakes??! Noooo. But yes, it does happen. Here's a new video of some of her "prouder" moments. It's good for a chuckle at the very least...

by Ian posted Oct 1 2015 10:32AM
It's the song and dance you never knew you didn't need, want or ask for. And yes, there is a Mama June cameo!

Apologies in advance.

by Megan Z posted Oct 1 2015 9:24AM

the UK has made it illegal for anyone to smoke in their vehicle with a child present. How do you feel about this? Going to far or completely justified?

Smoking While Children In The Car Now Illegal


by Builder posted Oct 1 2015 5:52AM
by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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