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by Ian posted Aug 1 2015 8:39AM
Not much is known outside of Jon Stewart's staff on what will happen for his final show on August 6- the reports keep saying that it will be much like the final "Late Show With David Leterman" or "Colbert Report". We do know who the final guests will be.

Stewart will go out laughing with comedic colletauges Amy Schumer, Denis Leary and Louis C.K.

CNN reports that the final show on Augist 6 will run well over its' normal half-hour timeslot at 52 minutes with a "Daily Show" marathon leading up to the final show the day of.

Closing out last Thursday's show, Stewart said: "I can't wait to show my appreciation at all the support and enthusiasm that you guys have given this show all these years, so thank you all so much. Next week, tune in, it's going to be a ball." Safe to say he has a few last tricks, and jokes, up his sleeve.
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