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by Builder posted Mar 27 2015 3:04PM
Here is the official video for the new Blake Shelton song "Sangria"
by Megan Z posted Mar 27 2015 10:16AM

Ever dreamed about being Superhero like and having the ability to maybe fly, be invisible or see at night? Well one of those might now be possible.

Wanna be a Superhero? Get Night Vision Injected in Your Eyeballs : DNews

by Megan Z posted Mar 27 2015 8:44AM

Outstanding. If you look that word up in the dictionary it is defined as standing out or a : standing out from a group b : marked by eminence and distinction. (Merriam-Webster)

When I think Outstanding I feel it describes a person who is doing something that is above the rest and is doing something to better not just them but all those around them. When I look at that way I have a hard time with #3 on this list. Kim Kardashian I do believe with all that she has accomplished she might deserve to be on this list at about 99, I just don't think she should be at number three.

There are others like Amal Clooney, Elizabeth Holmes, even Taylor Swift who have done more that deserve to be higher up, but then again I think differently than a man and this is from Maybe I'm being too harsh, but we're all entitled to our opinion, right? Check out the list, is there someone missing? Someone who should be higher on this list? Curious to see what you think.

Top 99 Most Outstanding Women Of 2015

by Builder posted Mar 27 2015 5:50AM
Some radio stations are pulling Little Big Town's song GIRL CRUSH off the air after complaints. However, those complaining should stop and listen to the song a little more closer. The song is about cheating...not what title's the national story...


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by Builder posted Mar 26 2015 1:50PM

What would you do if your boyfriend left a ring box in your sock draw? Would you open it? Deanna Calabria, 26, from New Jersey did just that, but the joke was on her: her boyfriend Brandon Griffin, 25, had set a trap. When Calabria opened the box, she found a note inside that read: 'lol, JK'

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by Megan Z posted Mar 26 2015 12:22PM

It's a whole line of Sriracha for fans everywhere! Go see all you can enjoy.

Image title

Sriracha Fans Rejoice: New Line of Sriracha-Infused Snacks Set to Launch

by Megan Z posted Mar 26 2015 9:24AM

Having a bad day? I promise these adorable pictures will put you in a better mood. You can thank me're welcom now though!

33 Pictures Only Serial Killers And Replicants Won't Find Cute

by Builder posted Mar 26 2015 8:33AM

Pit bulls get a bad rap sometimes . . . But after THIS story, I almost feel like we should apologize for the negative profiling.

Someone who works at a vet's office near Dallas, Texas spotted a stray pit bull lying on the side of the road earlier this month. And when they got closer, they realized it wasn't hurt . . . it was nursing a tiny KITTEN.

It's not clear how they ended up together. But the kitten was only about two days old, and would have died without the milk.

Now both of them are at an animal shelter, and they've gotten pretty attached. The staff nicknamed the dog "Pitty" and had her spayed. Then they brought her back to the kitten, and she wouldn't stop licking it.

It'll be a while before the kitten's old enough to be adopted, but the workers are trying to find someone to adopt BOTH of them, so they don't have to be split up. Here are the pics...awwwwwww....

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by Builder posted Mar 25 2015 1:59PM
Florida Georgia Line released the video for "Sippin' On Fire" today, what do you think?

by Megan Z posted Mar 25 2015 8:49AM

There are many things we hear about men liking makeup, men not liking makeup but how do they really feel? This shows some ways that it can definitely work in a positive way. Check it out for yourself!

7 Shocking Ways Makeup Affects Your Love Life (Says Science)

by Builder posted Mar 24 2015 2:00PM
Luke Bryan should stick to singing....he took a few swings in the Chicago White Sox batting cage yesterday at spring training in Arizona. He pounded three into the dirt, whiffed on one . . . and smacked one solid line drive.

Watch video here
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by Megan Z posted Mar 24 2015 9:21AM

These "experts" claim that these are the best store bought chocolate chip cookies. Some of them I've honestly never heard of so I'm not completely buying it. What do you think is the best chocolate chip cookie you can buy at the store?

Image title

What’s the Best-Tasting Store-Bought Chocolate Chip Cookie?

by Builder posted Mar 23 2015 4:40PM
If somebody asks which member of Lady Antebellum is the best cook...go with Hillary Scott. Tons of people have been asking her for her "Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole", so she posted it online for us all to try.....

Get the recipe
by Megan Z posted Mar 23 2015 9:31AM

FemaleFirst has the results from a poll that asked men what they should know. There's a list of 50 things...guys do you agree? Does anyone think there are things missing on this list?

Image title

Are you dating a 'real' man?

by Builder posted Mar 20 2015 2:00PM

Sure, there's the obvious reason to want to be happy— it's objectively better than feeling mad or sad. But research shows that happiness is also good for health, with one study showing that it's associated with better physical functioning with age. Another study even shows it could help you live longer!

Here are 30 ways to be happy

by Ian posted Mar 19 2015 7:16PM

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's an almost four-minute music video worth? When I first heard Sam Hunt's "Take Your Time" on BOB95, I thought it was about what most of us thought- a guy wanting to pick up a woman at the bar. Okay, maybe that is still the case too; but after watching the music video for "Take Your Time", you start to look at the sing in a whole new perspective.

Definately a dark way of looking at the song. Not just an argument amongst a couple- but the highlighting of an abusive relationship. As Hunt witnesses the abuse and the girl's escape for her and her child's safety, he ultimately steps in to stop it. Not just a bold turn of events in the video, but a bold statement to feature abuse in a music video.

Still think Take Your Time is just about hooking up with someone at the bar?
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by Builder posted Mar 19 2015 1:41PM

Whether you use it to share news and emotions, or to complain about brands, what you write on Twitter may say more about you than you think.

Now, an interactive tool can analyse your most recent tweets and its creator claims it can reveal your personality, by looking at how you use words.

Analyze your Tweets here

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by Builder posted Mar 19 2015 8:10AM
Unlike most sequels - The Sharknado movies just keep getting better with each one!! It's time to get excited for "Sharknado 3 OH HELL NO".

Here's a link to all the details...cast, plot, release date and more!!

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by Builder posted Mar 19 2015 6:50AM

Want the same swimsuit as Miranda Lambert from the Little Red Wagon video (as shown below).


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by Ian posted Mar 18 2015 7:37PM
Sure, we love Netflix. But there is going to be some changes coming in April. Here's the list released today with the titles coming to the online streaming service next month... and the titles that will disappear...

Available April 1:
And Now … Ladies and Gentlemen…(2002)
Bandolero (2000)
Barnyard (2006)
The Beautician and the Beast (1997)
Bound (1996)
Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002)
Down to Earth (2001)
Leprechaun 3 (1995)
Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)
Leprechaun 6: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)
Suicide Kings (1997)
Sunset Strip (2000)
Underworld (2003)
Whiteboyz (1999)
Wrong Turn at Tahoe (2009)

Available April 2:
Life Partners (2014)
Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2014)

Available April 3:
All Hail King Julien: Season 1 (5 New Episodes)
Derek: Special
Starry Eyes (2014)
The Quiet Ones (2014)

Available April 4:
Delta Farce (2007)

Available April 7:
Preservation (2014)
Wilfred: Season 4

Available April 8:
Halt and Catch Fire: Season 1 (2014)

Available April 9:
Crank (2006)
Pioneer (2013)

Available April 10:
The Awakening (2013)
Broken (2013)
Burning Bridges (2014)
Confusion Na Wa (2013)
Finding Mercy (2012)
Finding Mercy 2 (2014)
Flower Girl (2013)
Forgetting June (2013)
Knocking on Heaven's Door (2014)
Lagos Cougars (2013)
Lies Men Tell (2013)
Mad Couple (2014)
Mad Couple 2 (2014)
Marvel's Daredevil: Season 1
Matters Arising (2014)
October 1* (2014)
Onye Ozi (2013)
");" apd-campid="183" apd-clickurl="" apd-contenttype="html" apd-event="load" apd-filename="" apd-height="250" apd-id="apdel9952011" apd-logurl="" apd-options="{"noBlockSize":1,"event":"load","node":"div","abTestParam":0,"morestyles":null,"position":"bottom-right","paddingtop":"0","paddingright":"0","paddingbottom":"10","paddingleft":"10"}" apd-type="incontent" apd-width="300" apd-zoneid="995201" appendedad="true" campaignid="183" /> Ties That Bind (2011)

Available April 12:
The Identical (2014)

Available April 13:
Video Game High School: Season 3

Available April 14:
The Babadook (2014)
Goodbye to Language (2014)
Kink (2013)

Available April 16:
Hot Fuzz (2007)

Available April 17:
Baby Daddy: Season 4
Chris D'Elia: Incorrigible
They Came Together (2014)

Available April 18:
Noah (2014)

Available April 21:
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Available April 25:
Sons of Anarchy: Season 7

Available April 26:
The Nutty Professor 2: Facing the Fear (2008)

Available April 27:
National Treasure (2004)

Here's the list of titles leaving Netflix in April:

Leaving April 1:
28 Hotel Rooms (2012)
Annie (1982)
Astonishing X­Men: Dangerous
Astonishing X­Men: Torn
Astonishing X­Men: Unstoppable
Baby Genius: A Trip to the San Diego Zoo
Baby Genius: Animal Adventures
Chalet Girl (2011)
Clue (1985)
Color Splash Collection: Collection 1
Coneheads (1993)
Friday the 13​th (1980)
Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)
Friday the 13th: Part 3 (1982)
Friday the 13th: Part 4: The Final Chapter (1984)
Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives (1986)
Friday the 13th: Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
Get Shorty (1995)
Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
Guess Who (2005)
Income Property Collection: Collection 1
Inventing the Abbotts (1997)
Jane Eyre (1944)
Jeepers Creepers (2001)
Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)
Les Miserables (1935)
Madeline (1989)
Miral (2011)
Murder by Numbers (2002)
Mystic Pizza (1988)
Mystic River (2003)
Pee­wee's Big Adventure (1985)
Philadelphia (1993)
Rachael Ray's Week in a Day Collection: Collection 1
Reindeer Games (2000)
Selling New York Collection: Collection 1
Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
Taking Lives (2004)
The Amityville Horror (1979)
The Cable Guy (1996)
The Karate Kid (1984)
The Karate Kid Part II (1986)
The Karate Kid Part III (1989)
The Quick and the Dead (1995)
The Whole Nine Yards (2000)

Leaving April 10:
Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Leaving April 12:
Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated Edition (2012)

Leaving April 16:
The Woman Who Wasn't There (2012)

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by Builder posted Mar 18 2015 2:00PM

Wine lovers may soon be able to indulge in their favorite drink without any adverse effects the next morning. Scientists claim they have discovered the key to making hangover-free wine, by altering the DNA of yeast in the drink.

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by Megan Z posted Mar 18 2015 9:30AM

If you had to answer the question, would rather tell your weight or your salary? Those are both incredibly personal questions and no one would ever actually want to answer either of them but if you had to, would you choose what the majority picked? Go find out!

Image title

New Survey Finds Women Would Rather Admit The Number On Their Scale Than The Number On Their Paycheck

by Builder posted Mar 18 2015 5:55AM


An elementary school in Portland, Oregon, has put a controversial approach to discipline on hold after parents complained that it caused their kids to feel "humiliated."

The "community service" program, called off at the César Chávez K through 8 school while the Portland Public Schools district investigates, reportedly punished misbehaving kids for unruliness (such as throwing food) by having them do chores that included picking up trash from hallways and paper towels from bathroom floors. But that didn't sit well with some parents.

"My son has been humiliated and he's frightened to go to school, and he feels sorry and has some esteem issues. I just don't think that's right," Jeff Hagadorn, the father of a first grader, told KPTV. He noted, "I feel like if a student gets in trouble I'm fine with him having detention or having extra school work."

However, Christine Miles, a spokesperson for Portland Public Schools, tells Yahoo Parenting that the aim is to offer consequences that are alternatives to punishments including suspensions, expulsions, and extra homework assignments because research has shown those options are ineffective and have negative consequences. She also stresses that while the district widely uses community-service discipline, the methods in question have been temporarily put on hold at César Chávez in order to ensure it's being used appropriately.

"We're trying to see if the chores match the discipline," Miles explains. "If they make a mess, they have to clean it up. If they hurt someone, they have to apologize. If they are involved in a food fight, then part of the discipline is to correct their behavior by them cleaning it up — but if they're being instructed to instead be cleaning up the restrooms, that's not okay."

Jeremy Finn, and education professor and discipline expert at theUniversity of Buffalo Graduate School of Education, tells Yahoo Parenting that, while he's not familiar with the specific program in Portland, it sounds like it has the potential to be effective. "Community service is a method of discipline used by the courts all the time, and it always seemed like a good one to me," he says. "It gives students the chance to make up for what they did while keeping them in school — and anything that gets them back in school is good."

Some of the confusion about what's being carried out at the school in question, Miles adds, may stem from the fact that several schools in the Portland district have been participating in trainings for "restorative justice" discipline. It's an approach gaining a foothold at schools nationally, and aims to foster more open, meaningful relationships among students and teachers as an alternative to "zero tolerance" policies such as suspension and expulsion. While the César Chávez school is not one of the six in the district that has been using the method, Miles notes, an administrator from the school has attended the training program; part of the investigation will be to examine whether the school has been putting it into action prematurely or inappropriately.

And while the superintendent has not made a public statement on the situation, local paper Willamette Week interviewed candidates for the upcoming school board election on the issue, and most agreed that doling out chores that matched the misbehavior was appropriate — especially if it meant providing an alternative to excluding kids from school. But they agreed on another point, too, as articulated by candidate Bobbie Regan: "It should never be a shaming activity."

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by Builder posted Mar 18 2015 5:54AM
Forget about the Ice Bucket Challenge...that's so 2014! It's time for the TWIZZLERS CHALLENGE...and Matt and Kathie Lee from The Today Show are putting it out there! Just like the last "challenge"'s for a good cause....this time to raise money and awareness for autism. So go find some twizzlers...and a willing partner...and do the TWIZZLERS CHALLENGE!!

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by Ian posted Mar 17 2015 7:28PM

Dude looks like a... COWBOY???

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith does have a bit more time on his hands now that he's not doing American Idol. Rumor has it that Stephen is about to try his hand at country music. Here's what we know...

1) Steven has ventured into Country territory before. He has appeared in the 2014 CMA Awards with Brad Paisley; and Performed a mash-up of "Undo It" and "Walk This Way" with Carrie Underwood at the 2011 ACM Awards. Speaking of Carrie and Steven, they also did a CMT "Crossroads" episode together back in 2012. Needless to say, Steven hasn't been shy about appearing before Country music fans.

2) Steven Tyler has been quoted with saying that "[country music is] what I cut my teeth on - The Everly Brothers. I just love it. I love the words, I love the inflections. It's just great". (CMT Country Crossroads, 2012)

3) Sources report that Steven moved to Nashville earlier this year.

4) Rumor has it that not only has Steven already been working on new music, but he is expected to sign with Big Machine Label Group in the near future. BMLG is a respected country record label.

So now the question is not just WILL Tyler make the switch to country; but will YOU give it a listen?

Here's Steven and Carrie Underwood back at the 2011 ACM Awards

by Builder posted Mar 17 2015 3:33PM

If you thought #thedress was confusing, try looking at this. A new set of pictures are doing the rounds on Twitter that are boggling the mind. They are two identical images featuring painted fingernails held up to a mouth, but they appear in completely different colors - one is pink and the other is maroon.

These images are identical, but they appear very different because of the background they have been placed on in Photoshop. This picture was placed on a white background
This picture was placed on a black background

The only difference between the photos is that one has been put in front of a black background (the maroon picture), while the other (the pink picture) has been placed in front of a white background.

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Mar 17 2015 9:26AM

With auto-correct, spell check and so much more basically spelling for us these days it's hard to believe we have a hard time spelling certain words. Okay, there may have been a little sarcasm in there but even so, if something is your favorite you should probably learn the correct spelling of it. In this survey, an app, figured out what beverages Americans were spelling incorrectly. See if you could spell them. While you do that, I'd like to point out the irony of the spelling of the app that is doing a survey on spelling things correctly...just an observation.

Knig Of Bears? 40% Of Americans Can’t Even Spell ‘Budweiser’ Correctly

by Builder posted Mar 17 2015 6:24AM

The first round of March Madness starts tonight. And if you're still filling out your bracket, here are four tips from mathematicians that could help . . .

1. Don't let bias come into play. In other words, don't pick Boise State to win it all just because you went to Boise State. They're an 11 seed, and no one above an eight seed has won before.

2. Don't pick Kentucky to lose, just to be different. They're the favorite because they're undefeated.

Nate Silver is the statistics guy who predicted almost everything right in the 2008 election. And he's calculated that Kentucky has a 41% chance of winning, followed by Villanova at 11%, and Wisconsin at 10%.

3. Don't pick any team lower than a five seed to win it all. Meaning a number six seed, a number 10 seed . . . the higher the number, the lower ranked they are. (A LOWER number means a higher rank . . . and is called a high seed. Confusing.)

According to Silver, any team with a lower seed than that has less than a 1% chance of winning. And Utah is the ONLY five seed that has at least a 1% chance.

4. Look at who's been winning recently. A math professor in North Carolina had a cheerleader fill out a bracket last year after looking at teams that won a bunch of games late in the season . . . and she beat 96% of all the brackets on

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by Ian posted Mar 16 2015 7:02PM
Luke Bryan sat down with Jenna Bush from NBC's Today Show to talk about wrapping up his spring break parties after a seven-year run and more! Watch the interview below!

Video courtesy NBC News / The Today Show

by Builder posted Mar 16 2015 2:39PM
Luke Bryan's wife posted a Vine of Luke's mom LeClaire dancing during a spring break concert.

Check it out

by Builder posted Mar 16 2015 2:00PM

You probably cross your legs at least once while you're having dinner, working at your desk, or pretty much any time you sit down. Odds are, you don't even realize you're doing it — you just sit and cross one leg over the other, like you've done for years. But experts say you might want to rethink that habit: Crossing your legs can actually have some negative health effects. Here's what you need to know:

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by Megan Z posted Mar 16 2015 11:46AM

Could names that go extinct be the unique names that parents to be are looking for? See if these are names you'd ever consider.

Baby Names on the Verge of Extinction

by Builder posted Mar 16 2015 8:16AM

And here are the stops, which I think represent nice a mix of history and natural wonder. If you had the road to yourself, it would take 9.33 days of driving, Olson calculates, but in reality you'd need at least 2 to 3 months to make the journey.

  1. Grand Canyon, AZ
  2. Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
  3. Craters of the Moon, ID
  4. Yellowstone National Park, WY
  5. Pikes Peak, CO
  6. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
  7. The Alamo, TX
  8. The Platt Historic District, OK
  9. Toltec Mounds, AR
  10. Elvis Presley's Graceland, TN
  11. Vicksburg National Military Park, MS
  12. French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
  13. USS Alabama, AL
  14. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL
  15. Okefenokee Swamp Park, GA
  16. Fort Sumter National Monument, SC
  17. Lost World Caverns, WV
  18. Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center, NC
  19. Mount Vernon, VA
  20. White House, Washington, DC
  21. Colonial Annapolis Historic District, MD
  22. New Castle Historic District, Delaware
  23. Cape May Historic District, NJ
  24. Liberty Bell, PA
  25. Statue of Liberty, NY
  26. The Mark Twain House & Museum, CT
  27. The Breakers, RI
  28. USS Constitution, MA
  29. Acadia National Park, ME
  30. Mount Washington Hotel, NH
  31. Shelburne Farms, VT
  32. Fox Theater, Detroit, MI
  33. Spring Grove Cemetery, OH
  34. Mammoth Cave National Park, KY
  35. West Baden Springs Hotel, IN
  36. Abraham Lincoln's Home, IL
  37. Gateway Arch, MO
  38. C. W. Parker Carousel Museum, KS
  39. Terrace Hill Governor's Mansion, IA
  40. Taliesin, WI
  41. Fort Snelling, MN
  42. Ashfall Fossil Bed, NE
  43. Mount Rushmore, SD
  44. Fort Union Trading Post, ND
  45. Glacier National Park, MT
  46. Hanford Site, WA
  47. Columbia River Highway, OR
  48. San Francisco Cable Cars, CA
  49. San Andreas Fault, CA
  50. Hoover Dam, NV

by Builder posted Mar 16 2015 7:41AM

According to new research, moms deserve a salary of $253,000 a year for all the unpaid work they do. Moms do an average of 119 hours of unpaid work every week for their family. Here are the 10 jobs they do and what they SHOULD get paid per hour.

Housekeeper, $17 an hour.

Head chef, $25 an hour.

Teacher, $26 an hour.

Psychologist, $69 an hour.

Chauffeur, $18 an hour.

Entertainer, $44 an hour.

Personal shopper, $18 an hour.

Personal trainer, $29 an hour.

Lawyer, $72 an hour.

Nanny, $16 an hour.

by Megan Z posted Mar 13 2015 11:55AM

Find out the Unique Slang for each State and next time you visit you'll be the in the know!

Image title

A State-by-State Guide to the Most Hilarious (and Annoying) Slang Across the U.S.

by Builder posted Mar 13 2015 7:18AM

A unique slang term for all 50 are some of the best...and the link to see all 50 states:

Alaska . . . a "sourdough" is someone who's lived there for a long time.

Connecticut . . . instead of a garage sale or yard sale, it's a "tag sale."

Florida . . . the slang is surprisingly southern, like, "She's happier than a seagull with a French fry."

Georgia . . . "that dog won't hunt" means "something is suspicious." Which probably works for multiple southern states.

Indiana . . . even though it's the Hoosier State, "hoosier" is used to describe someone who's a redneck.

Iowa . . . instead of giving people wedgies, they call them "snuggies."

Maryland . . . a "chicken necker" is a tourist trying to catch crabs.

Nevada . . . "pornslappers" are the guys on the Las Vegas strip slapping together strippers' business cards to try to get people to take them.

North Carolina . . . people use "buggy" instead of shopping cart.

North Dakota

Phrases with double meanings can make it hard for outsiders to get the subtleties of a conversation. When someone from North Dakota says "Yah y'betcha yah," either he or she understands and agrees with you or thinks you are an idiot.

Rhode Island . . . instead of hot dog, they say "hot wiener."

South Dakota . . . a "hotdish" is a casserole. Which works in Minnesota and other Midwestern states too.

West Virginia . . . instead of Coca-Cola, they say "Co-cola."

(You can see the full list of all 50 states here.)

by Builder posted Mar 13 2015 6:14AM
by Builder posted Mar 12 2015 2:52PM

YouTube is filled with useful kitchen tutorials, teaching viewers everything from how to slice an onion without shedding tears, to the easiest way to peel a boiled egg.

But there's one video which could be heading straight to the top of the 'most useful kitchen hacks' list.

'How to open a bottle of beer with a sheet of paper'.

by Megan Z posted Mar 12 2015 10:35AM

After almost 15 years of trying to learn to drive does a person give up or continue on and hope one day it happens? Read this ladies story and see what you think?

Janine Mars from Chatham, has been dubbed Britain's worst would-be motorist

by Builder posted Mar 12 2015 9:20AM
Here's your feel good story of the day...and one you should share with your children. The story of what 3 players did when they heard others bullying their cheerleader with Down's Syndrome!


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by Builder posted Mar 12 2015 6:01AM
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by Builder posted Mar 11 2015 2:19PM

A powdered alcohol brand called Palcohol has been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau!
While powdered alcohol has federal approval, individual states have the power to ban it within their borders. The maker of Palcohol hopes to start selling the product this summer

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Mar 11 2015 9:32AM

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are new parents and Ashton is finding out that sometimes it's difficult for a man to take his baby out and about. He ranted about this on Facebook. Do you agree this is something that needs to start happening? Read on.


Image title

by Builder posted Mar 10 2015 2:00PM
The happiest year of our life begins when we turn 34 because it's when we start ticking off boxes such as tying the knot, having children and making strides in a chosen career, according to a survey. A study of 2,000 people over-40s asked them to reflect on their levels of happiness through different stages of life and compiled the key factors for each decade. Results showed age 34 was the happiest year for most people on average.

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by Megan Z posted Mar 10 2015 12:23PM

It's always fun to see what fun thing each State is best at but this time around I think that the guys can just take a bow for ND because it has absolutely NOTHING to with the ladies of the State. (Might not be appropriate for children.)

Image title

Take a Bow, America: What Every U.S. State Is Best at

by Megan Z posted Mar 10 2015 10:50AM

In terms of American currency this lady burned about $30,000 accidentally. Perhaps this should be a lesson to us all...don't put your money here to hide it!

Wife accidentally set fire to £20,000 cash hidden in family stove

by Builder posted Mar 10 2015 6:11AM
What song was on the top of the charts on the day you were born....or what song was playing the moment you were conceived?? You can get the answer to both questions right here....


by Megan Z posted Mar 9 2015 9:53AM

Since the first time I ever got a whiff of Black Licorice I've disliked the stuff. Nothing about it is appealing to me. The smell alone makes me gag, so I never accepted bites of it when my dad would offer it to me growing up. He could keep it. After reading this now I'm even happier I don't like it. If you do like it you should be aware of its possible side effects.

Image title


by Builder posted Mar 9 2015 7:52AM

There's a clothing company in Indonesia called Salvo Sports that's in trouble for the washing instructions on one of their soccer jerseys.

The tag says the usual stuff like "machine wash warm with like colors." Then it says, quote, "Or give it to your woman. It's her job."

Someone saw the tag and tweeted about it over the weekend, so Salvo Sports apologized yesterday . . . which also happened to be International Women's Day.

But their apology wasn't much better than the tag itself. Quote, "The message is simply, instead of washing it the wrong way, you might as well give it to a lady because they are more capable.

"There's no intention to humiliate women. In contrast, learn from women how to take care of clothes."

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by Builder posted Mar 9 2015 6:18AM

If you're tired because we moved the clocks ahead, just hope it's the ONLY side-effect you have. Here are four ways daylight savings can affect your health.

1. You're more likely to have a heart attack. A study in Michigan last year found that between 2010 and 2013, there were 25% more heart attacks on the first Monday after daylight savings . . . meaning today.

And a study in Sweden found you're more likely to have a heart attack for the first THREE days after daylight savings starts.

2. Work-related injuries are more common. According to a 2009 study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, you're more likely to get hurt at work today. And it's also more likely to be a SERIOUS injury.

3. Suicide rates go up. A study in 2008 looked at 30 years of data, and found that suicide rates for men increase for the first few weeks after daylight savings starts. We assume it holds true for women too.

4. You'll probably eat more. Maybe not if you went to bed earlier than usual last night. But a recent study found that when people got an hour less of sleep, they ate an average of 200 more calories the next day.

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by Megan Z posted Mar 6 2015 1:05PM

Did you know that March is Women's History Month? In celebration of that, WalletHub put together a list of best States for women to live, and the worst of course, but many will be happy to see where #1 is!

by Megan Z posted Mar 6 2015 11:44AM

Salvation Army used 'The Dress' as everyone calls it for a new campaigh. It's pretty powerful stuff, go see for yourself!

Salvation Army Uses 'The Dress' in Domestic Violence PSA

by Megan Z posted Mar 5 2015 10:32AM
If you had to answer right now, what is your favorite animal of all time that's not a dog, what would you say? A survey found unique animals that are liked by men but not women and vice versa.

In general, men seem to gravitate toward animals that are aggressive or creepy . . . and women like animals that are cuddly or exotic.

The animals men disproportionately like include: Lobsters . . . alligators . . . sharks . . . eagles . . . octopuses . . . ants . . . scorpions . . . spiders . . . piranhas . . . eels . . . rattlesnakes . . . and vultures.

The animals women disproportionately like include: Miniature pigs . . . cats . . . ponies . . . donkeys . . . chinchillas . . . pandas . . . rabbits . . . Guinea pigs . . . zebras . . . penguins . . . koalas . . . and butterflies.

There are also a few animals BOTH genders hate, including: Slugs . . . skunks . . . and jellyfish.

Read more on this at YouGov

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by Builder posted Mar 5 2015 8:00AM

From Good Housekeeping / Yahoo

1. Corral bathroom clutter with a simple spin move.

You already know a lazy Susan makes for a handy spice rack (or fridge caddy), but its helpful spin is great for making the depths of a bathroom cabinet or closet more accessible. "I have a very tall and wide bathroom closet and things were always disappearing out of sight. Once I put a lazy Susan on the top shelves, I could finally reach everything without a step stool and knew what was there." —Donna Smallin Kuper, author of Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness

2. Employ a cleanup bin.
"When you're quickly straightening up the house, put an empty basket near the base of the steps. Everything that needs to go upstairs goes into the basket, and when the downstairs is straightened, take the whole basket upstairs and put everything away. This prevents extra trips up and down the stairs with armfuls of stuff." —Erin Souder, founder of Earnest Home Co.

3. Never lose (or sort!) socks again.

"Get each family member a mesh lingerie bag and ask them to fill it with their dirty socks. Run the bag through washer and dryer then place each family member's lingerie bag in their clothing pile to put away. With this trick, you can forget sorting, folding, or leaving a stray sock in the dryer." —MaryJo Monroe, professional organizer at reSPACEd in Portland, Oregon.

4. Simplify linen storage.

"Store folded sheet sets inside a pillowcase and you'll never have to guess if that fitted sheet works on the queen- or king-sized bed again."—Julia Buckingham, Chicago-based interior designer

5. Create extra space with hooks.

"Put hooks on the inside of low level cabinet doors for extra storage. This is especially good under the sink where you can hang wet wash gloves and wands to dry." —Judy Joo, chef and host of Korean Food Made Simple on The Cooking Channel

6. Sort shelves by size.
Sometimes sorting products or containers by type or category just doesn't make as much as sense as it seems. For minimal digging and searching, keeping items in plain sight should be your priority. "If you have shelves in your bathroom vanity, quickly reorganize it so top shelf holds large items and the bottom shelf stores smaller items, which is closer to eye-level." —Eileen Roth, author of Organizing For Dummies

7. Minimize cleanup before playtime begins.

"When your little ones play with Legos, figurines, or other multi-piece toys, start by laying out a large blanket or bed sheet first. That way, when it's time to clean up, you can bring the ends of the blanket together and quickly dump the toys back into their storage bucket. It also helps to give your kids a more defined play area to try and keep the toys within." —Joy Cho, founder of Oh Joy!

8. Make your car's storage space work harder.

"Keep a cooler and a crate or bin in the trunk of your car. The crate can corral things like cleaning supplies and bungee cords, and the cooler can keep groceries chilled while you run errands." —Andrew Mellen, a professional organizer and author of Unstuff Your Life

9. When in doubt, try a tray.

Sometimes it only takes the power of suggestion to make you a bit neater. A well-placed tray might be just the hint you need to keep things in order, and appears tidy even if its contents are in disarray. We love this DIY chevron tray from Lovely Scrolling. "Keep a serving tray in your home office to collect papers and keep supplies organized. It's perfect for clearing extra space quickly and adds a pretty touch to what can be a dull spot." —Jason Grant, Australian-based interior designer and author of A Place Called Home

10. Control sports gear quickly.
"A perfect storage solution for families with kids who play sports — a child's playpen. Tuck the playpen in the corner of the garage and kids will have one spot to drop their gear. You'll never hear, 'Mom, have you seen my…' and the equipment won't clutter your home. Didn't save a playpen from your kids' toddler years? Pick one up for cheap at a local garage sale." —Andrew Mellen, a professional organizer and author of Unstuff Your Life

by Builder posted Mar 4 2015 2:00PM
Most people want to get rid of their unibrow, but this fall they could be the next big fashion trend!

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by Megan Z posted Mar 4 2015 10:02AM

It's inevitable at work someone is going to heat food in the microwave that stinks up a good portion of the office. What's the worst smelling one though? Read on to find out if your most hated makes the list.

The 9 Most Offensive-Smelling Foods To Eat At Your Desk, From Stink To Stank

by Builder posted Mar 4 2015 8:10AM

15. Heather

14. Amber

13. Emily

12. Nicole

11. Megan

10. Elizabeth

9. Lauren

8. Stephanie

7. Jennifer

6. Samantha

5. Sarah

4. Amanda

3. Brittany

2. Ashley

1. Jessica

by Builder posted Mar 4 2015 7:25AM

From Yahoo / Thrillist

1. You're not buying fresh coffee

Serious coffee nerds might look for specific farms, regions, or elevations, but don't worry about that. According to Intelligentsia's Geoff Watts, the best move is to look for coffee that's been harvested within the last six months and roasted within the last couple weeks.

2. You're buying bad coffee

"Great-quality ingredients are the real secret behind all culinary arts," says Geoff. Coffee is no exception. It should be an excellent adventure, not a bogus journey, so avoid these 11 coffee-buying pitfalls.

3. You're not measuring

If you're baking a cake, you'd measure the amount of flour. Same goes for coffee. "If you want to make great coffee at home, one of the best things you can do is get yourself a small digital scale," says Geoff. They're cheap, fun to use, and will take out much of the guesswork. Geoff suggests a 1 to 16 ratio of coffee to water, which Cuvée's Lorenzo Perkins helpfully translated to 60g per L or 2tbsp per 6oz.

4. You're using a crappy brew method

You don't need a crazy-expensive espresso machine, but Lorenzo says a percolator isn't going to cut it. Even a decent drip machine will work, but if you want to level up, try a French press or a pour-over method.

5. You use pre-ground coffee

"Grinding the coffee greatly increases the surface area. This is needed for brewing, but also causes the coffee to stale quickly if it sits around. Buy whole-bean coffee and grind just before brewing. You will be amazed at the difference," says Joel Shuler of Casa Brasil. Furthermore, Greg goes so far as to claim that beans go stale just five minutes after they've been ground.

6. You're not starting with hot water

If you're going to use a drip machine at home, odds are it's not heating the water to a high enough temperature. To hack it, Greg suggests starting out with water as hot as your tap will supply.

7. You're not grinding properly

"If you've got a limited amount to spend on coffee gear, I'd recommend using most of the budget on a grinder," says Geoff. It's counterintuitive, but that's just how important it is to get an even grind.

8. You're storing the beans wrong

"First off, don't store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. The cold temperatures can dry it out, which is never a good thing," says Greg. Lorenzo proclaims the five enemies of coffee storage to be "heat, light, oxygen, moisture, and age."

9. You're not using filtered water

"Coffee is 99% water. If you use poor-quality water, you'll make a poor-quality cup of coffee. It's that simple," says Greg.

10. Your water is the wrong temperature

Our experts unanimously pointed out water temperature is very important. Between 195 and 205℉ seems to be the magic range, with most everyone saying hotter is better. If you don't have a thermometer, bring water to a boil, remove it from the heat, and let it sit for a minute before pouring.

11. You're not rinsing your filter

Geoff suggests rinsing your paper filter with hot water to keep from tainting the flavor.

12. You don't know what you like

Do you like fruity Ethiopians? Or milky Brazils? Or just a hearty cup of chewable working-class coffee? Lorenzo reminds us that the best cup is the one you like to drink, so get yourself an opinion.

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by Ian posted Mar 3 2015 7:13PM
Sources say that CostCo (you know, that place you stock up on groceries and toilet paper for the apocolypse?) is getting into the automobile business with a "Kirkland Signiture" Chevrolet Silverado for members. Kirkland is CostCo's house brand product line. Sources from Chevrolet have confirmend the truck is in the works when the following powerpoint slides slipped onto the internet earlier this week.

CostCo won't be replacing your friendly Chevrolet dealer anytime soon though. While "400 trucks will be built for warehouse display" you will apperantly have to special order your own truck at at Chevrolet dealership.

check out the proposed photos. Would you order this truck?
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by Builder posted Mar 3 2015 1:43PM
One in eight people are addicted to their smartphone - and the more we use them, the worse it gets, study claims
Smartphones really are addictive and the more you use one, the worse it gets, a new study has revealed.
A Study by University of Derby says 13 per cent of us are addicted, and the average user spends 3.6 hours a day on their smartphone.
Moodiness, loneliness and jealousy are all key indicators of smartphone addiction, along with an obsession with physical appearance, the study found.
An obsession with taking selfies and posting them on social media is another key indication.

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by Megan Z posted Mar 3 2015 11:00AM

All Presidents have an Official Presidential Portrait painted during their presidency. Which is why Nelson Shanks was honored when he got to paint the one of Bill Clinton, however, he says he added a little something extra in the painting. Go see for yourself the masterpiece.

by Megan Z posted Mar 3 2015 10:32AM

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win an Oscar and how you would get treated? This guy did exactly that on the night of the Academy Awards and the results were awesome! Check out the video!

FAKE OSCAR PRANK - Pretending to be a Celebrity

by Megan Z posted Mar 3 2015 10:01AM

Congratulations to Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher in welcoming a new baby boy to the world!

Carrie Underwood Welcomes Birth of First Child

by Builder posted Mar 2 2015 2:02PM has ranked downtown Fargo as one of America's best! Growing population, walkability, lively entertainment options and dynamic arts and cultural attractions helped Fargo make the list.

See the full list here
by Megan Z posted Mar 2 2015 11:34AM

Could you imagine going wedding dress shopping, finding "the one", going to pay for it and finding out it's already been paid for? Read this story, it's a touching one!

Image title

Utah Woman's Wedding Gown Purchased by Mystery Bride

by Megan Z posted Mar 2 2015 8:43AM

True & Co. did analyzed all 50 states to see what is the most popular lingerie in each state. Find out what our state likes most compared to the rest of them.

These Are The Most Popular Panties In Your State

by Builder posted Mar 2 2015 7:05AM
Yahoo turns 20 this year and they posted the top 20 searched items in 20 different categories.

Check them out in the link below:
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Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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