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by Megan Z posted Nov 24 2015 9:22AM

Normally I'd say don't try this at home, but really don't try this hack ever. This lady learned the hard way that you really can't believe everything you see on the internet. Could have lost her house by trying the "life hack" on how to make grilled cheese sandwich.

Woman Almost Burns Down House With Life Hack Toaster Tip


by Megan Z posted Nov 24 2015 9:13AM

I'm not even a fan of Hamsters and this video makes me want one! That's how cute this little is! Don't you wish you were all cuddled under a blanket like this? See the cuteness now!

Hamster gets cozy with a carrot


by Megan Z posted Nov 23 2015 8:35AM

Pretty sure I've been able to get about two sides exact at the same time when doing the Rubik's Cube. I've never been able to solve the puzzle let alone do it this quickly. This 14 year old set a world record and it's pretty incredible. Check out the video and his speed!

by Builder posted Nov 18 2015 3:19PM
The Holiday Season is here and we need your help to stock the shelves at the Great Plains Food Bank!

Join BOB 95 for the Giving Thanks Food Drive....We'll be in the West Acres parking lot facing 13th Avenue South with the BOB 95 MAT Bus, Thursday, November 19 from 9am-7pm and again Friday, November 20th from Noon to 6pm. Donations of non-perishable food items, cash and personal hygiene products will be accepted. All donations will go to the Great Plains Food Bank to help feed those in need in our community.

If you are unable to make it to the Food Drive location please feel free to donate on-line right HERE as well! Remember to donate under the BOB 95 GIVING THANKS FOOD DRIVE!

  • Soup
  • Stew
  • Chili
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Meat Products
  • Cereal
  • Pancake Mix
  • Tomato Based Products
  • Boxed Meals
  • Canned Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pasta, Rice and Instant Potatoes
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Paper Products
  • Cleaning Supplies

by Builder posted Nov 18 2015 1:59PM
The annual "10 Worst Toys" list published by the U.S.-based consumer watchdog, World Against Toys Causing Harm, is meant to ward parents off impulse buying for their children ahead of the holiday shopping surge. "There remains an alarming number of dangerous toys on store shelves, in catalogues and on e-retailers' websites," WATCH said in a press release announcing this year's list.

See The List Here

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by Builder posted Nov 17 2015 2:17PM
Some Green Bay Packer fans are taking over a stretch of road in Minnesota...They have "Adopted a Higway" in Northfield Minnesota and of course the sign says Adopt A Highway Green Bay Packer Fans.

Check it out!

by Megan Z posted Nov 17 2015 9:47AM

A reporter in Paris was interviewing a young boy and his father about the attacks that happened Friday. I think the reporter got more of a lesson than he had expected. It's a touching moment between a father and his son and teaching him about the "bad guys".

VIDEO: French Dad Explains Paris Attacks to Young Son in the Most Incredible Way: 'They Might Have Guns, but We Have Flowers'


by Megan Z posted Nov 17 2015 9:42AM

Anyone who has stepped on a Lego knows there is no other pain like it and we always do it when it's least expected. Lego gets that and has a Holiday promotion that is finally the answer to our prayers, but only for a select few. Read on to see what I mean.

Lego's anti-Lego slippers have extra foot padding for protection - CNET


by Builder posted Nov 16 2015 3:06PM

With all the bad things happening in the world, the smallest act of kindness is so nice to see. An Atlanta man caught a heartwarming moment at a train station, and the photo is going viral. Facebook user Redd Desmond Thomas posted the photo Nov. 14. The photo shows a young man with a tie around his neck. An older man appears to be helping him to tie it. Thomas said in his post that the younger man was struggling with his tie, when a woman noticed and told her husband. "The older gentleman moved without hesitation [almost a reflex response] and gave him a step-by-step tutorial; then – afterward – the elder gentleman watched the young gentleman repeat the steps and show him that he had it," Thomas said in the post.

Read more and see the photo here

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by Megan Z posted Nov 16 2015 10:43AM

Check out this pretty incredible art done on a woman. In one picture she is so blended in, it's almost hard to spot her! See the masterpieces for yourself.

Can You Spot The Woman Hiding In This Autumn Scene? Her Camouflage Is AMAZING!


by Megan Z posted Nov 16 2015 10:22AM

This is the number that just might save you this holiday season! It's the turkey hotline from Butterball and it will answer any questions you have about your turkey. But of course with that comes some ridiculous questions asked, read on to see exactly what types of questions people have asked.

Turkey Hotline Reveals The Silliest Questions Callers Have Actually Asked


by Builder posted Nov 16 2015 5:51AM
This is what happens when you have borrow your son's GoPro...and have it on selfie mode the entire time!
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by Ian posted Nov 15 2015 10:54AM
This is adorable.

"Tumbles" was born with only his two hind legs. The group that rescued him says he was able to get around by scooting on the floor; but thanks to a 3-D Printer, Tumbles is running around a little easier now! Click the link below to read more about Tumbles!

Meet Tumbles The 2-Legged Puppy (ABC7 Chicago)

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by Megan Z posted Nov 13 2015 10:20AM

There are fans and then there is this woman. Her "love" might be right out obsession actually. See for yourself what you think!

Woman Serves Husband Divorce Papers After 'Falling in Love' With Kip Moore


by Megan Z posted Nov 13 2015 9:20AM

Happy Friday the 13th! If you are a little superstitious on this day, you might want to go through this to be aware!

13 bizarre stories and superstitions for Friday the 13th


by Builder posted Nov 12 2015 5:35PM

355,000 cans of SpaghettiOs are being recalled after pieces of red plastic were found in some cans.

The plastic, which peeled off of the cans' lining, posed a "potential choking hazard," the company said.

The affected cans were 14.2 ounces, the company said, and contained a date — February 22, 2017 — stamped on the base.

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Nov 12 2015 9:45AM

Ever had a ring on your finger that gets stuck? This is a neat little trick to help get it off and not actually have to go get it cut off. Might be worth a shot next time, take a breath and don't panic...try this instead!

Swollen Finger? Here's How To Get That Ring Off With Just Some String!


by Builder posted Nov 12 2015 6:48AM
by Builder posted Nov 11 2015 2:52PM

Are you in a long distance relationship or maybe just away from your partner for a few days? There is a new wristband that will make it seem like you are right next to each other. It is one of the biggest difficulties of long-distance relationships - maintaining the closeness that comes from falling asleep together. Now a London tech start-up claims to have created a solution to the loneliness of being apart from your partner with a gadget that makes your pillow pulsate with the sound of their heartbeat. One partner wears the Pillow Talk wristband, which picks up their heartbeat in real-time and transmits it via an app to the other person's pillow. Placing their head on their pillow enables them to hear the heartbeat of their loved one, either through earphones or a Pillow Talk speaker tucked under the pillow and plugged into the phone.

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Nov 11 2015 8:54AM
If the Veteran in your life is anything like my dad, they're humble and don't go advertising that they are a Veteran. It's a pride thing, I think, he doesn't feel he needs to tell everyone that he fought for our freedom, he knows and we the family knows and that's enough for him. But I on the other hand am proud to shout it from the roof top that my dad is a Veteran and more than anything he's my personal hero. Today I remember my Grandpa, thank my dad, my uncle and many relatives who fought, my best friend and many other friends as well. So here's a list of places that are honoring the special men and women in your life or you yourself for serving. Enjoy what you deserve's a list of places serving you in the best way they can, click here for their offers and again THANK YOU!
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by Megan Z posted Nov 11 2015 8:46AM

Today we remember and honor all Veteran's young and old, past and present. I thank you personally for your sacrifices and for the freedom you have given me. I found this poem and wanted to share it because it's simple and spot on. Share the poem as well if you will and don't forget to thank a Veteran today.

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by Megan Z posted Nov 10 2015 9:40AM
I think we've all just wanted to be angry for no reason, well this little guy is doing that in this hilarious video. When he gets what he wants he doesn't want it anymore. See what the lose-lose situation is.
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by Megan Z posted Nov 10 2015 9:34AM

The man bun is all the rage right now, you see them everywhere. Well guys if you can't grow your hair fast enough or just want to see what this would look like in your hair, this is the answer to your's the clip-on man bun. Go see how much you pay for this!

Clip-On Man Bun Now Available For Whenever You Have a Man Bun Emergency


by Builder posted Nov 10 2015 7:02AM

New study out from MATCH.COM and it answers the question about facial hair. How much facial hair is the right amount of facial hair for women to find it attractive. Full beard, moustache, are the results from the study!

73% of ladies find facial hair attractive on a potential date, however only 25% would date someone with a moustache.

If men insist on a moustache, women prefer the 'less is more' approach with stubble trumping beard and they favour the pencil moustache rather than the full on handlebar. Sadly more men prefer the latter look- which will only bag them a date from 4% of single women.

Goatees are a preferred second as they are not too offensive; however the lumberjack was near the bottom of the pile. And guys- if you're thinking of taking inspiration from Dumbledore- interested females will drop to 4%.

The findings suggest that if single men want to increase their dating pool they should ditch the larger moustache and go for designer stubble instead.

Read more:
by Megan Z posted Nov 9 2015 9:42AM

Blake Shelton isn't new to hosting but this will be his first time hosting Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards and being the funny man he is he'll probably have a blast doing it!

Blake Shelton on Hosting Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards: Bring on the Madness!


by Builder posted Nov 6 2015 9:45AM
This adorable video shows a puppy that just wants to sleep with his teddy bear, but see where!
by Builder posted Nov 6 2015 6:44AM
It's a sad story with a twist that will put a smile on your face. Daniel Fleetwood doesn't have long to live...and he's a Star Wars Superfan! He's even camped out at theatres in the past to be first in line to see any Star Wars movie when it's first released. Now he can say he saw the next Star Wars movie before anyone else!


by Builder posted Nov 5 2015 8:30AM
Carrie Underwood plays the Ralph in Grand Forks next May - and tickets go on sale tomorrow (November 6th) - but there's a special presale today (November 5th) from 10a-10p for BOB 95 listeners with the special password. Here's the link for the special presale today.


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by Megan Z posted Nov 5 2015 7:10AM
This was hands down my favorite performance at the CMA's. There were lots of good ones but these guys stole the show, watch the video to see if you agree!
by Builder posted Nov 4 2015 2:20PM
Most of us use Facebook everyday, but we may not know about some handy tricks and shortcuts....

See list here
by Megan Z posted Nov 4 2015 12:28PM

Could it be that Gwen Stefani could show up at the CMA's with Blake Shelton. I truly think these two are friends and have helped support each other through their divorces but it could get really interesting if Gwen Stefani shows up at the CMA's.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani -- Hangin' In Nashville


by Ian posted Nov 3 2015 8:09PM
Earlier today, Twitter replaced it's famous star, clicked for favoriting tweets, with a heart to "like" tweets. Now social media is all a-twitter about their dislike (read: pure hatred) of the changes. Thanks to Gizmodo, you can bring the star icon back to Twitter and it's actually pretty simple!

by Builder posted Nov 3 2015 1:44PM
Psychic Kat Thek says she can tell your future by simply looking at your used waxing strips......yep, your used waxing strips! All you have to do is take a picture of your used strip, email it to her and she says she can tell you your future!

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Nov 3 2015 10:22AM

But for real you can check out some interesting things out at an Alaska Library. See all there is for you to check out for free.

Library where you can check out dead animals


by Megan Z posted Nov 3 2015 9:24AM

How many hours in a day do you think your kid is using the media? The number might surprise you. Read on to see if you are right or wayyyy off.

Teens spend 9 hours a day using media, report says -


by Builder posted Nov 3 2015 7:58AM
A large study conducted at 6 universities has come up with the "official" list of relationship dealbreakers...and they may not be exactly what you expect. But who are we to argue with major universities andtheir studies and results...


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by Megan Z posted Nov 2 2015 10:14AM

Check to see why Skippy is recalling about 2,000 pounds of Peanut Butter and why you might want to return yours.

Skippy Peanut Butter Recall Issued Over Metal Fragment Contamination -


by Builder posted Nov 2 2015 7:03AM
As the rumors continue to swirl about The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani being more than "just friends"...looks like they were VERY friendly on Halloween. Blake wore a poncho and a trucker hat while Gwen was dressed up as a cowgirl! Plenty of reports of their night of TRICKS or TREATS!


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by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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