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by Builder posted Feb 4 2016 2:07PM

Dierks Bentley will be the focus of his own exhibit, "Dierks Bentley: Every Mile a Memory," is opening March 4th. at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. Dierks will help open the showcase with a Q&A and acoustic performance at the museum's CMA Theater on March 12th

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by Megan Z posted Feb 4 2016 9:47AM

Are you doing these things in your relationship? Or perphaps maybe even a few. Maybe it's worth trying to see if you end up really happy!

17 Habits Of Happy Couples (Are You And Your Partner Doing These?)


by Megan Z posted Feb 2 2016 8:29AM

Not going to lie, if I bit into a Kit Kat and there was no wafer, I would be pretty disappointed and would probably just want a new one. This girl getting a little selfish in my opinion. Read on and see if you agree!

Woman wants lifetime supply of Kit Kats after buying waferless bar


by Builder posted Feb 2 2016 7:14AM
What is the most annoying Facebook post in North Dakota? Minnesota? Social marketing and public-relations firm Rantic surveyed more than 10,000 Facebook users across the 50 states to learn which of five types of Facebook posts annoy them the most, and here's each state breaks down.
by Builder posted Feb 1 2016 6:42AM
Miranda Lambert looks to have had a nice weekend...with her new boyfriend Anderson East. It also looks like her weekend may have produced some new music!


by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

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What is the most annoying Facebook post in North Dakota? Minnesota?