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by Megan Z posted Apr 29 2016 12:36PM

This story will more than likely make you tear up, but definitely check out what this father did to welcome his son home after being deployed!

Airplane Captain Surprises Son With Flight Back From Deployment


by Builder posted Apr 29 2016 7:51AM
BOB listener Derek Dilly told a wonderful story this morning about how he is trying to help a family and sacrificing his own Garth Brooks experience to help raise some money. Derek gave up his tickets, The Fargo Holiday Inn donated a room and more, and The Boiler Room donated dinner. Derek put it all together and is auctioning the package on Ebay - with 100% of money going to help the family of the young woman that was struck and killed by a train in Wadena recently to help them raise funds for a funeral.

At BOB 95 we believe in PAYING IT FORWARD - and we were so impressed on what Derek was doing that we wanted to be sure that he still got to see his favorite performer GARTH! So we replaced his tickets and the Fargo Holiday Inn is donating a room!

Thanks Derek for helping others - and enjoy the show!

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by Megan Z posted Apr 28 2016 9:15AM

What a great reminder that there is great love out there. Warning: this might make you tear up a little bit!

by Megan Z posted Apr 28 2016 8:46AM

Are you quick to see the mistake in this picture?

How quickly can you spot the mistake in this puzzle?


by Builder posted Apr 28 2016 8:00AM

Garth Brooks world tour rolls into Fargo May 5th thru May 8th - 4 shows total! 3 of the shows are sold out...with tickets remaining for the Thursday night show only. One lucky BOB 95 listener will be getting tickets to the SOLD OUT Friday show...and go backstage to meet Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood IN PERSON!

by Builder posted Apr 27 2016 1:52PM
There is an online tool that calculates the years a person has spent sleeping over their lifetime. The test is based on the average time spend sleeping throughout a lifetime.


by Builder posted Apr 27 2016 8:18AM

Homeless Nashville man buys house after selling papers for five years

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville man who has been a vendor selling a non-profit paper on homelessness for over five years and, during that time, has saved almost every dollar he made.

Mario Martinez hasn't owned a home in six years. But last week, he closed on a house.


"I'm just so grateful," Martinez told WKRN. "There are so many people who believed in me."

One of those people is realtor Brian Kemp, who met Martinez on the street corner while he was selling "The Contributor."

"He didn't know me but I knew him because of Bear," said Kemp. Bear is Martinez's Great Pyrenees.

"Everybody notices him!" said Martinez. "He's the one who made the money; I just collected it for him."

Martinez did collect and save that money until he had enough for a down payment. When he couldn't find anyone to take his home search seriously, Kemp stepped in.

"Mario helped me restore my faith in the people that are standing out on the street asking for money," Kemp said. "I won't look the other way anymore."

Before last week, Martinez lived in a trailer that sat in an abandoned barn with no water or heat.

He will move into his 2,500 square foot home on three acres in Charlotte, Tennessee, this weekend.

"Once I get a stove, I'm going to learn how to cook. That's what I'm gonna do," Martinez said.

He told News 2 he was laid off from his job six years ago and his home was foreclosed on.

"So we fell on hard times, but now those hard times are over," Martinez said while tearing up. "The kids and I, we're gonna have a home. I'm so excited. I worked hard for this."

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by Megan Z posted Apr 26 2016 9:12AM

Ever sent a message you completely regretted? Now you might be able to retreive it...there's an app for that! Read on to see if this an answer to our regret text prayers!

There's finally a way to delete texts before the recipient reads them


by Ian posted Apr 24 2016 12:18PM
It seems there are two trends in music right now. The first being that artists are releasing surprise albums, the second is artists crossing genres and experimenting with new sounds.

Taste Of Country reports that Beyonce released a new album called Lemonade late Saturday night after an HBO special; and what is also getting attention is track six, titled Daddy Lessons may not be straight Country Music, the song definately has a distinguishable country sound to it by sound and with lyrics that "could just as easily come from a new song from Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood, both of whom have left an ever-growing body count of ill-intentioned men in their wake at country radio".

The amount of positive reviews Beyonce is getting for her take on Country Music is huge on social media- Just Check Twitter

Ultimately, you be the judge! Listen to the song and let us know what you think

The original report from Taste of Country can be found Here
by Megan Z posted Apr 21 2016 8:49AM

She gave her daughter one more chance and she blew it so now she will pay the price. Is this mom justified in her actions?

‘World’s Meanest Mom’ sells daughter’s dream truck on Craigslist


by Builder posted Apr 20 2016 1:30PM
Don't speak a foreign language? Just point at what you need! The T-shirt that allows travellers to communicate using 39 easily understood symbols

The Iconspeak T-shirt is targeted at travellers and is printed with 39 useful symbols of common discussion points Its icons cover the likes of hotels, telephones and first aid, allowing the user to point at what they are looking for.


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by Megan Z posted Apr 20 2016 9:27AM

Many have already grilled this season and there will be even more of it now that Summer season is within reach. Make sure you are grilling correctly! Tips for those who might need it or just a refresher!

9 Things You Should Never Do When Grilling


by Megan Z posted Apr 20 2016 9:18AM

Some experts explain which "healthy" foods they would leave out of their diet and why you might want to. But added bonus they also inform on foods you should be having more of in your diet.

7 ‘healthy’ foods that are actually bad for you


by Megan Z posted Apr 20 2016 9:00AM

What do you believe to be the most American food there is? Reddit asked that question of Non-Americans and these are the answers they came up.

15 Non-Americans Were Asked: "What's The Most American Food You Can Think Of?"


by Builder posted Apr 20 2016 7:35AM
Honest teenager returns Thor's wallet, gets $10,000 reward

Honesty really does pay off.
An American teenager has been rewarded for returning Chris Hemsworth's wallet, which the Australian actor lost while he was dining with his family in a "rough" area of Los Angeles.
"I left my wallet on the table, and thought I'm never going to get it back, I'm never going to see it again," Hemsworth said on the The Ellen Show on Monday.
That forgotten wallet was a surprise discovery for 17-year-old Tristin Budzyn-Baker, who was shocked to find who it actually belonged to. "I looked up at my mom, and was like 'mom, do you know who this is?'" Budzyn-Baker said. "We found Thor's wallet."
Budzyn-Baker then wrote a letter to Hemsworth's management saying that he found the Australian actor's wallet, while sneaking in a request for tickets The Ellen Show for his mom, which Hemsworth was due to appear on shortly.
Budzyn-Baker got tickets to The Ellen Show as a reward for his honesty and was seated in the audience with his mom as Hemsworth retold the story. The teenager later joined Hemsworth on stage to receive even more of a bonus for his good deed.
"I expected [the wallet] was going to be empty, and all the cash was in there, so I want to give you the cash — there's a little extra in there," Hemsworth said, handing over a wad of cash to a thrilled Budzyn-Baker.
It didn't stop there, Hemsworth also wrote a special letter of recommendation for Budzyn-Baker, a boy scout, for his bid to earn the top scouting rank Eagle Scout. Then host Ellen DeGeneres decided to reward the grateful teenager by giving Budzyn-Baker a further US$10,000.

"You're an amazing young man, and thank you for being such a honest guy," DeGeneres said. Not a bad prize pool for stumbling across a random wallet.
It's proof that honesty is the best policy.
by Builder posted Apr 20 2016 5:55AM

Kenzley Olson (1 year old)

Last seen in Poplar, MT


Law enforcement is no longer attempting to locate Timothy Dornheim or Melinda Tweet. They have both been ruled out as suspects.

One-year-old Kenzley Ava-LeAnn Olson is still missing and authorities are attempting to locate her.

Kenzley is described as a native American female. She has black hair, brown eyes, and has a three-quarter inch scar over her right eye.

She was last seen on Tuesday, April 19 around 12:30 p.m.

If you have information, contact:

Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office
by Megan Z posted Apr 19 2016 9:00AM

This is the greatest text conversation between and daughter and her dad and how truly terrified men must really get when trying to deal with real women "issues". Read the hilarity that happened between these two when she asked him to pick up some feminine products!

Warning: *Some language in texts not appropriate for children.

Daughter Asks Dad To Buy Sanitary Towels, He Can't Handle It


by Builder posted Apr 18 2016 1:31PM

Japanese parents have been taking to social media to share bizarre photos comparing their babies' chubby arms to loaves of doughy bread.

Taking to Twitter, hundreds of moms and dads are snapping pictures of their children's arms alongside sticks of 'pull-apart bread".

See More

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by Megan Z posted Apr 18 2016 10:16AM

This little old lady refused to get up and help a toy car hostage pretty much. Is she justified or going a little far?

by Megan Z posted Apr 15 2016 9:23AM

I think I totally missed my calling, should have been a hand model. Had no idea hand models were used so much and how much you could make doing it. But like everything it looks to take some talent, but if the glove fits...wear it!

10 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Hand Models


by Ian posted Apr 14 2016 9:29PM

Some genius figured out how to take the McDonald's Big Mac and using canned pizza crust and some extra cheese, made the Big Mac Pizza.

Yes. Please.

by Megan Z posted Apr 14 2016 9:49AM

Sometimes I wonder how do people come up with these ideas. Like this one, popping a kernel of popcorn on a straighener? Go see it for yourself.

This Guy Made Popcorn With A Hair Straightener And It'll Blow Your Mind


by Megan Z posted Apr 14 2016 9:11AM

Dustin Lynch Pre-Sale starts at 10am and BOB 95 FM has got the code you need!


Be listening all week as well to win tickets in the first 3 rows including FRONT ROW from BOB 95!

Ticket Link:

by Megan Z posted Apr 13 2016 12:06PM

Help our friend from Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley with their "Friendraiser" on Thursday!

Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley is an incredible group raising funds to build a home and worksite for people who have disabilities in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Learn more about them right now at their website and we will see you there!

Image title

by Megan Z posted Apr 13 2016 10:05AM

The one thing about texting and messaging these days is it takes the emotion out of it. However, emoji has tried to put that back in there and some people can even have full on conversations with JUST emoji's (that art amazes me), but it also can cause confusion. What do you think? Check out how it confuses us all!

The most confusing emoji? 'Grinning face' icon


by Builder posted Apr 13 2016 8:23AM

From Huffington Post:

Al Sanders, 53, of Seattle is selling his lifetime collection of 5,000 comic books to pay for his
daughter's college education.
"As all parents who have college-age kids, we started putting together what it was going to cost
and what we needed to do," the doting dad told ABC News of his decision to watch his collection go ka-boom.
"You start looking at those options you have, and my comic books were an option. That's when I
looked at their value, and I'm now trying to find a good home for them."
Sanders plans of toting his hulk-like collection, which includes vintage copies of Iron Man, X-Men, Batman
and Luke Cage, Hero for Hire, to Emerald City Comicon this weekend in hopes of selling them to
someone who will care for them as tenderly as Spider Man watched out for Mary Jane.
Before Sanders met his wife and had his daughter, Rose, comics were his first true love.
He has been collecting them since grade school and, when in college, pulled a few joker stunts to pay for them.
"For a while, I sold plasma to buy comic books," he told CBS's KENS5. "If I wanted to keep collecting,
[I] had to make a sacrifice … you sold it twice a week, you got $25, $30, that could buy a few comic books."
Sanders keeps the books in 10 large boxes, which are able to hold about 500 copies each —
a few of which he had lying around when he first met his wife.
"My wife, when we met, she saw them and asked what they were," Sanders told ABC. "And I said,
'They're my comic books and they come with me.' She allowed me to keep those, but the
Sports Illustrateds had to go."
Now the books have to go as well, so that 16-year-old Rose, who Sanders described to
CBS as "the prettiest flower in my garden," can go to Fisk University in Nashville this fall.
"She started school a year early and she's graduating high school a year early," the proud pop told CBS.
Though it will be hard for Sanders to turn the page and start a new chapter in his life, he makes
one thing abundantly clear: with great love, comes great responsibility.

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by Ian posted Apr 12 2016 7:38PM
Earlier today, Cole Swindell dropped a new single with the help of Dierks Bentley! The song's calles "Flatliner", and Ian played a part of it on the New Country Free For All. If you wanna hear the whole song, check it out below!

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by Builder posted Apr 12 2016 1:24PM

It looks like an ordinary beach bag - but looks can be very deceiving. The Dezzio is a new waterproof beach bag that has pockets for just about everything you need for the beach... and a few things you didn't know you needed. It has a built-in cooler, USB port and flip-flop pocket, for starters. The creators claim it's is the 'first functional beach bag' and have also given it a dedicated space for towels and clothing as well as a section for sunglasses, purses and even a bottle opener.

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Apr 12 2016 10:57AM



Comedian Ralphie May just announced that he is postponing his show at The Fargo Theatre this evening. Jade Presents will announce a new date as soon as possible. Patrons are instructed to hold onto tickets until a re-scheduled date is announced.

Ralphie stated, “I am postponing my shows in Fargo, Sioux Falls and Burnsville out of respect for the Native American community and safety for all parties. A video that surfaced on YouTube hurt and offended many people and I am truly sorry. I thought I was a well-read, educated man. I know nothing. I’m a product of mass media and the US public school system. I have learned so much this week and I want to learn more. My eyes are open and I hope to be a conduit for things that we are not taught.”

Ralphie has already spoken to one of the leaders of the American Indian Movement and he will be speaking with them again this week. He plans to return to Fargo to perform for fans as soon as possible. He has pleased crowds for over 25 years and he wants this to be no exception.

by Megan Z posted Apr 12 2016 10:01AM

Do you feel some people could just mind their own business, just because they think one way does NOT mean everyone else feels that way. I love how this woman responded back to those saying she needed to "upgrade" her wedding ring. I'd say this is a love story that will stand the test of time!

Woman Responds to Her Wedding-Ring Shamers With 1 Epic Facebook Post


by Megan Z posted Apr 12 2016 9:54AM
Who knew after all these years you've been completely washing your hands wrong! Granted we are probably all guilty off not always washing them the best, but this is extremely thorough. Watch to see for yourself.
by Builder posted Apr 11 2016 4:46PM
Blake Shelton is lending his voice to a pig in The Angry Birds Movie, and he also has a song on the film's soundtrack called "Friends" Check it out!

Read More

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by Megan Z posted Apr 11 2016 12:32PM

Check out this beautiful wedding dress...or is it a dress?

The beautiful wedding dress a bride WON'T want to wear - can you spot why?


by Megan Z posted Apr 7 2016 11:36AM

Would you try any of these flavors? I have always said I would give everything at least one chance...I feel I would regret those words with some of these flavors.

12 Strange-But-Real Ice Cream Flavors


by Megan Z posted Apr 7 2016 9:55AM

Who all got nominated for the second annual Amercian Country Countdown Awards? Luke Bryan leads the way, but who else made the list, go find out!

Nominees Revealed for the 2016 American Country Countdown Awards


by Megan Z posted Apr 7 2016 8:39AM

One mom's Instagram got deactivated because she posted a picture of an Easter Cake. Read on to see if she ever got her account back.

Instagram disables a mom’s account for posting this photo of a cake


by Megan Z posted Apr 6 2016 10:22AM

New study shows how beneficial singing in a choir can be to those battling cancer. Read on to learn more about the latest research.

Study shows choir singing increases the body's ability to fight serious illness


by Megan Z posted Apr 6 2016 8:32AM

Every once and awhile people get tattoo's that they regret. Like a name of a significant other that later becomes an ex, or a tattoo that was decided maybe when you weren't quite thinking straight. Look to see what people in Singapore are doiong rather than lazering it off and find out if it's something you would consider?

Blackout Tattoos Are The Latest Trend in Singapore


by Builder posted Apr 6 2016 8:27AM

One restaurant in India is making a difference for the hungry population of Kerala.

The tea café Pappadavada has installed a 24-hour running refrigerator open to those in need of a meal. The restaurant's Facebook page issued a message to their followers asking them to help stock the fridge with any leftovers they can spare.

The owner of the café, Minu Pauline, believes that not only will the installment be able to feed the homelesscommunity in Kerala, but it will also teach citizens not to waste food or meals.

The fridge has been fondly dubbed Nanma Maram, meaning Tree of Goodness.

Pappadavada plans to keep the fridge stocked with at least 50 meal packets a day along with the meals that their diners donate.

Previously, we have reported on the same community kindness sprouting in Spain, and also in Saudi Arabia.

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by Megan Z posted Apr 5 2016 10:15AM

Social media is very much a part of our every day life and doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon, let alone ever. Ways you may be hurting your reputation and not even realize it. Read on and beware.

8 Things You Do On Social Media That RUIN Your Reputation


by Megan Z posted Apr 1 2016 10:06AM

See Blind Joe from the TV hit show "The VOICE" LIVE at the Copper Ridge Event Center Saturday night put on by the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Red River Valley and proceeds going to benefit the family of Officer Jason Moszer.

WHERE: Copper Ridge Event Center

WHEN: Saturday, April 2nd at 7:30pm

Ticket cost is $25 night of at door or buy early ticekts for $15 at Rick's Bar.



by Builder posted

Jason Aldean -- ENGAGED to Brittany Kerr

Posted via Zocle
"Welcome Home"
As heard on Chris, John & Jane: Bid on Garth package and help family!
That's Love
Where's The Mistake?
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