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Pairing Pizza & Beer
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Good Punishment or Bad Punishment
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Video: Brett Eldredge "Wanna Be That Song"
Best & Worst Road Trip States
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New Nail Trend
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Country  News
At a Tennessee Screenwriting Association seminar on Saturday (June 25), Nashville creator and Oscar winner Callie Khouri spoke candidly about her journey in entertainment and the future of the music business drama. But when an audience member asked the million-dollar question whether Juliette Barnes died in the plane crash that aired in the season four... Read more »
“Temptation makes you human, that’s all. ‘Cause I ain’t the first one carrying the cross to walk the line of prostitutes. Can I get an amen?!” Vernon asks the congregation. Everyone stands up and rejoices, “Amen!” The church-goers are taking a liking to Vernon as the service closes, and everyone walks out of the church... Read more »
One of the last times I talked to Luke Bryan, I could tell how proud he was of his nephew Til and all of his athletic accomplishments. “He plays baseball, and he’s a great pitcher — he’s a lefty,” Bryan recalled. “At some of his first games, I’d see some stuff he was doing wrong... Read more »
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