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This Week's Pet Of The Week:

Moxie & Mocha 



Lives with: Mia Ness 

Breed: American Paint Horses

About: :

Moxie and Mocha are two black and white registered American Paint Horses that are the best of friends. They do everything together, and I mean everything. They get upset if the other is out of sight for more than a minute or two. Their hobbies include, eating grass, apples (favorite flavor), carrots, and alfalfa hay. They also enjoy scratching each other’s backs and taking long morning naps in the paddock. They are very pampered and are often treated to chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and they even have their own wardrobe of horse blankets. Moxie just celebrated her 16th birthday in March and Mocha turned six years old in April. Although they do have similar coat patterns, they are not related. Moxie and Mocha hope horses are allowed to win the Bob95 Pet of the Week. They are always listening to Bob95 playing in the barn. They like to think of themselves as big dogs. When they see mom up at the house they both whinny at her until she comes down to let them out to play in the pasture. Moxie and Mocha think they would be the perfect Pets of the Week because of their stunning good looks and unique personalities. 


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