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This Week's Pet Of The Week:
"Brewer (dog) & Dingus (cat)"

Owner(s): Nick & Jodie Brown

Breed: "Viszla" and Kitty Cat


Meet Brewer and kitty Dingus! Aren't they adorable?!  Their hobbies include major cuddle seshes, pretending to fight like cats and dogs, and playing tug of war with each other.
Brewer as a puppy from a Vizsla breeder in Walcott, ND, and Dingus came to us when we fostered a pregnant cat from the FM Humane Society.  As soon as Dingus was born, he and Brewer became fast friends. When they were separated, Dingus would meow a really pathetic kitten cry and Brewer would lay by the door with his nose pressed into the crack between the door and the floor until we let him back in the room!
We had no intention of keeping Dingus, but they got along so well, we had to keep him, and we are so happy we did!  These two best buds love treats and take really good care of their toys. (If you consider total obliteration “really good care”.)

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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Forman
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