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This Week's Pet Of The Week:




Lives with: Jennie Sherbrooke

Breed: American Eskimo


Hi! My name is Misty! My Mom rescued me over 4 years ago and it was the best day of my life!!!! I love to play with small stuffed toys! I'll drag them all around the house and toss them up in the air. I'll also stare at them and expect them to play back, but when they don't I just bite them anyways. Sometimes, I run into closed screen doors and bounce off them. One time I ran into the glass sliding door at full speed! But, if you toss my kibbles in the air I'll always catch them! My favorite place in the house is Mom and Dad's bed. Dad doesn't like me on there because of my hair, but he doesn't know that when he leaves for work I jump up and keep Mom's feet warm! But shhh! He doesn't know that! My best friend is my cat Bella. I love to chase her around the house and pounce at her! We like to wrestle all over the living room floor. Bella will even clean my ears for me and it feels sooo good! All I want for Christmas this year is to win Bob 95's pet of the week!!


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