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by Megan Z posted Jan 31 2014 1:10PM
Ever wondered how much time you waste on Facebook, because the biggest of our worries, but regardless you can now find out.  Thanks Time for giving us something else to do to waster our time, woo-hoo!!!

How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook? | TIME.com


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by Megan Z posted Jan 31 2014 11:15AM
Not liking your name can happen at times, especially when your parents give you strange names.  But this lady just doesn't like the name Sheila and has now decided to change her legal name to Sexy...I guess if the judge allows it, it will always be a boost to the ego, but should she have that name?  You decide!!

What’s in a name? Maybe something a bit more Sexy | The Columbus Dispatch


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by Jay Farley posted Jan 29 2014 4:15PM

'Master Bigfoot tracker' to take dead creature on international tour


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by Chris Hanson posted Jan 29 2014 8:37AM
Don't you mess with Cantore!

Cantore KNEES Attacker!


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