While many teenage girls spend weeks planning their outfits for prom, a Naples teen spent her time fundraising in a unique way for those in need after Hurricane Irma.

Aubrey Garcia, a 17-year-old junior at Golden Gate High School, witnessed firsthand the aftermath of Irma and found a way to help by selling blocks of advertising space on her prom dress.

“I saw the devastation and people not having homes anymore,” Garcia said. “I felt really helpless and I wanted to do something.”

Garcia, who runs cross-country for her school, said she came up with the idea to sell advertising space on her prom dress after seeing other runners wearing T-shirts with advertisements.

“I would see a lot of people who would advertise things on the back of their shirts and stuff like that and I thought, ‘What if I did that on my prom dress?’ ” she said.

After getting approval from her parents and the school, Garcia set her hopes high by reaching out to big corporations first.

“I sent a lot of letters, emails and even went knocking on doors for donations,” she said. “I sent like 200 letters — it was a lot.”

Garcia said she didn’t have any luck reaching out to larger corporations but received a total of $1,550 in donations from eight local companies, including the Barron Collier Companies, FOX4, Remnant Construction, Goodyear, the Maurizi family, S&J Renovations, Asset Management Solutions and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Garcia said the largest amount donated was for $200 each from Barron Collier Companies, Remnant Construction and Asset Management Solutions.

As prom approached, Garcia began making her dress — first purchasing a two-piece skirt and top from Amazon.

She then used fabric paper to print the company logos with her printer at home.

“It was kind of crafty,” she said. “I added glitter to make it look nice.”

Golden Gate High held its prom on April 28 at the Hilton Naples, and Garcia wore the long, flowing black skirt with a white sleeveless top. The eight logos were pinned at the bottom of the skirt.